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  1. Liverpool 1-2 Chelsea

    Basically my thoughts too mate. I'd put Dave in as CB too but maybe with Amps - tho I doubt Sarri will even contemplate it. Never considered Modeste. You know what peeps on here think of buying players (specially 30+) as stop gaps. They freaked at the thought of Higuaine or Lewwndowski
  2. 28. César Azpilicueta

    Ive always thought that the defenders could get away with being older but their jobs have changed so much mow. They aren't just some big bruisers that like man handling kicking someone about and using them for headers in corners.But those are still very handy to bring out at times. The modern day defender is basically a forward that can tackle lol And those are few and far between.
  3. 29. Álvaro Morata

    And thats what Mat K is probably thinking when he plays with his hair. Its beyond iinfuriating just how many chances this lad misses. Week in week out he gets set up and ALWAYS manages to miss I was one that thought we had done good business when we bought him and still had high hopes for him specially when Satti came in but I dont care how much we sell him for he needs to piss off now.
  4. Give Us Feedback/Bugs Thread

    Its not the best way to attract fresh blood is it. The way it gets quiet here we need to get new ones in. I put our links on as many pieces of Chelsea stuff I post online and Youtube but have had 2 messages on Pinterest saying they couldn't join
  5. Give Us Feedback/Bugs Thread

    Not that Ive seen bruv. Needs a mod. I normally message FB
  6. General Transfer Talk

    @Vesper Love the passion Mrs. Takes all my time to read your posts mate Once I see one of your posts I know I'd better get a drink and a spliff cause I know I'll be here awhile checking out the players you're on about cause I lmow I'll never have heard of them If I was Jim I'd be asking ya to write a few articles mate. Ohhhh You already are lol
  7. The Pub - Discuss Anything

    Anyone thats been to Goa knows what the part scene is like there (the full moon parties are 4 nights and 4 days but they dont need an excuse as every day is a party day) and theres a wide variety of mood enhancers with most peeps like having a concoction of things.. Apart from all the dealers theres 2 very friendly chemists shops about 20 miles from Anjuna tat if you know them you can order whatever you want. I know someone who would get a load of empty 20mg caps, 50g of pure MDMA powder a bottle of Ket and a 50ml bottle of Sid. And fill the caps with a cocktail.They emded up beimg called London Boys lol But the cops got too expensive. But the purity there - and whenever Ive neen to Thailand is always very pure. The pills might get different stamps but the same strength. Goes the same for the Acid. Anyone with any street sense gets a bottle of liquid and a dropper. Or a sheet of blotters. Theres not normally many microdots anymore. But the blotters that are the ones with the best rep are Hoffmans. Been around there over 30 years. ALL the gear you can think of is very cheap there apart from marching powder whish is more expensive than here. And the same nationalities still run the same businesses. Tho the Red Rupee (the Russian money) has certainly made a big impact on the tourist trade with the building of big hotels etc its not the laid back hippy,party capital any more. But they do have some amazing hash and opium. Peeps make the trip up into the mountains and stay on a farm. Help the farmer bring in his crop amd make the end product and get paid in it. Then take it back south. Get the 1st Temple Balls or Gold Stamp Nepalese and you've done good. I'm off there next Weds for 4 weeks, Looking forward to getting on my little boat and do some fishing.Hope the monkeys are well behaved the little sods!
  8. 10. Eden Hazard

    We cant get excited mate. Edems not the goal machine we need. Hes not going to be getting hat tricks every month lol But I'd be more than chuffed if he gave us 1 every 2 games. We desperately need to give him 2 fuck off strong partners up there with him. The Gooners goal was fuckin out of this world but this one is a good 2nd. And it came just when we needed it which is more important. It shows that our attitude under Sarri has got stronger I'm begining to think Mr Carragher has a bit of a man crush on Eden He can;t stop going on about him this season. And yesterday was no different. Just imagine how the scouse twats were going into frantic meltdown then this happened Jamie Carragher shouted six words on live TV after Eden Hazard's goal vs Liverpool Anfield fell silent as Hazard celebrated his winner, with Jamie Carragher shouting six words in the commentary box: "Best player in the Premier League!" https://www.givemesport.com/1395203-jamie-carragher-shouted-six-words-on-live-tv-after-eden-hazards-goal-vs-liverpool?autoplay=off
  9. 28. César Azpilicueta

    I don;t know whats going on with Dave. Hes gone from being the 1 player I would pick first into any team we put out into thinking what other options do we habe. He has always been the solid rock, the Mr Dependable but theres obviously summet not right. And its been like it all season so far. Its weird cause he was stromg before we went to the 3 CBs then he took to that really well but under Sarri hes made no good contribution going forward nor defending and I just don't get it. Anyone have any suggestions as to WTF is going on with him?
  10. Krzysztof Piatek

    We really dont have much luck with strikers do we eh! Next time we fine a Drogs,or Beast we need to stick golden handcuffs on him!
  11. Liverpool 1-2 Chelsea

    I dont think Willy C got the credit he deserved. The lad made some good saves from a better than ours offense. Keita Sturridge and Shaqirl We could use something like them. I might knock Eden for over dribbling at times and sometimes unnecessarily but then there are times like this game where he has to do what he does best. It might not beat the gooners goal but couldn't have asked for a sweeter numeg!! I loved going thru the comments reading peeps thoughts. 1 second someone asked 'Hows Emerson doing' Someone replied Quiet the same as Azpi' Then the next thing he did was score lol Sorry Mz Vesper that backpass from AC must have hurt ya mate. Similar to couple last season. Not sure whats going on with the lad. Dont think its confidence One area of our sqyad Ive got no problems with - the MF. Kova and Barles were very solid and thoughtt Cescy did a great job. Remembered why I love the guy so much. Specially after injury and game rust. Played a blinder. Its our offense as usual that lets us down Moses had some moves about him but no finished product, Emoji set up Morata who wasted chances yet again. Eden came on and was quiet them his flask of complete Magic. Is anyone else wondering WTF is going on with Dave? Its seeming to me he was much stronger in a 3 man DF. Our whole back 4 and front 3 needs sorting out. Scousers put up a strong team yet we pulled off a win.The scouse forums were in meltdown apparently. I wonder how the game will effect the team selection for Saturday. Lets hope the ;ads gimme a nice B'day prezzy.
  12. Liverpool 1-2 Chelsea

    Creative juices were flowing along with the dopamine lol
  13. Liverpool 1-2 Chelsea

    No probs bud. It took awhile to muck about cutting all the bits out but I'll see if I can sort one before I go off on hols.
  14. Gianfranco Zola

    Gianfranco Zola delights in Chelsea return as Maurizio Sarri’s assistant “I’m glad for it, very grateful. But now there’s a lot of work I need to do to deserve it. I’m here totally at the disposal of Maurizio and hope I can give the best of myself for him to be successful. His success will be my pride and my happiness.” https://www.theguardian.com/football/2018/sep/26/gianfranco-zola-delighted-chelsea-return
  15. Roman Abramovich

    The sods have really got their forks in Roman haven't they. I'm almost willing to say poor sod but I'd swap shoes with him. Its all obviously politics and we are hopefully not going to be a casualty over it, I was only talking to me dad at the Pikeys game how he said how much he liked to see him at the games as he saw how excited and depressed he got just like we do, You dont lose them emotions just because you aren't at the ground. And he has only ever done us proud. I for one hope he can sort this shit out but its going to be a tough one. I know he will do whats best for us - and himself.
  16. Liverpool 1-2 Chelsea

    Rudi is just a slight knock but needs 3 or 4 days rest. Pedro still unsure by weekend A lot of the lads really played under par for whatever excuses can be thought of but like it or not its proving that some just arent suited for a Sarri team Theres no point in harping on about it but the lads need to wake themselves up. They beed a solid weeks practice on finishing moves off cause we can make all the chances in the world but its pointless if they dont stick a couple away It will be interesting to see which game he sees the most important as to rotation wise but there probably wont be too much Eden Girooo Pedrro if not Emoji Mat K Kante Jorgi Alonso AC but probably Cahill Luiz Dave Harry One game or another it really would be nice to try something mad and if it didn't work at least we could say we gave it a go CHO Pedro Eden Barkles Kova Ethan Alonso Rudi AC Zappa Harry
  17. Fuck the Pikeys bring on them scouse cunts!!! I only got into Tom Morelo after he joined up with The Boss Brooooooce Springsteen. The dueling guitars with him when I went to see hiim a couple of times got me into him. The guys joined up to play with some amazing bands Love how he can do this bonkersc stuff with Rage Against The Machine and do the amazing stuff with The Nightwatchmen But Brooooce is one of my boys and seen him many times https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vohUk1ydFYc
  18. Jose Gaya

    With MAYBE RM coming after Alonso it might pay us to start looking around, As my 2 long time faves Sandro and Telles would be impossible we need to look elsewhere. I also like Alexandro Grimaldi which we have a thread for byt we have none for Gaya who looks nailed on for us!! And it would really piss off Manure cause they were linked with him all summer. Hes young,fast, good football awareness, loves getting forward and is good with the ball at his feet and can actually defend too. Only thing is hes got a contract till 2023 - only a bit of paper tho eh! WHO IS JOSE GAYA http://outsideoftheboot.com/2014/10/12/scout-report-jose-gaya-valencia-and-spains-young-left-back/ STYLE OF PLAY, STRENGTHS, AND WEAKNESSES What has been key to Gaya inheriting the left-back berth from Bernat has been the attacking traits he has shown to be akin to his predecessor. With Bernat often venturing so far forward he could have been mistaken for a winger, the same has been true of Gaya who is given licence to push forward and overlap Pablo Piatti, the Argentine attacking midfielder who is encouraged to cut in from the left in Santo’s 4-2-3-1 system. Santo has been a huge advocate of his full-backs going forward, with Antonio Barragan, the former Liverpool right-back who is enjoying a renaissance under the new manager, also liberated on the opposite side. Key to this is the defensive discipline of Javi Fuego, the midfield enforcer who drops back into a defensive 3 when Valencia have position, allowing for Gaya to play more as a wing-back with a greater focus on getting into more attacking positions. It allows for Valencia’s attack to look fearsome when he joins Piatti, Rodrigo and Parejo as creative influences and his attacking statistics coming from the left are impressive. Only Rodrigo, Alcacer and winger Sofiane Feghouli have created more chances than Gaya’s 5 so far while his 9 successful dribbles at a rate of 1.3 per game is only bettered by Andre Gomes and Parejo. It all portrays a full-back keen and adept at charging forward with the ball and the opposition is worried about it too, only Parejo and Piatti have been fouled more times than Gaya. To further indicate his comfort on the ball, his range of passing has been superb with an 86% completion rate so far, misplacing just 14 of 191 attempted passes. His crossing can also be dangerous, though it has only led to a single assist so far. At the risk of being caught out of position going forward Gaya’s electric pace can rescue him in a defensive sense, though he is solid enough as a full-back, making the most amount of tackles in the Valencia squad so far with 22 and making 17 interceptions, a figure bettered only by Javi Fuego. His tally of 18 fouls conceded shows he is not afraid to make a challenge and there is a clear reluctance to be beaten by his opponent; he has been successfully taken on just once in the seven games he has played so far this season. Just don’t expect him to win an aerial battle against a physical winger, standing at a slight 5ft 7 inches, he struggles in the air against stronger players. All of the qualities you expect of a modern full-back are the qualities that Gaya performs well, though there will be a view from his manager from Santo that work will be required on an over-zealousness in the tackle, which gives too many free-kicks away, and the recklessness which reared its head in the win over Atletico where he presented the visitors with a penalty with a needless handball. Still, he held his own throughout the contest and again stood out against testing opponents, and if he continues the exemplary form with which he’s started his senior Valencia career, then it won’t be too long before he’s being considered as the next Los Che left-back, after Bernat and Jordi Alba before him, to be capped for Spain.
  19. Denim Nnamudi

    There was already a topic started for this lad showing him when he was 8 years old He has been making regular headlines since then but the young un is now a 12 year old and still has some speed about him. No this isn't speeded up film lol What we have to remember and start to utilize is just how long some of our youth have been with us. Look at CHO. He joined us when he was 7 years old. Hes been dreaming of the day he can be a starter in our 1st team. And theres others like him. I'm normally one for taking a complete trained up experienced player over a youth but there are certain young lads like CHO that I would happily start in many games without worrying if he could handle it. And unless we do start playing him he is going to go somewhere big who will happily give him time. But for now this just may be our future.
  20. 3. Marcos Alonso

    Its not at all like I'm an ageist. All I want is the best possible Chelsea team that we can put together Habing both him and Luiz playing together makes us far too weak at the back. They are both better offensively and I would upgrade both is we could.. I've already suggested we try him out as a striker as he is far better going forward than he is defending and you must agree with that.
  21. We had a heavy night last night and he heads a bit heavy this morning. Had to have a hair of the dog! So something nice n mellow. Great live
  22. 3. Marcos Alonso

    LOL well 28 in 3 months - but hes not going to get any quicker is he?
  23. Alex Grimaldo

    I've actually only just been looking at him. He seems really good. Got everything a modern FB needs. Basically a younger,faster,better defense wise as Alonso. Spuds offered I think £25mill and was knocked back. Both Manc clubs were looking at him. I think hes going to be wanted Only thing I can see iis hes had a couple of bad injuries. and is apparently "protected by a €60 million (£53.3 million) release clause." 17/18 Wound Nov 19, 2017 Nov 24, 2017 5 days 1 17/18 Minor wound Nov 1, 2017 Nov 11, 2017 10 days 1 17/18 Muscle Injury Aug 6, 2017 Sep 6, 2017 31 days 4 16/17 Hamstring Injury Jun 15, 2017 Jul 6, 2017 21 days - 16/17 Osteitis pubis Oct 24, 2016 Apr 3, 2017 161 days 32 16/17 Unknown Injury Oct 6, 2016 Oct 15, 2016 9 days 1 15/16 Muscle Injury Sep 12, 2015 Sep 27, 2015 15 days 3 12/13 Cruciate Ligament Rupture Feb 23, 2013 Jan 13, 2014 324 days 37 12/13 Knee injury Dec 10, 2012 Dec 21, 2012 11 days 1
  24. 3. Marcos Alonso

    Been chatting here about the 'what if' whether RM will come for Alonso - and with him getting slower and older who is there to replace him My initial choice Telles is also getting to that age and I would prefer someone who will grow along with the team and be around awhile, Was thinking Alex Grimaldo or Gaya?? Both Manc teams looked at him Grimaldo last summer and I know Benfica knocked Spuds this summer but think they only offered £25mill. And Mou wanted Gaya this year. They are both very similar to Alonso only faster and are better defense wise. Noth great on the ball, good passesr and a wicked left foot for set pieces. I like them both. What ya reckon?