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  1. 4. Cesc Fàbregas

    I do understand where you're coming from. When you see some of the pinpoint passes he's made with opposition all round him yet hes got all the time in the world for crosses (not ONLY Cescy but others too) then you would expect he could take the gonads off a fly given time and space. And these lads practice these kicks for hours at a time. Look at that Eden practice corner when he scored from well behind the touchline. So its understandable how we can hammer our heads into a wall sometimes when the ball doesn't get past the closest guy to him at a corner kick.
  2. Chelsea 2-1 Man City

    As a couple of you know my Mrs has cancer and is terminal so shes come up with a bucket list of places,peeps she wants to see so it means we are off on some travels. Bless her heart she wanted to leave it till after the season ended but with getting visas n shit it takes about 4 weeks. So we plan to go the day after Saints and it means I get to see some crackers without Bournemouth. I just hope that the PL is tied up before we shoot off!!! We are off to the States first as I got to sell a few records to finance this trip tho my Mrs said she WON'T haunt me unless I buy them back ASAP.. So couple of weeks there in Texas,New York then to Spain to see mates,Peru - Machu Piccu, Thailand then Goa sometime in September when her folks are going to join us. Its going to totally do my head in as it already is but gotta kee it together and fuck up afterwards which is one thing I can do properly lol But been ordered no matter what state I'm in I gotta keep getting me season ticket and I couldnt let me 82 year old father in law (or Dad now after so long) go on his tod so I'll be back sometime or other. Just didnt want peeps thinking Glad that daft twat Unionjacks gone!! lol But got a few weeks to go so gonna shout as loud as my big gob can till then Sorry for the rant - it just spilled out!.
  3. Alexis Sanchez

    Didn't look at it that way. But then he could say no we dont want him - get him - then they wouldn't know wtf to think lol
  4. Politics & Stuff

    The time is coming quicker than I thought that we will all be microchipped. It starts ouit like this. Then goes to banking details, DNA,blood. Then babies will be chipped fike pet dogs so we can be traced wherever we are. But of course its for our own good and if we dont have anything to hide why should we not want it! Cyborgs at work: employees getting implanted with microchips http://bigstory.ap.org/article/4fdcd5970f4f4871961b69eeff5a6585/cyborgs-work-employees-getting-implanted-microchips
  5. Tiemoué Bakayoko

    I'm begining to think that Radja will actually be coming. He started off saying he was very comfortable,loved where he was etc. Now hes saying his fave player is Eden and he has friends at Chelsea.
  6. Alexis Sanchez

    Do we not think that IF we was NOT interested in him then Conte would just come out and say so to stop all the questions. Instead he says his normal ‘I think it’s disrespectful for the club, for my players.‘It’s not the right moment to speak about this.’ I think we need agent Cech on the case.
  7. 3. Marcos Alonso

    Heres his best bit
  8. 15. Victor Moses

    I'm more worried whether Conte will put RLC on for Matic but I see your reasoning. I hope we have some business already sorted for summer.
  9. Chelsea 2-1 Man City

    Well we know Shitty are going to get dirty again. Aguero will be after Luiz and I bet Kompany plays. IF our lads are awake when we go into this and theyre actually up for a win then it would be comfortable. Ill go with Eden - Diego - Willian Alonso - Cesc - N'Golo - Pedro Cahill - David - Dave
  10. 15. Victor Moses

    Cant see Pedro being chabed tho myself but we will need some CM creativity if we are getting the ball upfield. And with Matic playing crap Eden - Diego - Willian Alonso - Cesc - N'Golo - Pedro Cahill - David - Dave
  11. 15. Victor Moses

    Sadness! I hope we try Dave cause Pedro as Moses stand in flunked out! But as Dave was prob our set defender thats a gamble. But think we should take it. Might even be a time for JT at RCB
  12. General Transfer Talk

    I think maybe Conte is looking at Conti as either RWB starter/backup.
  13. Andrea Conti

    Does it look like he sees him as RWB? Specially with him being so offensively minded.
  14. Alvaro Morata

    I know it wouldnt be the same and I for one would sorely miss them both but those 2 coming in would make losing Diego AND Eden less hurtful!
  15. Alvaro Morata

    My own likkle dream world mate
  16. Alvaro Morata

    Well of course I meant IF Diego leaves!! Even I'm not daft enough to think wwe could keep Eden.Diego,Rom,Sanchez. Then again ............ A 3-3-4.............
  17. Alvaro Morata

    But in reality we would be using a 3 striker system. Just not putting them in pigeonholes and naming them as such. Eden isn't realy a RW is he?
  18. Alvaro Morata

    Is there any reason (apart from anti football fantasy answers or money) why we cant sign Sanchez AND Rom OR Belottietc. EDIT : Of course IF Diego isn't still with us for whatever reason. As we saw the other day both Eden and whoever the other RW was were all over the place. Very rarely in the position wingers are expected to be. They were up n down in and out. So to have the top 3 all do it would work good IMHO and a combination of those 3 should be deadly.
  19. Diego Costa

    You should hear what my father in law says about the players when they dont do owt or fuck up. And hes supported us home and away since the 50s and aint nobody going to tell me hes not a real Chelsea supporter. He just doesn't pat them on the back saying oh well. I've always loved Diego ever since he joined us and Ive always had his back and found excuses to what his problem was. But gotta say hes making it hard for me to come up with any more. Theres many reasons that it COULD BE hes not firing on all cylinders and I'm sure we can all make a long list but IF even 1/2 the reason is hes had his head turned by another club I wish he would just get his head back to the Diego before Xmas and the lads give him some sort of crisis intervention!!
  20. 3. Marcos Alonso

    Thats why I said I agreed with it I dont see it as much of ''if we can' more like I think we should try. Like Moses. Its obvious we were lost without him. Pedro nor anyone else we tried hasn't fitted. Who knows just maybe Dave might but its either not come to Conti or hes thought it and thought meh! And I'm sure he musta give it thought. And probably 3 more.
  21. 3. Marcos Alonso

    I normally agree with most of the comments you make and this is one. And while I do think Alonso has been GOOD you cant tell me that we wouldn't be able to find an upgrade for him. Hes given away some passes that he looked around 1st before he made them. He seems to run so far and thinks where the fuck am I going now, then seems to panic. He puts balls across to invisible players. Now whether those players SHOULD have been there is another question. But as they weren't he would have noticed if he looked. If he just stopped a sec for players to either get into position or pass it to someone who could. I just think his footballing sense fails him at times. I'm not hating on him cause when hes on hes done good.
  22. Bill Withers 1977.Lovely Day Version 3 Soulboy tunes!
  23. Chelsea 1-2 Crystal Palace

    We will win this 4 2
  24. Chelsea 1-2 Crystal Palace

    Gotta wake Costa up
  25. Chelsea 1-2 Crystal Palace

    fuckin wanka ref