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  1. Chelsea 1-1 Liverpool

    Is anyone as pissed off as much as me at all the response about the game was concerned about the scouse gits? EVERYTHING I;ve read in the media is yet again about the medias darlings. How well they played, how they fought, how Sturridge can walk on water. What a bunch of wank! Not a dickie bird about us fucking up their wins in a row record they were going for or how well we have taken to Sarri. I know I should be used to it and not really care. Maybe a little jealous I'm not sure. All I know is that its really pissed me off. EDIT: A small example of what i mean. These are the CHELSEA headlines I always have up on my browser from NewsNow. All the ones I hightlighted are PRO Scouse. And theres others that say stuff like L'pool EARN point at Chelsea which still makes it all about them not praising us whatsoever, Grrr Grrrr Grrrr
  2. Chelsea 1-1 Liverpool

    Not only vultures but also our own supporters. We have a lot already questioning his team selections. While I would have my preferences I do still understand why he makes the decisions he has done and as what he is trying to achieve is working we must give the guy that freedom to do it his way. I never dreamed we would adapt so well after having such defense minded managers and honestly thought it may have taken much longer than this anf with far more bumps in the road. But while there shirley will be a few we have just won 1 game and very nearly amother against one of the strongest teams we will meet in the PL. It still sticks in my throat even texting that last comment about the scouse gits. Just look how a couple of years with the right manager AND a board that trusts and backs his decisions can make!! Lets hope that OUR board can see what Sarri is doing is working and has his back. Ask Santa Roman for a nice new striker and RW for Xmas seeing as Sarris been a good boy this year!t
  3. The Board

    Totally agree mate.
  4. Lorenzo Insigne

    lol Well there was all that BS saying so in the media about ADL putting it into the updated contracts and then a players agent came out rubbishing it and saying theres no way he could make it happen He might be pissed or sad that Sarri left but it sounds just like if a chap or Girl(For you Mz Vesper had been dumped by their Mrs and were jealous. He would probably huff and puff but IF we really wanted a player we should do all we could to get them. I think a player would really love being wanted that much.
  5. Lorenzo Insigne

    With us apparently looking at him (and thinking he would be amazing here) I thought we should give him his own thread! Now theres obviously a few problems with him coming to us. 1 The poison dwarf twat known as ADL and his love for us! 2. Hes been at Napoli 8 years and has a contract till summer 2022. 3. Even with the first 2 problems sorted can you see us paying €200 mill for him? Nah didn't think so! But we need our dreams!! Hes a short arse isn't he lol
  6. Herbie Hancock and The Headhunters Headhunters Excellent album. No guitars on it at all
  7. The English Football Thread

    Its fuckin sods law it was going to happen wasn't it I don't mind him coming home just as long as he fucks off back to Derby as a loser!
  8. 22. Willian

    Good bit of footwork from the Emoji man yesterday Willian left Andy Robertson for dead with a devastating piece of skill last night Willian.mp4 http://www.thickaccent.com/2018/09/30/video-willian-left-andy-robertson-for-dead-with-a-devastating-piece-of-skill-last-night/
  9. 5. Jorginho

    We have been crying out for creativity in our MF for a long time now and right now I cant get over just how fortunate we are. I dearly love our 3 lads Mat K, Wee Baldy Man and Jorgi Boy/ Each of them are the dogs dangleys at what they do and each of them have excellent characters. But I have to say that my man crush on Jorgi is growing Jorginho eats spaghetti for breakfast and passing records for dinner The Chelsea midfielder reflects on his path to Chelsea and his first couple months at the club https://weaintgotnohistory.sbnation.com/2018/9/30/17917746/jorginho-eats-spaghetti-for-breakfast-and-passing-records-for-dinner
  10. Daniel Sturridge

    Daniel Sturridge explains what he said to Gianfranco Zola after his wonder strike vs Chelsea https://www.givemesport.com/1396677-daniel-sturridge-explains-what-he-said-to-gianfranco-zola-after-his-wonder-strike-vs-chelsea?autoplay=off "[I told him I had been] watching his videos, that's how I'm learning, the goal from the other night [in the Carabao Cup], today. "That's what I told him, great player, he's a legend, and I really have watched his videos."
  11. Chelsea 1-1 Liverpool

    I tell ya whats cracked me up is all the scousers celebrating how well they did to get a draw with us and a lot of Chels saying we should have won. Now that sounds like a compliment from the Dippers and a slagging off from our own 'supporters' I know I keep going on about it but just imagine if Roman manages to stop from sackimg him for a couple of years and 4 more transfer windows. How good could we be then?
  12. Chelsea 1-1 Liverpool

  13. 17. Mateo Kovacic

    Saying it amd putting his hand in his pocket are 2 different things bud But we live in hope eh!
  14. I wont lie and say I wouldn't love him here but can you just imagine the malarky that would go on with the poison dwarf twat and whatever player we wanted let alone Insigne
  15. 10. Eden Hazard

    Hope so bud. You must read more between the lines than I did. Even if its not made open knowledge I hope that he tells the ream and Sarri he's going nowhere if not us. Not only for team moral but obvious;y he is a big plus to hopeful incoming transfers that would like to play with him. More attacking players would see Eden as a team mate, our midfield and Sarri's playing style as big plus's to play with I should imagine. The difference between or front 3 and shittys/Dippers is telling right now and it does need sortimg
  16. 17. Mateo Kovacic

    haha Cheers mate I needed a giggle.Why on earth would RM want to take Morata back? Im not a big fan of their club but they don't strike me as being stupid. I should think they are still laughing at getting shot of him to us for the price we paid for him But Mat K had a great game. Hes certainly got some good passes in him and that one to Eden was top notch. Lets hope that Granny has already made some sort of a deal that cant be talked about till the next tax year
  17. 10. Eden Hazard

    We laugh at and ridicule other clubs for the way players fuck their clubs about over contracts but it seems many peeps are quite happy when Eden does it. Theres many reasons why we want/need Eden to stay but have to say this is starting to wind me up a tad. Lets hope he signs soon for the sake of the club in general.
  18. The Mourinho Thread

    Pogba;s comments in interviews is obviously him speaking on others behalfs also. just as here when peeps were speaking about Conte. But Pogba obviously thinks his jobs safe and has support of his team mates so its another case of player power against Mou. He really has a knack of turning players against him yet the ones who love him really have his back. Sadly I can't see him there much longer and even sadder I wont be here when we play the gits neither! I truly would love it to be us that puts the nail in his coffin. Give him something to really rant about.
  19. Chelsea 1-0 Videoton

    I would put money on CHO and Ethan STARTING actually mate. And Cahill - AC too This is a game that we SHOULD take the piss and even see Morata getting on the score sheet. If hes going to ever score its Shirley this game.
  20. Chelsea 1-1 Liverpool

    It wasn't the draw that pissed me off it was when they scored the sodding thing! But I'll take that any day after the short length of time Sarri has had. Thoght the lads on the whole played really well. Luiz had a goodun. He does have a great pass range when he wants and didn't fuck up defensively. Rudi too. Good block off Salah on the line! Jorgi was excellent trying to get is forward as usual Mat K tho what a good game. We HAVE to do all we can sign the guy. Ngolo had a solid game. The only downside which surprised and saddened me was Barkley. Bad job on their equalizer. Was a shame Willian didn't pass to Girooo in the 1st half when he was open but think he wanted to score more than win at the time. And Eden eh! We really can't keep relying on him to score. Someone has to step up. ANYONE! Fine old classical jump n air punch as celebration. Thought he might make up something special after dropping the knee slide.
  21. Petr Cech

    will this hamstring be the excuse gooners are looking for to put Leno in as starter?
  22. Mason Mount

    I;d take Barkley over RLC in a heartbeat. If we're getting shot of anyone, it will be Cesc. He's coming to the tail end of his career and wants regular game time. I think hes still got amazing passes in him but yes I can see him wanting regular time in his remaining years. I still have all these old feelings for him that makes me not want to lose him tho. But I would like to see us bring Ethan up to Jorginhos backup and right now Cescys it.
  23. Chelsea 1-1 Liverpool

    Going round a mates to watch it but will be with ya in spirit guys! Love and Peace! COYFB!!!
  24. Chelsea 1-1 Liverpool

    Liverpool: Alisson, Alexander-Arnold, Van Dijk, Gomez, Robertson, Henderson, Wijnaldum, Milner, Mane, Salah, Firmino.
  25. The English Football Thread

    I hear ya mate they are of course the top 1 or 2 from their countries who normally don;t have anyone else to compete with also. We aren't like that in England. We seem to have cycles of clubs dominating. And theres (for the mast couple of decades anyway) a group of 4 - 6 clubs fighting for top dog. The PL is the most competitive league in the world. What I want is pure and simple. To have a longer share of time dominating than the rest of the PL and fuck up the rest of Europe!