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  1. Brighton - Chelsea

    Thats a really good one
  2. Brighton - Chelsea

    They get deleted straight away bud
  3. Brighton - Chelsea

    Nice to see the Eden thats awake today
  4. Arturo Vidal

    Boost for Chelsea in chase of Bayern Munich star Arturo Vidal https://www.101greatgoals.com/news/boost-chelsea-chase-bayern-munich-star-arturo-vidal/
  5. The English Football Thread

    Just played the hilights of the '99 Chelsea v Manure game when we fucked them 5-0 then the 3 all draw Lets see if we can do it today at Brighton with a Baks/Bats team playing
  6. Brighton - Chelsea

    Sorry but I wouldn't play neither Baks or Bats.
  7. Brighton - Chelsea

    I IF anyone needs a Stream http://premierleague-lives.com/live/chelsea-live-stream-1/channel-1/
  8. Emerson Palmieri

    Thing that worries me about Luiz tho is hes just so haphazzard at times. You would think with his experience he would be so calm and got his act together plus he doesnt keep his form. He goes from 2 pretty bad games at Athleico and Palace to having 2 good games against Roma and Watford then back to rubbish again against Roma. I like Luiz and I'd like us to use him instead of Baks.
  9. Brighton - Chelsea

    Not just Conte that dont fancy him much. I was full of hope and high expectations of him after a not too bad a start but then sod all really, I know I'd play Musonda over him RIGHT NOW anyway.
  10. 23. Michy Batshuayi

    But I'm positive that morats problem is purely mental just lacking confidence. Ive watched him and he does get into good positions. He does get himself about and hes having shots. Just not getting that last touvh right. We had the same problem with Costa for ages didn't we. He was a bloody machine but then it all went schtum. Nothing he could do was right. We slagged him off from morning till night. Silly thing to say but he just needs a goal. Problem is the longer it goes on the more fucked his head gets. All catch 22. Nobody says owt cause Edens gone missing?
  11. Brighton - Chelsea

    Bloody strange I know but I got a good feeling about today. Still maybe thinking I'd like us to try initial formation OR : Willian - Eden - Musonda Alonso - Kante - Rossy - Moses Rudi/Ampadu - Andreas - Dave Willy As a side question how is the lad Kyle Scott progressing? From what Ive got from checking on him hes being COMPARED to Cescy. Composed on the ball, can run with it and a good footballing mind.
  12. Juan Mata

    Totally blows me away that 2 very good players of ours that was forced out by our manager at that time now plays for said manager at a different club!!! Couldn't make that shit up could you!
  13. 23. Michy Batshuayi

    Just imagine the sort of mess the club must be in that comes to sign him for a loan or whatever. Either that or theyve discovered a drug or have some sort of voodoo queen that has a ritual they can use on him I'm all for trying owt on him cause I had high hopes for him after his initial start. I dunno what happened to him but its catching.
  14. 1. Willy Caballero

    I'm afraid that I felt the same way as alot of us and did my fair share of whining when we signed him. But I'm happy to say ge proved me wrong, With his 1 year contract isn;t it time we renewed it. Be a sod to lose both him and Tibo IF he doesn't sign.
  15. 8. Ross Barkley

    Ive just read that too, Its good to see that hes still got that attitude and that hes feeking comfortable with the lads, Maybe his enthusiasm will rub off onto the others. We forget that sometimes familiarity brreds contempt abd the team needs new character to inject life into them. I'm happy with the buy so far.
  16. Edin Dzeko

    Ive only just got round to watching it but it looks to me yhat he kinda walked theu us when we played. What was he like?
  17. Riyad Mahrez

    Chelsea odds slashed to sign Leicester star Riyad Mahrez CHELSEA have seen their odds slashed by the bookies to sign Leicester star Riyad Mahrez. https://www.dailystar.co.uk/sport/football/675582/Chelsea-Leicester-Riyad-Mahrez-Odds-Transfer-News-Rumours-Gossip?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+daily-star-football+(Daily+Star+%3A%3A+Football+Feed)
  18. Edin Dzeko

    Is that drool coming from the end of her mouth? If these 2 do come off added with Rossy it might just end up being our best window for a few. Lets hope Conte is of the thought they are both fit and understand OUR game. You can imagune Dzeko will be of the mindset to want to prove himself to a few people here eh. Also Rossy. And theres not much more needed for someone to shine than that. Rowntrees jelly wobble time. Blimey Ive just noticed this is my 5K post!!! Yahoooya!
  19. We was just trying to keep the urchins off the street. Who knows what they woulda turned into if we hadn't of been there. They could have ended up at a north London club!
  20. Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    LOL At least its news eh
  21. Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    Ankle injury makes Loftus-Cheek doubtful for World Cup https://dailytimes.com.pk/184722/ankle-injury-makes-loftus-cheek-doubtful-world-cup/
  22. Gabby Agbonlahor

    Didn't have to read it and dont have to believe it. It doesn't say hes coming. Its just another RUMOUR like every other link we have ever had. Do we just start posting the ones you like? Blimey I know its hard times but gotta stop listening to the Leonard Cohen mate
  23. Gabby Agbonlahor

    What the fucks going on?? We seem to be linked with every soddin over the hill player going! Sounds perfec!! Chelsea Line up Shock Transfer For Villa Striker Gabby Agbonlahor https://www.myoldmansaid.com/chelsea-line-up-shock-transfer-for-villa-striker-gabby-agbonlahor/
  24. Emerson Palmieri

    Emerson can play both sides like Dave. I'd still like us to get a defender with some presence and agression you could just say 'sick em' and they would be rolling on the floor in agony. And if they were a good hoofer and able tohold the ball and dribble that would be a plus lol Like a morph of Filipe Luis and Bane!
  25. 13. Thibaut Courtois

    Keep Court Chelsea set to make Thibaut Courtois best paid player on £200,000-a-week when Belgian pens new deal Belgian stopper set to more-than double his wages as he snubs a move to Spanish giants Real Madrid https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/5376434/chelsea-thibaut-courtois-new-contract/