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  1. John Stones

    I agree but at the same time Sterling did what I thought he would and took the piss. We should have signed the sod.
  2. Abdul Rahman Baba

    Welcome to Chelsea young Baba. I hope you make the most of every chance you get and have a long great history with us.
  3. John Stones

    We are all feeling the same way mate and while injections of fresh blood is ALWAYS necessary and needed (badly bu is right now) our problems lie much deeper than that. Right now everyone knows what we are going to bring to the table. They know how we play and they know who we will play so they know what tactics to use to win. Generally they know if they keep Eden out of the game (when he is awake) most of our creativity is gone. They know if they dont give Cescy time or space the rest of our creativits is buggered. They know if they attack our Bane/Cahill weakspot its their best chance to score. We have become predictable. WE know what players will be selected in 99% of games and IMHO thats not good. The lads NEED to feel their place on the starting team is in jeopardy they need to WANT to play. I dont know if theyre minds and bodies are just knackered but wheres the passion? Players respond in different ways. Some need their egos stroking, some need their heads patting and a hug, some need a size 13 boot up their arse. Why we are all so frustrated and sad is if we can wee our problems without the footballing brains of our powers that be then why dont they see it and sort it? The only conclusions we can come up with (because we have active imaginations and its our best guess) is theres problems behind the scenes. But IF theyre happy to offer £34 mill for Stones the problem surely cant be money. Who knows? Im sure it will all come out in the wash. But it will probably get worse before it gets better so hold on it might get bumpy!
  4. Last Film You Watched

    For some reason I dont find that many films that I LOL at but I had a afternoon watching some Jim Carrey films and hes one guy that can crack me up in the right mood. The Mask,Yes Man,Cable Guy,Liar Liar. A good afternoon.
  5. Had a night on the strawberry cider with the bongos out.
  6. Antoine Griezmann

    Well you can start off by saying Griezmann then go into comparisons. Its all the same part of the conversation not like going off on a tangent and talking about the price of spuds.
  7. Joke Thread

    Would have loved to have been around then. Ive had all the stories from me uncle tho. Sounded like fun times. Cant understand why they only flash mobbed clothes shops tho. Everyone shudda been blinged up. I know the Hibs lot did a few.
  8. General Transfer Talk

    You know what if we got 2 or 3 shit hot lads and came in the top 4 playing good football I'd be chuffed this season. Build on it again next summer and keep going. Its not asking too much.
  9. Antoine Griezmann

    Not what he asked you.
  10. Joke Thread

    Nice. Im much more into original 60s/70s mod/hippyish mix. Nice fitted paisly shirt with a long pointed or jumbo collar. Really into bowling shirts right now, theres great vintage shops around. But then if you open my drawers youll see a rainbow of Lacoste polos lol You cant beat us London lads for style. I stayed up in Mancs fri-mon and theyve got no taste, All some wanted to do was take the shirt off me back. They just cant get the gear haha
  11. Funny Picture and Video Thread

    The words curtains and wind spring to mind.
  12. Joke Thread

    Dont have 1 Umbro trackie top but am partial to a old original one. I know you like one/ Couple of weeks ago my Mrs comes home and said got you a prezzie. 2 old Fila ones. 1st one was in Brazil colors. 2nd was Citeh!! She couldnt understand why my jaw dopped. Bless her she took it back and swapped it for a old White Ellesse tracksuit. One of those you wear it once and needs washing. Shame I dont do any sports but a nice pose
  13. Antoine Griezmann

    What, a bit like Willian/Cuadrado/Moses ya mean? None of them set the world alight but I know Id play Griezmann without thinking about it.
  14. Diego Costa

    We specialize in them. I love Costas fighting character. I love his spirit. The guy is a finisher thats 1. not finishing 2. Not being fed the ball enough by our uncreative support team. Tho Sunday he did miss a couple of good crosses because he wa in fighting Costa mode and Im not making no excuses for him but WHEN hes on form I wouldnt swap him for owt. The problem we got is ALL our lads are misfiring at the same time. (We was slagging the fuck out of the north Londoners last seaon for exactly the same prpblem). We got hazard who even when hes not marked out of the game isn't on form. We got Matic who hasn't shown any energy or drive at all this year. Cescy who has always been one of my fave players also has something else going on. Thats without getting into our defenders,RM and CAM. A BIG problem we have is that none of these players have any competition. They dont seem to have the passion or hunger necessary. They KNOW they will be selected as its the only fuckin starting XI Mou does pick. Yet on varios occasions early in the last 2 seasons hes stated he ENJOYS having team selection worries. When these guys fail to turn up then we have absolutely no inspiration or creativity. the lads need either a size 13 aimed for their Khybers or they need someone breathing down their necks fighting for their places.
  15. Antoine Griezmann

    FFS pay it!!! How many world class players do we get the chance to buy and we desperately need help.
  16. Isco

    Brother Ive already offered to donate my left dangley for any one of those 3. And theres been a hushed whisper and links saying we are still lookingat Griezmann so I might be in for an op yet!!!
  17. Isco

    Why be stuck in the past?? We got problems NOW and harping on about summet that happened years ago is no help to anyone. We all know Mata WAS/is? a great player but for WHATEVER reasons he didnt suit our (Mous) playing mentality,styleat the time (Hes not the 1st and wont be the last) so the lad had to go for the benifit of the team as a whole. We have got BASICALLY the same soddin players as we had at the start of last season. IMHO we played some of the best football I have ever seen a team play, let alone Chelsea. So watching this same group of lads yesterday is like watching a faded shadow of last years team. The team are knackered both phyically and mentally and theres gotta be some reason for it. But at the same time we got some players a year older and 5 years slower. They need replacing. We also need to bring in young creative,fast,fresh blood and if Isco fits that bill we shouldn't be umming and ahhing about it. We should be out buying 3 or 4 GOOD first XI players.
  18. Asmir Begovic

    What a great buy. The lads done great for us so far and I'm looking forward to seeing him push Tebo. Its the only position we have where we have multiple players fighting for a starting spot.
  19. Demba Ba

    He was never one of my fave players but great to see him getting into the spirit of things and practicing his Kung Fu. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-3200749/Former-Chelsea-striker-Demba-Ba-escapes-red-card-despite-horror-tackle-China.html?ITO=1490&ns_mchannel=rss&ns_campaign=1490
  20. Isco

    What we have a tendency to do is swap like for like players and not upgrade. We dont get anyone to offer something different. Another direction to go. Cuadrado (at his very best) is only a mirror copy of Willian and as we haven't seen him at his best yet he offers nowt much at all. If I wa our medical team Id be shooting them up with stimulants before the game.
  21. Isco

    Maybe you should fuckin remind them what their job is then and stick a rocket up their soddin arses.
  22. Antoine Griezmann

    Why isn't anyone even clapping that we have even been linked with him again?? I'm creaming my pants ffs!!
  23. Isco

    They might be looking but WE NEED one.We havent had a proper number 10 in awhile. We are crying out for more creativity offensively.
  24. Axel Witsel

    Is that a royal 'WE' because I sure as hell aint.