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  1. Last Film You Watched

    Ive been big into torrents for the last 7/8 years so I get them as soon as the Cams come out if theyre watchable. I watched a good film last night. The Loft. Worth a watch
  2. Sig Requests

    Here you go mate. Sorry about that I was getting over the Paris trip.
  3. Sig Requests

    haha Spot the deliberate mistake. Gimme a sec
  4. The Mourinho Thread

    Do we really know what happened to Lamps? Originally Mou said that Lamps was offered the same contract as JT (along with Cole) for a 1 years one. Pellegrini stated that Lamps was not offered a contract so he was fair game. Ive not actually seen a interview by Lamps saying one or the other.
  5. The Mourinho Thread

    Although I think we played well in the majority of today we seem to have lost the flow we had at the begining of the season. Im not sure whether its Mou driving defence into the lads and not giving the the courage/freedom to go forward. We were so fast on the break before so us playing defensively wasnt that bad because we were scoring the goals to win. Im not going to beat up Mikel and rami because theyve had good games but this season specially those games have been far and few between. we have no real alternative for either Matic or Cescy which is a big problem. Its tempting to use RLC and Ake against Spurs butwith Kane like he is then Zouma could just be one to think about. I have a feeling Costa just needs to get a goal as you see hes getting it together but as for the midfield I hope its summet that winning some form of silverware can sort out come the summer but till then we just have to use what we got.
  6. John Terry

    You can imagine how he felt not playing in the final. I didnt mind at all him coming on in his kit holding the cup. The lad bleeds Chelsea and his testimonial (he better bloody get one) is going to be a belter.
  7. Paul Pogba

    But just look how much it would help the French national squad. Mind you we got 4 of Brazils 1st team and it hasnt helped them much eh.
  8. Paul Pogba

    I hear ya mate but Varanes moning now about playing time so hes not going to be chuffed another year warming the bench.
  9. John Terry

    I know we all drool at the thought of the Varane/Zouma team and Id give my left dangley to make it happen but we know its going to be a sod trying to get him. And with JT on form and refusing to let his Duracell batteries run down hes not going to give up his spot without a scrap. and unlike our beloved Lamps and Cashley he dont mind the years contract (and didnt he even take a pay cut?) So do we get Varane (or whoever) and let him get playing time like Zouma so he can just step into the squad full time when JT goes or do we wait till the last minute and grab who we can get? Its looking like CB's are in need right now so its a sellers market.
  10. Paul Pogba

    The thing is where would we play him and who would we leave out? I love the lad and think we would be real lucky to get him and you cant deny that we do need that option. (well we need a few options - upgrades IMHO) Its going to be a right battle to get him and I think the only way we would get him (OR Varane in that matter) are swaps.
  11. Sig Requests

    Here you go bruv. Needed yesterday to get my head together so I put this together for ya. Hope its ok but Ill do changes if not. Could someone send Viper11 a PM please as Ive no PM rights yet. Ta
  12. Sig Requests

    No probs bud. Might not get it till next friday now mate. Paris in morning. Yahoooooya!
  13. Custom windows 7 themes

    Very smart looking. nice work
  14. Chelsea Pre-Cut Renders

    I dunno if any are going to be doubles guys but thought Id chuck a few more onto the pile in case any are of use.