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  1. 10. Eden Hazard

  2. 44. Ethan Ampadu

    Not sure what our best option for him will be. I'd like us to keep him at home training with the 1st team so we can train him as a Blue and play him whenever possible. But it hepled Andreas alot giving him a 2 year loan knowing he would be in 1 team awhile and being kicked about by grown men has done him the world of good. but is Sunderland a good option? Bottom of the fuckin Championship going nowhere. Dafter than a big bagfull of daft things! Sunderland aim to secure loan signing of Wales youngster Ethan Ampadu from Chelsea - reports http://www.walesonline.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/sunderland-aim-secure-loan-signing-14123114
  3. The Conte Thread

    That would go down in history mate!
  4. Jose Gimenez

    From what I can tell he cant pass or cross for toffees, hes got no concentration and hes got no discipline. Just what we need
  5. Arturo Vidal

    Dont sell us him then. Just give him to us ffs!
  6. Riyad Mahrez

    Bollox. Klopps just saying that as to not upset the applecart. That moneys burning a hole in his pocket and as Lemars going nowhere he will snap him up. Where was he yesterday? Wasn't even mentioned and nowhere to be seen. Summets going on with him.
  7. Raphael Guerreiro

    Guerreiro or Sessegnon would be a no brainer for us. Pulisic tho hes like a Swiss army knife and is a good dribbletr IMO doesn't give enough for us much in goals or assists.And at 19 I cant see Conte trusting him enough to get regular time and we need someone for now.
  8. Thiago Alcantara

    That link doesnt have owt at the end bud.
  9. 8. Ross Barkley

    A work in progress
  10. Norwich 0-0 Chelsea

    Well I thought at least we had some players in the team yesterday that we coulda relied on to beat them.I had strong hopes for Pedro to step up but he was fuckin useless. Only thing he did was that shot early in 2nd half. Willi again was our MOTM IMHO.Did some Eden type runs but like Eden is a poor finisher. Bats MIGHTA been better IF he had got a better service but he cant hold up for toffee keeping the ball far too long on breaks, giving them time to get back in defence. He has no sense of conviction at all. How many balls did Rudi give away? Luiz got caught holding alot and almost fucked u a couple of times as usual. He was obviously going to get booked but thought he got a bit better as game went on. Kept trying to push forward but just doesn't have the 2 with him for it to work Totally different to Andreas. Best thing about Cahill was his positioning, Strong enough but not much more. Zaps I think had a good game. solid enough defence wise and kept pushing forward. If that real late shot had gone in he woulda got the headlines. Midfield just played like they were strangers. Baks is a strong lad but about all. No confidence whatsoever in himself. He reminded me of one of those kids at school that didn't like sports. Got rid of the ball to anyone that was around him the 1st chance he got. OK I understand Conte wanting to give him a fair try but enoughs enough. And expected much more from Waterboy. It was his big opportunity to prove himself.but tho he did his defence stuff ok he didn't control nowt.Did a coule of good interceptions tho, 2nd half started sharper but just didn have enough to put the game away. Its obvious I'm sure to us all that Baks and Bats are just need a change (and us one from them.) but its difficult with Luiz, I'm sure theres summet to the story of Roman wanting hm to play but its plain that Andreas is much more composed on the ball but just needs a more forward creative eye. IMHO
  11. 8. Ross Barkley

    Theres going to be so much pressure on this lad. Not only from the supporters but every eye in England. Most wanting him to fuck up but hes also got alot of people who really like him and been wanting him to be the great 'English' player they need. I'm not saying he will be but we have needed a player with his skills since Lamps left. He ledt such a big hole in our team and we never got close to filling it. I was really in 2 minds when it looked like we got him last season even tho we have linked to him awhile but the more Ive looked at him the more sense it makes. The big 'IFs' is if Conte can get into his head and vice versa and he can get gelled up with the rest of the lads then as long as his injury is sorted I reckon Rossy will/should work out well. Was doing nowt but pondering my naval fluff so made hin a wallpaper. Not done any Ps in yonks
  12. The Conte Thread

    Should just come right out and say it - 'hes a eunuch!!'
  13. Unionjacks photoshopped Chelsea odds n sods

    Appologies guys for dead Photobucket links but I dunno what was in them or I would stick some back up. Aint done any Photoshop for a year or so but got fed up so had a mess about with Barkley.
  14. Diego Costa

  15. Jake Clarke-Salter

    I'm at a loss IF the links with him to Sunderland and Kenedy to Newcastle are right then what are they doing playing today? Shirley giving a couple of others off that bench time would be better for us no?
  16. Norwich 0-0 Chelsea

    Come on you fuckin BLUES!!!!
  17. Norwich 0-0 Chelsea

    Think its going to be Waterboy finding Bats and Pedro.
  18. General Transfer Talk

    Question is now just what are they going to spend all that money on? Pretty sure Mahrez will be there.
  19. The Conte Thread

    Chelsea manager Antonio Conte has revealed there are three lists of transfer targets at the club, Goal.com reported. “I tell the club which is the role we can improve, the prospects of the player, the characteristics of the players we need and then the club will try to help me. There isn’t just one list, there’s two, three lists and sometimes you can’t get the first name on the list,” he said. “In this transfer window, if we sign some new players then I’ll be very happy, especially if the players are in these certain roles.”
  20. Alex Sandro

    Remember the lead we had? Bookies weren't taking anymore bets at Xmas. Fuck Citeh we are Chelsea!
  21. Alex Sandro

    Ive not give up on the PL yet. Forever the optimist!
  22. Norwich 0-0 Chelsea

    Not team I'd select but suppose thats why I'm not manager lol Good enough to score a few and keep clean sheet. Score early again lads.
  23. The English Football Thread

    You can see the reactions so it musta really pissed him off or looking for sympathy??? Has to be real tho cause its not a subject you lie about.
  24. The English Football Thread

    Wonder how this is going to end up? FA to investigate racism allegations after Firmino and Holgate flare-up https://www.theguardian.com/football/2018/jan/06/roberto-firmino-liverpool-everton-mason-holgate