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  1. Raphael Varane

    Oh fuck!! Theres still a chance of me losing both me dangleys IF we make my dream of a Zouma/Varane/Pogba uniting happen!! I know the odds of us even signing 1 is really low but OMG what a thought. Its gimme a moist patch just thinking about it.
  2. Stamford Bridge

    I dont mind Wembley at all cause the manager of my local said we could take the coach we use for away games instead of mucking about with trains. So extra drinking time!
  3. 11. Pedro Rodríguez

    hahaha Who needed Baba when we got Mr Rodriguez http://www.squawka.com/news/balague-luis-enrique-considered-playing-pedro-at-full-back/445893
  4. 11. Pedro Rodríguez

    Theres not much more in the world of footie I enjoy than getting one over on our nearest and dearest rivals Im feeling very cautious right now so I think I will wait till after silly seasons over before I start pissing all over them. Things always have nasty habits of turning round and kicking us in the balls. Fuck knows what will happen if we start looking at Burakcan Kunt
  5. 11. Pedro Rodríguez

    And Pedro was his name O https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gR2_4O0mogo
  6. Paul Pogba

    But surely thats the gamble clubs take with any player. Theres no insurances that if Citeh went out and bought Messi he would keep his form and play great. He might not gel with their players, might not like the format they use, might think their manager is a twat, mighthave family problems that mess his mind up. Its all a gamble. All we can hope for is buying a player thats in good form who is young,fit etc with a big future ahead of him will work out in our favor.
  7. Kenedy

    Ssshhhh!!! Who knows. He might be ok? If no he can at least say hes played in 1st team.
  8. Kenedy

    Bout bloody time!! Welcome to Chelsea young Kenedy. I hope we both have a prosperous relationship together.
  9. The Mourinho Thread

    WTF cant we have 25?
  10. Oscar

    Hes right ya know. Its not like I dont like the lad and Im not in a rush to get rid of him as we need depth. But I'd love us to get someone that could make a difference for us.
  11. Funny Picture and Video Thread

    I think me n you sound a bit similar mate. I dont mind having a natter to anyone even if theyre pissed. Unless hes belligerent with beer muscles cause them I cant handle and they wont be near me long. I used to commute upto Peterboro every morning at 6:30 you know what most of them are like. The loudest thing you hear is the rustle of the Financial Times or you get stared at if you cough. Well I had a brown habit so every morning I'd be buzzing, I sat with the same 3 every morning (all 3 nice looking girls )We would have a few bucks fizz or bloody marys and a bacon n egg sarney and have a right laugh. One morning this guy comes over after being tutting for 1/2 an hour and said in a tory pompous git voice "do you mind I'm trying to read'. The words red rag and bull spring to mind. Anyways he ended up wearing his coffee (which one of the girls did) and on the way out of the train I set fire to the newspaper he was carrying walking down the platform. I saw him every morning but he never said 1 dickie bird to me after.
  12. Oscar

    We haven't had a PROPER number 10 for awhile now. Yeah OK Oscar runs around, he has touches of sheer brilliance and he offers OK up field defence but his goals and assists have gone down over the last 3 seasons and we really should try to get an upgrade. Its a position that needs a specialist and neither Willian nor Cescy can do it proper.
  13. John Stones

    Lukaku flapping his gums going on about not signing for us. Well I'm shocked! A Chelsea legend telling a player not to come near us. I say we dont erect the bronze statue to him we was going to do.
  14. Paul Pogba

    Because he's a prick that works for the Sun
  15. If you could hear how loud Ive got this playing right now you would understand the mood I'm in. Sorry that should be trying to get in!!!
  16. Last Film You Watched

    Phone Booth Seven Psychopaths
  17. Charles Aranguiz

    Such a bloody shame. Id have really liked the lad with us and think he would have been good for us. I hope he gets over it but we know how these things can hurt players heads as well.
  18. Paul Pogba

    Look bruv I give the club loadsa stick if and when we need it. But to say we dont have ambition is just bollox. Things dont always go right FFS. YES Id have been happier to have had a nice quiet preseason with all the transfers tucked up and experimenting etc. YES IF I was the powers that be Id have thrown sentiment out of the window, ditched the deadwood and sorted out the 1st XI and our depth but shit happens. I'd have probably made the club bankrupt very fast. If you think that 2 geezers like Roman and Mou dont want to win every game we play and go home hurting alot more than the likes of some on this site then youre all sadly mistaken. Anyone thats been supported Chelsea long enough or any other club knows theres good and bad times but we are 2 games into the season and still got silly season in operation. I wouldn't swap my season ticket with no fucker at any club.
  19. Paul Pogba

    When a link like this reaches ITV sport then theres summet going on http://www.itv.com/news/2015-08-22/rumours-former-man-united-midfielder-paul-pogba-to-join-chelsea-after-69m-fee-is-agreed/
  20. Paul Pogba

    Sitting here thinking we have been in this situation with the Pog for the last 2 years. Im wondering how may more years we will be? Is Pog the new Hulk?
  21. The Mourinho Thread

    I wish Mou would get a fuckin haircut. I like him when he looks like he means business. Looks more like Peligrino now,
  22. General Transfer Talk

    Manure also linked with Naymar http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/34020220
  23. The MMA thread

    Not too long till UFC191. Couple good fights there should be. But Im also looking forward to UFC192. 2 guys on there I really just dont like, Cormier and Evans. And with a bit of luck they will both get slapped.
  24. Stamford Bridge

    And I'm with you all the way. I just find it more difficult to take it tho. Im a soft git tho cause I dont mind freezing me yarbles off on a cold monday night in Stoke (sneaking in a flask and a mobile vaporizor soon warms you up), getting a shower of beer at half time, taking the piss out of the local residents wherever we go. And like you I couldnt be more grateful for Uncle Roman tho Id love to have been there in our basic days. But to think the govt can bale out the Irons when we cant even get land to build on with no help pisses me right off.
  25. Your Chelsea FC Memories

    Was there any reason you didn't stay in town and go clubbing up West? Could always get the mail train home. Ive got alot of great memories but Id have to wait till the statute of limitations to run out or just plead the 5th