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  1. Man City 1-0 Chelsea

    Fuckin reminds me of those up in MH got their laptops watching Youtubes and putting selfies on their FB pages. They dont know sod all about Chelsea. Yet come onto one of our busiest forums and the apathy is awful. I dont look at Chelsea thru rose tinted shades but I do support them 100% and shout my damned fool head off whether Im at the game,in a pub or sitting in front of the telly. We might not like all the decisions/player selections/transfers etc but we cant do sod all about it. I start every game thinking we will win and till it goes the full 90 this poor deluded git will always think we will. Sorry guys but not in the mood for forum stuff cause me heads all over the place but my spirits here with ya and my heart out with the lads. COME ON YOU FUCKIN BLUES!!!!
  2. 22. Willian

    And most wasted comment today : Just imagine the chemistry IF KDB had still been around with Eden and Willi.
  3. Gareth Bale

    Yeah I know!!! Load of bollox and more than likely clickbait. But who knows eh?? I can't see it myself after signing a 5 year £350k a week deal last year!! Would YOU want us to sign him? The two Premier teams that will fight for a Real Madrid crack in the summer https://translate.google.co.uk/translate?hl=en&sl=es&u=http://www.donbalon.com/noticia/detalle/45726/los-dos-equipos-premier-que-pelearan-por-un-crack-del-real-madrid-en-verano&prev=search Transfer News: Chelsea and Manchester United to launch €200 million summer assault on Gareth Bale http://www.thehardtackle.com/news/2017/01/23/transfer-news-chelsea-and-manchester-united-to-launch-e200-million-summer-assault-on-gareth-bale/
  4. Alessandro Florenzi

    2 problems as I see it. He loves Roma and his being off for 11 months with his anterior cruciate ligament injuries. But he seems strong now and been back since September. Whats your thoughts?
  5. 22. Willian

    Never seen that before. Makes me love the guy. The sort of pride you like seeing in your players. HE FUCKIN HATES SPUDS!!!!!
  6. 22. Willian

    LOL OK OK - Uncle How many more can you find? Lets make a collection.
  7. Man Utd 2-1 Chelsea

    Would be good to see Willi make a show of it in WC
  8. Man Utd 2-1 Chelsea

    Willi Willi Willi!!!
  9. Man Utd 2-1 Chelsea

    We fuck about too much on edge of box. nobody wants to run at them not even Eden.
  10. Man Utd 2-1 Chelsea

    But it works with him I'm afraid. I see Shreks there.
  11. Man Utd 2-1 Chelsea

    looks like we are up for a craic.
  12. Man Utd 2-1 Chelsea

    they shook hands at least.
  13. 22. Willian

    Eden, mate. phew lol You do understand what I mean tho. Not being nasty towards him at all. Just not sure if its just his character, but cant be that cause he does have a big ego which normally means he enjoys showing off. which I like to see him do. Or would it be the seemingly lack of passion from Belgian players in general (without anting to upset anyone) But Ive never once seen Eden/Tibo give the badge a quick snog or even give it a chest punch lol But I dont care a bit as long as they do theyre very best while theyre with us.
  14. 22. Willian

    It is a shame tbh. This mentality will probably cost him his move to Real. MY mentality or Edens? Just the way that I see it and its not always like that. i just wish he was full of himself more often. I'd prefer to keep him anyway but IF he does want to move then I just hope we can capitalize as much as poss on him.
  15. Man Utd 2-1 Chelsea

    Sorry to be a pain but anyone got a stream up NOW cause mine doesn't start till 10 min before game
  16. Man Utd 2-1 Chelsea

    When everyone was wearing those daft long white workmens coats and baggy white Skinner jeans and Noddy holder type hats after Clockwork Orange came out. Wasn't my thing but some of the guys wore it well. I remember a couple of lads used to follow us from Charlton who were always completely smashed and they had the eye lashes,jock straps,21 hole DMs skin tight white levis and red braces. Always thought they looked good. so prob 71/72. prob a few years older than you FB and feeling it for 1st time All those little side streets were a maze but got to know some of their lads on the Northern scene. One still runs the 6T's niters at 100 Club.
  17. Man Utd 2-1 Chelsea

    Shame about Giroud as I think hes the more inform and is Morata fit? And can always bring Cescy on in 2nd half. Hoping to see the wee baldy man in action. And seeing mou blow up at Pogba and Lukaku. On a side note i see Barcas Semedo pulled a hamstring and was expected to start against us in 2nd leg but will be out at least 6 weeks.
  18. 22. Willian

    I din't say he was bad against Barca. Hes not suited whatsoever to either a strikers role or false 9 tho I dont think it benifits anybody to announce it like his daft fathe while doing interviews as it just creates bad blood within team and with mamagement. ButIF and WHEN hes in the mood - when he comes out onto the pitch with that hint of mishief behind the eyes, that crafty schoolboy smirk and hes doing his swag walk then the lad is truly unstoppable which is when we love the guy.. What I would like to see more often is that our top 3 are gien the freedom to roam around at will. Like when Eden drops back a bit to get the ball whether he does it from the left or right. Wili does it too. The defenders then just dont know who or where to mark. And seeing as Eden normally gets double manned it helps him alot to have more freedom. But what I'm asking is why he cant turn that on when he wants. You must agree theres games here he just goes missing. whether its a concentration thing or needing of an attitude adjustment or he just thinks hes beyond that level I dunno the reason..
  19. Man Utd 2-1 Chelsea

    God I love that passion mate. Just wish the lads felt the same way we do.Had many a row with 'Cockney reds' bGot stabbed by a jock red from Corby at Filbert St when a couple of us used to go in with the away lot and shout Chelsea then hit the chaos button. Just one time it left me in stitches lol
  20. Man Utd 2-1 Chelsea

    Theres nothing like a confident 'supporter' eh!! If we use same starters as Barca but with Eden/Giroud/Willi top 3 it will be enough.
  21. 27. Andreas Christensen

    AC Thought it suited him cause he keeps his cool (usually )
  22. Who will be the next Chelsea manager?

    I hate getting involved in threads like this and transfers because I end up getting my hopes up and normally end up a blithering wreck with need of a bottle of Valium and another full of MDMA!. I really dont think it matters 1 bit just who we get or how good hes doing with us. Ever since Roman sacked Carlo I realized that unless you kiss his ring piece and his board full of kiss arse yes men then youre days are numbered, Carlo was sacked at the time (probably still) with one of the best records of any PL manager. What has depressed me more is the weakness of alot of our players characters. They dont seem to be able to dig down and find another gear when needed. If its not all rosey in their garden then they walk around like lovestruck schoolboys with their hands on their hips and jaws dropping. That includes Eden. OK we needed to phase out our old guard for younger lads but they were alot to do with the character of Chelsea. Ive read about some of the half time heated conversations the ads would have at half time when they would speak their minds aboutthe things that needed saying. Butthey would still pull it together and play like a team. We dont have that strength of character any more We have a captain in Cahill who seems to have such a weak ego he needs to have to physically wear an armband to prove to himself hes the Captain instead of letting his actions speak for themselves. I love Dave with a man crush but I'm not sure hes got that character needed to bring a team together. And I cant see any of the lads do sadly. With Roman only really wanting a neutered eunuch of a head coach whose balls have neen firmly placed in a ever growing jar on Grannys desk without any real power and then only get a 2 year contract. And who will change the teams playing style to suit him instead of trusting one enough and giving them time building our character / playing style / formations. Instead I think we should be looking at our board and looking how to get back our old Chelsea attitude and character. Because right now even if Jesus Christ/Allah/Jehovah/Krishna/Aum/Nun/Ra/Bastet,Zeus etc etc (Didn't want to upset anyone and leave THEIR God out as I'm agnostic lol) was in charge of us they would get the Spanish archer in a year if they hadn't won fuck all.
  23. 22. Willian

    I hear ya mate but its this word 'when' that I dont like. 'World class' players should be able to pull out another gear and be able to switch it on at will not just when hes in the mood. Hes getting on now hes not some kid. HOPEFULLY we can use him to bring in a good replacement as long as its not some aging wonky Welsh donkey. But theres alot of 'ifs' and 'buts' with him leaving. From whatever I remember Eden saying it wasn't the playing at RM that he was interested in - more of yhe wanting to play under ZZ. So IF ZZ leaves wgere does it leave Eden? And IF RM get Neymar/Kane then they surely wont be able to get Eden too - unless of course they want to do a swapsies and that would be interesting IF we could tempt their players here that is. OR eden might get his head turned by Barca? I could see him there. OR where will ZZ go if anywhere? Romans had meetings APPARENTLY last year with him. MAYBE he might like a chance to go up against the pride of the PL managers?? Really not looking forward to the summer window. Hope its not rats deserting a sinking ship? Ive not given up on this season yet. Lets go Manc bashing. Get all the Mou Vs Conte shit out of the way.
  24. 22. Willian

    Gotta say for me hes much more consistent than Eden. Would you see him playing for any of our top opponents???? I'd keep him. What made me like him more was his character when he came back after his mum died. Pedro had stepped up and was playing real well but Willi didn't whine or owt. Just carroed on doing his job. All the players must love him - when they were doing the 'W' after they scored and he was at his mums side. Bet hes a realnice guy. Its Eden that needs to pull himself together when hes needed. e should be seeing him stand out more often. But using him in false just doesn't work unless they all 3 are mobile and can roam where they can be most useful.
  25. 27. Andreas Christensen

    Gotta say 1st I love Air Conditioning. Hopefully hes going to be with us a very long time. But I was suprized to be honest how nervous he was from the get go. It as the 1st time I had seen him show any signs of nervousness. But he will shake that game off quick enough. But its for lads like him and Ethan that I really wish JT was still here. Its for these young transition players we need to use our old guard. For training,confidence and holding the changing room together. Cause lets face it we dont SEEM to have a really strong character that can go in at half time and say some home truths then build them back up again. Cahill to me has never been a captain and now hes taken Ivans place as the dead weight who was always selected for some unknown reason. We still need that spot filled as I cant feel Rudi there. Someone with a bite who the offence will think twice about going near him but still good enough with the ball at his feet. Yeah I know theres a load of them for sale eh! I wonder what will happen with Happy in the summer. Thougt he was OK today.