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  • Memory Munich That game has given me my lowest lows and highest highs in football. Going from thinking we had lost it to going absolutely bonkers.
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  1. Man City 1-0 Chelsea

    Fuckin reminds me of those up in MH got their laptops watching Youtubes and putting selfies on their FB pages. They dont know sod all about Chelsea. Yet come onto one of our busiest forums and the apathy is awful. I dont look at Chelsea thru rose tinted shades but I do support them 100% and shout my damned fool head off whether Im at the game,in a pub or sitting in front of the telly. We might not like all the decisions/player selections/transfers etc but we cant do sod all about it. I start every game thinking we will win and till it goes the full 90 this poor deluded git will always think we will. Sorry guys but not in the mood for forum stuff cause me heads all over the place but my spirits here with ya and my heart out with the lads. COME ON YOU FUCKIN BLUES!!!!
  2. 22. Willian

    And most wasted comment today : Just imagine the chemistry IF KDB had still been around with Eden and Willi.
  3. 22. Willian

    Never seen that before. Makes me love the guy. The sort of pride you like seeing in your players. HE FUCKIN HATES SPUDS!!!!!
  4. 22. Willian

    LOL OK OK - Uncle How many more can you find? Lets make a collection.
  5. Man Utd 2-1 Chelsea

    Would be good to see Willi make a show of it in WC
  6. Man Utd 2-1 Chelsea

    Willi Willi Willi!!!
  7. Man Utd 2-1 Chelsea

    We fuck about too much on edge of box. nobody wants to run at them not even Eden.
  8. Man Utd 2-1 Chelsea

    But it works with him I'm afraid. I see Shreks there.
  9. Man Utd 2-1 Chelsea

    looks like we are up for a craic.
  10. Man Utd 2-1 Chelsea

    they shook hands at least.
  11. 22. Willian

    Eden, mate. phew lol You do understand what I mean tho. Not being nasty towards him at all. Just not sure if its just his character, but cant be that cause he does have a big ego which normally means he enjoys showing off. which I like to see him do. Or would it be the seemingly lack of passion from Belgian players in general (without anting to upset anyone) But Ive never once seen Eden/Tibo give the badge a quick snog or even give it a chest punch lol But I dont care a bit as long as they do theyre very best while theyre with us.
  12. 22. Willian

    It is a shame tbh. This mentality will probably cost him his move to Real. MY mentality or Edens? Just the way that I see it and its not always like that. i just wish he was full of himself more often. I'd prefer to keep him anyway but IF he does want to move then I just hope we can capitalize as much as poss on him.
  13. Man Utd 2-1 Chelsea

    Sorry to be a pain but anyone got a stream up NOW cause mine doesn't start till 10 min before game
  14. Man Utd 2-1 Chelsea

    When everyone was wearing those daft long white workmens coats and baggy white Skinner jeans and Noddy holder type hats after Clockwork Orange came out. Wasn't my thing but some of the guys wore it well. I remember a couple of lads used to follow us from Charlton who were always completely smashed and they had the eye lashes,jock straps,21 hole DMs skin tight white levis and red braces. Always thought they looked good. so prob 71/72. prob a few years older than you FB and feeling it for 1st time All those little side streets were a maze but got to know some of their lads on the Northern scene. One still runs the 6T's niters at 100 Club.
  15. Man Utd 2-1 Chelsea

    Shame about Giroud as I think hes the more inform and is Morata fit? And can always bring Cescy on in 2nd half. Hoping to see the wee baldy man in action. And seeing mou blow up at Pogba and Lukaku. On a side note i see Barcas Semedo pulled a hamstring and was expected to start against us in 2nd leg but will be out at least 6 weeks.