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  1. The Pub - Discuss Anything

    Really dislike all social media sites.
  2. 3. Marcos Alonso

    Doesn't give Dave too much to do then eh. i totally agree about picking the cunt in the first place. Thats 1 of the 3 things that pisses me off about Sarri. But Alonso doesn't have even the basics down right now. How often does he get a cross past the 1st closest to him? How often does he take it to the baseline? @MoroccanBlue is dead right what he says. The system of Sarris CAN work and has but this bunch of gutless wet farts lack both the character and the abilities needed to play it.
  3. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    Hes got a bunch of players noit suited to 'his style' of football. We talk about the Spuds freeze but our lads dont have any fight in them. It only affects me when I lose the plot at us. So I try really hard not to bitch and whine like many on here, even tho they have every valid reason to do it. But our players make it fuckin hard sometime to keep carefree! If they can't give a fuck if they play like wankers and make us look pathetic why the hell should I not call them what they are? Theree's only 7 I would keep out of them all - and 2 of them will be gone. .I just hope that whoever owns us come the summer of 2020 that they realize the shite we are in and they do something drastic and rebuild us from the top down.
  4. 3. Marcos Alonso

    Bit bloody hard seeing that his job is a defender mate!! This has happened to our last 2 managers also. Were they weak? It is a reourring thing with this group of players - a lot who were chosen by our previous 2 managers. The players play shit with no soul,fight or spirit but the manager takes it up the arse1

    Blimey I see a ghost!
  6. Roman Abramovich

    He would fit in well mate. Old time variety hall comedia/actorn even before my time! Cant find owt of him 'acting' I agree mate. I've never met anyone who was self made that didn't bend as many rules as they could to breaking point. but maybe that says more about commercialism than peeps morals. I thank Roman for what we have done together and would like to see him become more involved and back in the stands. But it might just be time to start fresh with EVERYTHING. From the top down. I'd like to see us goto someone who is already a large sports club owner with the experience of taking a broken club apart and rebuild them WHOEVER that may be! Billionaire Abramovich dumps Russian assets in preparation for sanctions The billionaire Roman Abramovich, who was blacklisted by the US in April last year, had his British visa revoked and was forced to acquire an Israeli passport in the summer, has systematically been selling off his Russian assets. On 7 March, Abramovich, the 11th wealthiest person in Russia with $10.8 billion, sold the Russian bank VTB his 20% share in Channel One that he had owned since the early 2000s, after acquiring a package of shares from Boris Berezovsky. One week later, on 13 March, Abramovich’s Crispian Investments fund disposed of 2.7 million shares of Nornickel – 1.7% of the company’s capital. The deal was done through an accelerated collection of bids, and the securities were dumped on the market at a 7.5% discount to the market price. Another five days later, on Monday 18 March, it was learned that Abramovich had decided to sell 0.8% of his primary asset – the metallurgical and mining company Evraz. Abramovich’s offshore fund Greenleas International Holdings Ltd., Alexander Abramov’s Abiglaze Ltd., Alexander Frolov’s Crosland Global Ltd. and Toshi Holdings Ltd. announced on the London Stock Exchange website that they intend to sell 25.4 million Evraz shares (1.8%). Abramovich’s company will account for 42.25% of the shares being sold. As with Nornickel, the deal will take place through an accelerated collection of bids. The placement will be organized by Citigroup Global Markets Ltd., Credit Suisse Securities and UBS Europe. The sellers must undertake not to sell any more Evraz shares for 60 days after the deal. At present, Abramovich holds 30.5% of Evraz shares, Abramovich holds 20.69% and Frolov has 10.33%. It is possible that the billionaire is preparing for US sanctions by getting rid of assets linked to the Kremlin (e.g. Channel One). Abramovich may also be trying to withdraw from his position as a major stakeholder in Evraz, an analyst from a major rating agency believes. However, it is not impossible that the oligarch has simply decided to cash out on shares while Evraz’s results are good and there is a large demand for its stocks, he notes. On the other hand, the three consecutive deals to sell Russian assets do not make this option likely. The hard cash at Abramovich’s disposal is needed by the Kremlin. RBC reported in December that the president’s administration has considered the billionaire and Evraz as a source of funding for the construction of the Moscow-Kazan high-speed railway. His funds will be used to fill in the financing gap for the railway project, which has been rejected by Chinese investors twice in the last three years. Russian Railways estimates that the project will cost 1.7 trillion rubles. The government is prepared to provide 700 billion from the federal budget, but around 1 trillion rubles ($15 billion) will need to come from other financing sources.
  7. Paulo Dybala

    How we going to do that bud? Even if he was £1m and IF our amazing board said yeah great idea! theres a small matter of a ban to get round.
  8. I am a supporter of Chelsea

    Welcome to TalkChelsea. Always good to have more opinions. You dont sound American tho Mrs! I admire Pulisic cause even tho he must see our players have no spirit he still joined us!
  9. Give Us Feedback/Bugs Thread

    I'll keep trying with it.
  10. Give Us Feedback/Bugs Thread

    How you getting on with Brave otherwise? I asked around on the torrent site I use and i cant find anyone else using it. I had problems logging on to some sites that use Captcha when in the private window using Tor feature. So I kept to Opera as its VPN is very good.
  11. Everton 2-0 Chelsea

    Love you Mrs!! Proper attitude to be in. This might be the making of either Barkles or RLC. They really need to start out on fire. Running and chasing everything. And Sarri was dead right in his interview yesterday when he said our forwards need to start looking for spaces off the ball. They are bad at that.
  12. Give Us Feedback/Bugs Thread

    What browsers are you using guys? I've still had no probs with Firefox.
  13. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    Many teams would love to be in it. We have become spoiled. A spell in the Championship might do us more good.

    Excellent vid. That Ossie salute would get him a 6 match ban now. How things have changed eh. Loved the commentator Me gran was close with Neil Youngs folks so my grandad would go to Shitty games now n then. But only for the piss ups. He was more into rugby being a Taff. Its weird how many don't seem to hold it against Lamps for wearing that disgusting blue shirt or slag Petr off for going native but yet we slag Greavsie off. A hard choice as there was summet to argue for them all but had to go with the flow. The lads a proper Chels legend. I remember the cameras on him when he came out in a wheelchair 4 or 5 seasons back and he was crying when we were singing his name bless him.
  15. Blinding night bud. You'd have loved it. Got in at 7;30. Had to decide whether to carry on in the mood or crash out and sleep. But it's Paddys day and the match is on so the decisions made for me lol