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  1. Andrea Belotti

    Ive read all I have found on the guy and to me he does sound like a perfect player for Conte. Ge seems to run round like a hamster on his wheel. hes stromg, hot a bite and he is always the 1st line of defence. I like him. I'm wondering why Juve haven't gone for him.
  2. Andrea Belotti

    Lets face it. The only striker we have any idea thar Conte MIGHT be in for is Lorente and not to sound nasty I really wouldn't want him as our main striker.
  3. 19. Diego Costa

    Typical bloke then (Or my Mrs!)
  4. Franck Kessié

    Gone quiet on him eh
  5. Alexis Sanchez

    Alexis admits to tax fraud totalling nearly €1m The Arsenal forward is reported to have already paid the money back, which will likely see him handed a fine rather than be put on trial Arsenal forward Alexis Sanchez has admitted to tax fraud totalling nearly €1 million to a Catalan court. The Chile international acknowledged two crimes against the Treasury which took place while he was on the books of Barcelona between 2012 and 2013, with Europa Press reporting an overall value of €983,443. http://www.goal.com/en/news/8/main/2017/01/16/31602342/- I say we get Granovskaia on the case and get him over here.
  6. 19. Diego Costa

    We just aren't a club that top players magnate to and never have been. You never see the top players come out saying I dream of playing for Chelsea do you. This may change in the not too distant future with a new generation growing up having watched us as winners tho..I see mamy more 'foreigners' wearing our shirts when I go abroad on hols etc. So a combination of marketing and us winners under Roman will have made some millenians support us which means some will be professional footbalers growing up supporting us which because we wasn't in Europe often before that, peeps that will have mainly seen us were English.
  7. Alvaro Morata

    Assumption that Real Madrid player is ‘probably destined’ to sign for Chelsea http://sportwitness.co.uk/assumption-real-madrid-player-probably-set-sign-chelsea/ Simple, Tuttosport reckon, and throw this claim in almost flippantly, that Alvaro Morata is ‘probably destined’ for Chelsea. Antonio Conte’s wish to sign Morata during the summer was well covered, with the striker even talking about it since, so it would be no surprise if Chelsea tried again in the next window. The problems with Diego Costa would also make Chelsea signing a striker likelier, but these claims seem like speculation. Real Madrid haven’t been scouting Porto obsessively, so their interest in Andre Silva may not be as strong as claimed.
  8. 19. Diego Costa

    1 Lets hope not 2 No we dont
  9. 19. Diego Costa

    Its really hard to think in those types of numbers. I dont care who you are it would be very difficult to turn that sort of money down. Specially coming from playing on the streets like Diego. But then £200k isn't nothing to sniff at plus being somewhere you are loved by all with a shit hot club, a manager that hugs you with realisticv ambitions of silverware. A big choice.
  10. The English Football Thread

    How do you think Mou/Pep would work out taking over a club like say Hull fighting for relegation with nowhere near the bufget theyre used to?
  11. Liverpool away ( Help )

    Theres loadsa pubs really close to the ground mate. Even the ones full of scouse gits are safe. Even more fun actually cause theres loads of pisstaking and singing at each other. I think the one we aim for near the ground is called the Arkles mainly away fans but I like staying in the City. You will see lots of Blues hanging around pubs in this square on Mathew Street Its cool up there mate specially if you go up wearing shirt etc. Bin dippers are all gobby. Walk round like you own the place
  12. John Stones

    Kinda what I think too. We all know how working with the right manager makes all the difference to a player and with the Dons defensive mind I do think he could work wonders with him. But I'd never think twice to paying £60mill for him. £40 and £10 of that is for the HG tag. Im looking forward to seeing just what the Don does when Christensen comes back. Big decisions coming guys!
  13. Last Film You Watched

    Another good screener out yesterday Arrival http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2543164/ and great DVD that the bad Cam job has been out awhile but good film Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3183660/
  14. Andrea Belotti

    Sounds like a Conte player then
  15. Andrea Belotti

    So do the RELIABLE media etc think that Conte has interest or any communications gone on? Theres so many reports saying we are iterested on players only to have their manager say no contact has been made.