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  1. Blue Colored Sky liked a post in a topic by mattfird in Charly Musonda Jr.   
    That is why i think he is overated as a player...he tends to have a good game here and there and then goes missing for 2-3 months...those kind of player, no matter how talented,will find it hard to make it as a pro in PL especially as a certain level of consistency is required...
    If you watched the U21 season closely, you would find that RLC is not even the best among his peers in midfield...i've seen him being dominated in midfield countless time, and him being a passenger for the team...sure he will make the occasional eyecatching burst from midfield but again as a midfielder i am stating he does not have the best required tool to progress to be a world class midfielder...
    His passing and finishing really need to be improved massively. He also need to do more in midfield, dictate and participate more, win more possession and position himself better....and the worst part of this is that i havent seen any significant improvement from him since i first saw him at 16
    Colkett meanwhile have improve massively from last year...both technically and physically...he is the standout U21 player for me this season,among with solanke but i really doubt jose see this quality as he seems to prefer the physical type more than technically good all rounder midfielder