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Everything posted by gdlk

  1. Chelsea 1-0 Videoton

    Zapacosta today is awful..
  2. Chelsea 1-0 Videoton

    How selfish is this brazilian hair...
  3. Chelsea 4-1 Cardiff

    Luiz doesnt know where he is!
  4. Next Manager?

    Will be hilarious if we fk up this easy appointment...
  5. 10. Eden Hazard

    Lel Real want swap Hazard for Benzema... how stupid are they
  6. 10. Eden Hazard

    Lel you forgot that Hazard owned in France on 21 with Lile... while Neymar played only in superb teams.. Just you will see when Hazard goes to Real, what will happen with players like Isco, Modric, Kroos in one team..
  7. 10. Eden Hazard

    You can't compare Neymar playing with Iniesta, Messi and Suares to Hazard playing alone....
  8. Arsenal 2-1 Chelsea

    Ffs we have the worst wingbacks in first 10 teams in PL..
  9. Alexis Sanchez

    Dark clouds are over the Chelsea club for a 3 years and I cant see a bright future too..
  10. 10. Eden Hazard

    It just shows how much we relly on Hazard .. If he play bad = we are shit.. Fabregas is getin older and slower and we dont have someone else who can make a magician thingy.. Not with bakayoko, moses and etc..
  11. Chelsea 0-0 Leicester

    bakashits money + drinkwaters = one rly good midfielder.. ! well there is a worse team than us - Real Madrid xd ..
  12. Ross Barkley

    Maybe they will dig the pitch earlier than expected so thats why we are getting a horse like Carol...
  13. Riyad Mahrez

    Well idk how good is Malcom, watched some matches but he didnt impressed me with something extraordinary. If we want a really good winger - Pulisic is our man. He can beat 1v1 easily even 1v2.
  14. Chelsea 1-0 Swansea

    without Hazard we are half a team ..
  15. Liverpool 1-1 Chelsea

    if Conte want to play 3-5-2 then he need 2 technicaly CMs like Saul, Kovacic, Modric and etc.. With woods like Baka and Drink(what u wish ) cant happen.. Also 2 wingbacks are necesary..
  16. 29. Álvaro Morata

    well for sure the 20th min he played got more high balls than Michy in the time he was on.. .
  17. Chelsea 1-1 Arsenal

    well for first half Michy did nothing.. he tries to pass whole arsenal defence and to score alone.. Too much selfish from him
  18. Chelsea 1-1 Arsenal

    i hope we loose and board fkin wake up and do something because we need 2 wing backs 100%..
  19. Chelsea 1-1 Arsenal

    Cahil is rly bad defender when it comes to position in fast atacks.. Always let a lot of space to the atacker, instead to be close to him. And no Hazard = no creativity at all..
  20. Chelsea 1-2 Inter Milan

    I dont see anything impressive from Boga, just holds ball too much and loses it.
  21. Chelsea 1-2 Inter Milan

    no Hazard, No party i guess
  22. Chelsea 1-0 Man United

    we dont have midfield with Kante and Matic .. no one can hold the ball and pass properly forward
  23. i am happy we didnt spent 50$ for that wood Kavani ..
  24. 10. Eden Hazard

    Watched Real Madrid last night and if Eden goes there he will shine twice more than here... Well truth is painfull but with players there he will develop even more.. WIth midfield of Kroos and Modric and fullbacks like Marcelo or Carvahal, he will do miracles.
  25. Alvaro Morata

    some of you q.q too much about him.. You want to happen the situation with Martial ??? Man Utd crazy giving so much money for him, and then lol, wow - what a player he is! Get it good plyares who can decide a match everymoment costs money!