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  1. 9. Tammy Abraham

    Sell him ASAP. He is young, British and has a decent number of goals this season. We can get at least 35m. He is gonna score against us at some point of his career but it's better than watching him every week here.
  2. Sheffield United - Chelsea

    Before today, Sheffield United has won only 2 points from the top 5 teams. Today, they are leading 3-0 and are pushing for a 4th goal.
  3. Sheffield United - Chelsea

    It's a shame when a guy like Abraham starts over someone like Giroud. Pace is his only weakness and he compensates with a whole lot of other qualities. Tammy can only score.
  4. Sheffield United - Chelsea

    Pulisic off? We are done
  5. Sheffield United - Chelsea

    I am yet to see the huge talent that James has.
  6. Sheffield United - Chelsea

    This is unbelievable. We look absolutely clueless when deffending. Every Sheffield's attack ia looking like a goal. UNBELIEVABLE.
  7. Sheffield United - Chelsea

    Abraham should be subbed.
  8. Sheffield United - Chelsea

    Our deffending. *
  9. Kai Havertz

    AIK brings back good memories. 10 years ago my other love - Levski, eliminated your team in the EL playoffs after trailing 0-1 at the half time in the second leg.I was there and to this day it is one of the best football memories I have - the atmosphere was electric and we celebrated with the players for a whole hour after the final whistle.
  10. Chelsea 3-0 Watford

    Barkley again? I'm speechless.
  11. Kai Havertz

    Last year Real Madrid and Atletico both made around 85m euros and were eliminated in the round of 16 while we won the EL and made 45m.And we talk about a team winning the EL. MU progressed to the quarterfinals and made 93m which is almost 50m more than us.
  12. 5. Jorginho

    Yeah, because football is only running and shooting...You basically described Barkley and he is an average footballer. Jorginho's key qualities are his movement without the ball, the sense where to position himself and the awareness how to procceed the attack even before receiving the ball.And the most important one - transitioning the ball quickly which is a consequence of the qualities above. And defending is not one of Jorginho's strengths but his average interceptions per game are the highest of all the players and he is second in tackles made, only slightly behind Azpi.
  13. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    If we get a decent price and invest the money in a new CB, I don't think we should pass on this deal.
  14. 9. Tammy Abraham

    Agree 100%. Now is the time to take advantage of his stats and fool some clubs into paying 40m or even more.And I have no doubt that there will be such clubs. He is just not good enough for Chelsea but I'm afraid Lampard likes him too much.
  15. Super Frank Thread

    This. The midfield without Kante was doing the job, Kova and Jorgi were running riots through opositions' midfields but Lamps decided to brake their combo and since then we are hit and miss.