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  1. Chelsea - Barnsley

    Hattrick Kai
  2. Chelsea - Barnsley

    This could be Havertz's first hattrick in his career.
  3. Chelsea - Barnsley

    Hope Barkley doesn't guarantee his place vs West Brom with this goal lol
  4. Chelsea - Barnsley

    Abraham should be credited with this assist, he was the clever one here.
  5. Chelsea - Barnsley

    No need in a game like this IMO.
  6. Chelsea - Barnsley

    Defensively we have been pretty bad.
  7. Chelsea - Barnsley

    Abraham is trying really hard but looks very clumsy on the ball at times.
  8. Chelsea - Barnsley

    Great goal.Havertz showing Mount what a calm finish looks like.
  9. Chelsea - Barnsley

    Havertz is class.
  10. Super Frank Thread

    I wanted us to be a bit more proactive and not relying only on Werner because we did exactly that.Some of the posters here think that the ones not satisfied with the approach want us to go on full-atack mode but there are a lot of nuances between this and the things I want.Our full-backs were instructed to stay deep and even our wingers were chosen with the purpose of helping them.Mount is good at pressing but I didn't see us trying to press high on the pitch so basically he was there to provide enough defensive protection.Which IMO didn't give us the chance to exploit the space behind Liverpool's defence because of the lack of natural wingers. The last part that you quoted is the key.A large part of our fans are ok with that approach as long as it brings the results.I am not.You can change your approach but not fully abandon the way you wanna play and we did the latter.Last year we tried to be a lot more attacking than the game the other day.And it almost paid off.The midfield was the same,Mount was there and we had Willian and Abraham instead of Werner and Havertz.An year has passed and instead of seeing us progress,this game was a downgrade from the ones last year.
  11. Super Frank Thread

    I can't really remember Klopp only setting up his team to nulify the opponent and not to use the opportunities to attack them. And by opportunities I don't mean relying on your best player to come up with some sort of magic or hoping that the opponent will make a costly error like the one Mendy did. I actually mean transitions that have been trained and some sort of attacking patterns that can be seen.But even in Klopp's early seasons they had a go at every team no matter who was against them.They weren't as successful as they are nowadays but at least didn't abandon the approach for the sake of getting the result needed. And it paid off big time. We just have this inferior complex that some teams are just better than us and we have to stop them instead of the opposite.And it's not a new thing - it has been this way since the first Mourinho stint here. In fact, I think that he instilled this mindset in a lot of our fans and they are OK with it. WTF do we do in training? Our build-up play is well below the level it was with Sarri. We were boring at times, his stuborness was well-known, his team selections were at more than questionable but at least we were good at something because we actually have been training it. I am 100% sure that Lampard wants us to play out from the back and to become really good at it but you have to have the actual knowledge and the ideas to make the team execute it. Most of the times the ball goes to the full-backs and they play it long to the wingers. Pochettino's Tottenham did it but they did play those long balls to the space behind the opponent's full-backs and the runs their wingers did were in sync with the passes. We try aiming the ball to the wingers and hope to win the second balls. Playing through the middle is almost non-existent. Jorginho is a player I like a lot but without the required movement of the players around him he is useless. And the movement is so bad at times and I am not talking only about yesterday.In these big games when we don't try to have the ball and with the lack of movement we benefit more from players like Kovacic who can overcome the press by dribbling past the opponent's players. I am even angrier at our attempts of pressing. Lampard clearly is keen on us pressing the hell of our opponents (although as we saw yesterday it's not like we will always do it) but our press at times is easy to be passed on. Our full-backs stay deep which makes us not compact enough.There is always space on the flanks and I can't even remember how many times Liverpool passed the ball to a free player there and kept on with their attack. We don't want to commit too much people it seems but this hurts our press big time.And it's not always about the quality of your players, it's the positioning and the movement that is more important while pressing. Look at Bayern - Flick has been there for less than an year but his idea of playing was clear within his first month of coaching them. There are other not so successful examples but an year and 2 months should be enough to see what we are in for. Right now nobody knows if we are going to be pragmatic, who between Kante and Jorginho is first choice and what our best line-up is. I agree with some of the posters that in order to be adaptive you have to master the basics first. IMO we should play with Jorginho and Kova against the lesser sides - our best run if wins last year was without Kante. He is a liability against teams that just want to deffend but a lot of our fans love him and can't see him out of the starting line-up.But this topic is for another conversation. I love Frank - he is intelligent, smart and a really nice guy. But I am afraid that the managers he played under are partly responsible for the way he implements some of his ideas because almost all of them were pragmatic/reactive. Hope I am wrong and the excuses are relevant.I am skeptical but Lampard still has the time to convince me that he is capable.
  12. Chelsea 0-2 Liverpool

    Even with 11vs11 we were second best on the pitch .Our press didn't work because we were not compact enough.And it was the same story last year. It's not only about the players we are missing, it's about the coaching and the set-up. Liverpool were without Salah and Firminho against Barca but they were on the front foot. And the red card and Kepa's mistake are just an excuse. Lampard has nice ideas and but I am afraid that he might not know how to train this team into executing them.
  13. Chelsea 0-2 Liverpool

    Kepa should be done here. And Mount has to be benched next game.
  14. Chelsea 0-2 Liverpool

    There is only one Liverpool player who can get the ball and our whole team was sleeping. The game is done.
  15. Chelsea 0-2 Liverpool

    Our full-backs are instructed to stay back when we press and it gives Liverpool the space to play through it. It's not the first time it happens in a big game and it's so frustrating.