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  1. Moaar liked a post in a topic by pHaRaOn in Diego Costa   
    And few gifs

  2. Moaar liked a post in a topic by HD3D in The Mourinho Thread   
    Good for you. Go out there and make a mockery out of your manager's pleas. I'm sure it will do the club good.
    A few years ago during a game between Real Madrid and Barcelona at Madrid's Stadium, Pepe purposely stepped on Messi's hand. On the second leg at Barcelona's stadium, the media was predicting a massive turmoil by the Barcelona fans against Pepe, comparable to what was done to Figo. Guardiola then came out in the press conference and demanded that the fans leave Pepe alone in the upcoming game. Fast forward to the game and Pepe heard nothing but a few occasional whistles.
    That right there is a display of class and respect from fans who knew better than to disrespect the instructions of a manager who gave them so much.
    Clearly, you don't seem to understand this concept of class and you strike me as the typical ungrateful and whiny supporter we see around here that asks for the manager's head after any bad result. It's a shame they've made you a mod.
  3. Moaar liked a post in a topic by HD3D in The Mourinho Thread   
    Yes you have the right to do whatever you want but do you not, as fans, claim you're the 12th player in the team? So why would you not listen to your manager's instructions the same way the other 11 do?
    Stop talking as if you are in no way, shape or form related to your club's manager. You are a supporter and a part of the team. If the manager asks for better atmosphere, do your best to make a better atmosphere. If the manager asks to avoid signing a song, then avoid singing the fucking song.
  4. Moaar liked a post in a topic by Eidur the Spider in Diego Costa   
    Still feels weird to have a striker that's scoring...and scoring at a ridiculous rate. Love the dude, what a deadly finisher.
  5. Moaar liked a post in a topic by Madmax in Cesc Fàbregas   
    3 Arsenal legends, nice.