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  1. Man United - Chelsea

    I noticed a lot of negativity in this thread, believe in this team, yes our last couple of games we were not impressive but you have to take into account most of our key players were not available, now that our entire team is present we can judge there ability against the big teams. I’m optimistic about this fixture, let’s just hope FL sticks Pulisic on the LW and drop Mount, nothing personal against mount his work rate is excellent but he needs a little rest, and bring in Kova instead of Jorginho, and start Ziyech. We need a convincing win to lift the players confidence and send a message to the other teams.
  2. Chelsea 0-0 Sevilla

    Our play is predictable and boring, play from the left, what not working go back play from the right, it’s painful to watch.
  3. Chelsea 0-0 Sevilla

    So you’re suggesting we should wait until the season end and then appoint Pochettino or someone of that caliber to take the team to the next level
  4. Chelsea 0-0 Sevilla

    Need everyone’s opinion do you think there is problem with the team or the management
  5. Chelsea 3-3 Southampton

    2 points down the drain, instead of capitalizing on the Merseyside derby, it’s beyond frustrating. Yes Lampard team selection was wrong but let’s not overlook the fact that Kepa is horrendous. From now he should be anywhere near the first 11 get an academy goalkeeper but don’t play Kepa, my weekend is ruined
  6. Chelsea 4-0 Crystal Palace

    Tammy be patient your time will come
  7. Chelsea 4-0 Crystal Palace

    FL has to stick with a certain formation. Rotating players will confuse things, he has to stick with a game plan and not experiment so the players can get accustomed to each other playing style. It’s still early and the entire team isn’t back yet, but the Chelsea board will not be as forgiving as the fans if FL didn’t improve the squad after buying numerous talented players, and please stop the playing from the back nonsense it’s stupid and invites unwanted pressure.
  8. West Brom 3-3 Chelsea

    Let’s hope this game is a wake up to to Lampard and the coaching staff to get there act together yes individuals mistakes were responsible, but the gap between the midfield and defense, predictable playing style were down Lampard and the coaching staff, let’s hope the second half we’ll be different
  9. West Brom 3-3 Chelsea

    Why is there are huge gap between the midfield and the defense that’s causing a lot of problems
  10. West Brom 3-3 Chelsea

    WTF is James doing
  11. West Brom 3-3 Chelsea

    It’s feel like WBA is scoring 4th that’s how much I have faith in this team
  12. West Brom 3-3 Chelsea

    I’m at loss of words
  13. West Brom 3-3 Chelsea

    Not to sound naive and optimistic but this team didn’t have enough preseason time to adjust to each other playing style. Couple of key players are not fit, and it’s the beginning of the season, remember what happened with conte in the beginning 2016-17 season. Let’s wait until all the key players are available then judge if SF is suitable for the job.
  14. West Brom 3-3 Chelsea

    Well WBA are going to Exploit the pace of Alonoso
  15. West Brom 3-3 Chelsea

    No he got a yellow first then the ref changed the decision to a red after reviewing VAR.
  16. West Brom 3-3 Chelsea

    Question how can Christensen play when he was sent off with a straight red. Shouldn’t he be in a 3 match ban or did they appeal the decision
  17. Chelsea 0-2 Liverpool

    Couple of takeaway points: Kepa: fuck off shouldn’t stay for one more second AC: Sold not strong enough mentally and physically Zouma: stay as a sub Tomori: new partnership with Silva James: Stay Alonso: Sold Jorginho: Sold not good enough for EPL Kante : best player in pitch stay Kova: Stay Havertz: needs time to adapt Mount: used as a sub and nothing more Werner: shining light in the team
  18. Chelsea 0-2 Liverpool

    This team never learns. Again with playing from the back bullshit just end this game already
  19. Chelsea 0-2 Liverpool

    It’s not our day simple as
  20. Chelsea 0-2 Liverpool

    Send this POS back to bilbao
  21. Chelsea 0-2 Liverpool

    I’m sick of this shit, it’s beyond depressing
  22. Chelsea 0-2 Liverpool

    I don’t know why everyone is blaming mane, it’s the constant stupidity of our defense that cost us the game. AC and Zouma are not title winning defense period
  23. Chelsea 0-2 Liverpool

    Whoever suggests playing from the back should sacked
  24. Brighton 1-3 Chelsea

    This guy is on borrowed time
  25. Brighton 1-3 Chelsea

    What happened to RLC, I’m more concerned than frustrated