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  1. Sevilla 0-4 Chelsea

    At this point it’s criminal if frank continues to start Tammy
  2. Sevilla 0-4 Chelsea

    Pulisic slowly back to his best
  3. Sevilla 0-4 Chelsea

    I always liked giroud. Nothing against Tammy he is young and will learn, but atm giroud is more clinical and his link up play with Werner, pulisic or ziyech will be valuable. Lampard has to start him in the upcoming games or he will leave in January because of the euros
  4. Sevilla 0-4 Chelsea

    giroud is seriously underrated, hope frank realizes that giroud should start every game instead Tammy
  5. Chelsea 0-0 Spurs

    The POS ref was biased from the beginning every time a Spurs player falls they get a foul and Chelsea gets carded, it’s as if they’re afraid of being criticized by Jose.
  6. Chelsea 0-0 Spurs

    I get what you’re saying that’s why out of all the pundits the one i admire the most Gary Neville. Even though he is a former United player, most of his opinions are objective with zero percent bias, unlike the other pundits. By any chance what’s your prediction of this fixture ?
  7. Chelsea 0-0 Spurs

    Why are you surprised by this, it’s well known the media has no love for Chelsea. There usual darlings are United, Liverpool, and Spurs. At first I was annoyed then I stopped caring. This fixture I can safely say is the most important game in the season, winning it not only catapult the team to number one but will boast morale of the team and sends a message that Chelsea are not only title contenders but front runners. The battle of the bridge part 2 is underway
  8. Chelsea 0-0 Spurs

    I always have confidence in the team. Some supporters are pessimistic pretending to be realistic saying we will lose or at best draw. I genuinely believe we have the upper hand, we just have to be ruthless and not allow them any space for tactics. Beating city is not impressive, hell we beat city last season with a weaker team. Let’s trust Lampard and the team to beat those Bottlers
  9. Chelsea 0-0 Spurs

    Chelsea have a habit of ruining Spurs parade, 2012 and 2016 come to mind. They think they’re the front runners and the undisputed number 1 club in London. Let’s teach them a lesson and remind them there is only one king in London
  10. Chelsea 4-1 Sheffield United

    Massive statement to the rest of the league, let’s keep the momentum going
  11. Chelsea 4-1 Sheffield United

    Ziyech’s crosses is phenomenal
  12. Man United 0-0 Chelsea

    I noticed a lot of negativity in this thread, believe in this team, yes our last couple of games we were not impressive but you have to take into account most of our key players were not available, now that our entire team is present we can judge there ability against the big teams. I’m optimistic about this fixture, let’s just hope FL sticks Pulisic on the LW and drop Mount, nothing personal against mount his work rate is excellent but he needs a little rest, and bring in Kova instead of Jorginho, and start Ziyech. We need a convincing win to lift the players confidence and send a message to the other teams.
  13. Chelsea 0-0 Sevilla

    Our play is predictable and boring, play from the left, what not working go back play from the right, it’s painful to watch.
  14. Chelsea 0-0 Sevilla

    So you’re suggesting we should wait until the season end and then appoint Pochettino or someone of that caliber to take the team to the next level
  15. Chelsea 0-0 Sevilla

    Need everyone’s opinion do you think there is problem with the team or the management