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  1. Chelsea - Watford

    I hope the players are watching the man utd game. It’s half time and united are 3-1, there is no room for error.
  2. West Ham 3-2 Chelsea

    Question are tomori and Zouma injured, they’re certainly better pairing than AC and Rudiger
  3. West Ham 3-2 Chelsea

    We could buy Messi and Ronaldo and we wouldn’t win with that POS of a defense
  4. West Ham 3-2 Chelsea

    We don’t deserve to be in the top four that’s a fact, what a garbage defense
  5. West Ham 3-2 Chelsea

    again with set pieces
  6. West Ham 3-2 Chelsea

    I miss the old days when my heart rate doesn’t go up when there is set piece against Chelsea
  7. Aston Villa 1-2 Chelsea

    We’re so predictable it’s painful to watch
  8. Aston Villa 1-2 Chelsea

    Of course the same old story, we dominate the game, waste chances then concede on set pieces yay we’re back
  9. Bournemouth 2-2 Chelsea

    Let’s not kid ourselves non of these of players have the mental strength and tenacity to win anything, they’re just not good enough physically and mentally. They collapse whenever we concede. Just end this season and start from the beginning
  10. Leicester 2-2 Chelsea

    Just end this season
  11. Leicester 2-2 Chelsea

    We never capitalize on there mistakes
  12. Chelsea 2-2 Arsenal

    This team needs a complete overhaul
  13. Chelsea 2-2 Arsenal

    From now I’m going to expect the worse case scenario every time we play, fuck sticking behind the team. This POS team doesn’t deserve the fans support
  14. Chelsea 2-2 Arsenal

    Go fuck yourself you POS
  15. Chelsea 2-2 Arsenal

    The way we’re playing you’d think it’s 10 v 10, it’s beyond despicable