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  1. 10. Eden Hazard

    You’re mostly right but people are blinded by hype and media narrative. There is also a myth that Hazard is not consistent and that’s because they use the Messi/Ronaldo goal scoring yardstick to beat him. If you check his match ratings, average player ratings and MOTM awards, you quickly realize he mostly drops 7/10 at least with 9/10 every other game.
  2. Andrea Belotti

    Yes, I'm with you on his similarity to Suarez, especially when it comes to their doggedness and brilliant instincts.
  3. Andrea Belotti

    Belotti reminds me a bit of Costa with his sheer determination to harass opponents, but with a much higher football IQ imo. He has everything you will want in a striker and has no real weaknesses. Realistically, him leading the line is risky seeing as there's no way you can really tell how he will adapt to the EPL. On the other hand, I'll still take him as I believe both Lukaku ( although EPL proven) and Morata may also struggle to adapt to how Chelsea play and how teams set up against us. An additional benefit of Belotti will be that he will almost certainly improve Hazard's game (he's very good at combination play which Hazard thrives on) and if he does, him scoring less than 20 EPL goes wouldn't be bad, as trust me, the effect he will have on Hazard's game play will more or less make up for a bit less goals. I feel ppl underrate how much Costa presses opponents so Hazard can conserve attacking energy, this again is something Belotti can easily replicate. A bit risky but what transfer isn't, if he can produce a similar form in the EPL, only Kane can really match him. That's my opinion anyway.
  4. 10. Eden Hazard

    I really think he is trying to downplay himself and relieve some pressure prior to the Wales game. It's a way of putting more pressure on Bale. You never know though, but it's very possible, players do this all the time before big matches. I personally know how much he rates himself and the club and I'm taking this more as a "tongue in cheek" battle prep statement rather than taking it to heart and bashing "Belgians". Also, I'm not a Muslim but I find the reference to Muslim carrying a bomb a tard offensive, there are many other things to compare with, you don't have to bring religious jokes into this imo.
  5. 10. Eden Hazard

    So you meant potential to be even more fantastic then :). Criticising him for his performances this season is fine, but you know nothing of his ambition. You have to pay a little more attention to people's temperaments. He is not the type to show visible signs of anger or determination but chances are that he is quite determined and ambitious. "His character is quiet but very, very determined, (Hiddink). You dont get this far with very few career injuries without being meticulous about your work, no matter how talented you are. Also, Bale, Sanchez and Hazard are very different players in very different setups, you rarely see them elevating their teammates level of play like Hazard. Btw last time I checked nether were Bale nor Sanchez were the talismen of their respective teams. Being a talisman doesn't always mean you have to score the most , you are like an instigator i.e Ronaldinho when Eto'o couldnt stop scoring. Why do you think Arsenal are playing better with Ozil in form compared to Sanchez. Ozil raises the general level of play, he sees the game for his teammates might not score as much but much more influential.
  6. 10. Eden Hazard

    Potential to be a fantastic player? He is a fantastic player, he's won most individual awards in the leagues he played in since he was 18. Also, unless you are in his head I dont get how you know he isn't doing the best he can at the moment. Mind you, not only does he have to play well for Chelsea, he also has to play well for himself as he has become a household name. Him being a prima donna, really? Do your research, even Jose who he supposedly didn't have a good relationship with said he is a humble star "He is humble, very humble. Very nice. Very polite. Selfish – zero. Egocentric – zero. He is fantastic". I have heard stories from people who met him and friends and they mostly say he is actually quite shy.You can acknowledge what you want, Iniesta went through almost a whole season without scoring a goal and no one in Barcelona batted an eye lid. Do you know why? That's because they understand that certain players are more than just goals, they are cherished for what they bring to the team as a whole, things that can't be completely represented with stats with the goal scoring part being an added bonus of their value to the team.
  7. 10. Eden Hazard

    Wow, you're so well informed..
  8. 10. Eden Hazard

    Exactly! Spot on, I couldn't have said it any better
  9. 10. Eden Hazard

    Well I'm new here and don't really know the level of attention people pay to players, but as a fan I know he has been without an agent for quite sometime even before he signed his new contract, so I would have easily dismissed the alleged story immediately. The point I am trying to make and not to you in particular, is that as fans we can do better than just believing these rumours and actually put simple facts together to get a clearer picture, rather than making assumptions based on conjecture.
  10. 10. Eden Hazard

    Wondering how he could have done so, considering he parted with his agent more than a couple of months ago... Did you actually see any direct quote or is this just based on daily mail rumours and wild conjecture... Hmmm
  11. Oscar

    Can't tell if that's a joke or you're actually being serious
  12. Welcome to the forums Anthon_nini :)