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  1. Mohamed Salah

    http://smotri.com/video/view/?id=v3007009be16 Very nice goal
  2. Leicester - Dec 14th

    Chelsea win 3-2 Oscar
  3. Sunderland - Dec 19th

    Chelsea win 2-0 Hazard
  4. **Bournemouth - Dec 5th**

    Win 1-0 Hazard
  5. Maccabi Tel-Aviv v Chelsea

    Prediction topic locked?
  6. Stoke - Oct 27th

    Chelsea win 2-1 Oscar
  7. West Ham - Oct 24th

    Draw 3-3 Matic
  8. What are you reading?

    Battles of WW1 - Martin Marix Evans
  9. The English Football Thread

  10. TalkChelsea EPL Fantasy 2016/17

    I think we're both wrong... the table is still not updated... I have 287, not 279... so you're 26 points on front of me... but it doesn't really matter that much
  11. TalkChelsea EPL Fantasy 2016/17

    I'm second with 279, so I think that you're like 34 points above me... Should've kept Mahrez as captain, but changed to Oscar as I was sure that he'll be great... and he was, but no assist or goal so that isn't important to FPL...
  12. Kurt Zouma

  13. The Pub - Discuss Anything

    Lego Lampard NYC https://fbcdn-photos-a-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xtf1/v/t1.0-0/p480x480/12004823_843496029096890_1236645816768746906_n.jpg?oh=065d32b15ade1170c3bec096e21330fa&oe=56652B5B&__gda__=1453079669_ec231aad838674f042aa34a8d6634008
  14. those are points from last 5 seasons, which were important for this season, and EPL is in front of Italy for 10 points. For next season in 5 season range will be 15/16 and no longer season 10/11 where the difference was almost 7 points. That means EPL is no longer in front of Italy for 10 points for next season but only 3 points. As you can see in season 14/15 Italy was better for 6 points, and this season needs to be better only for 3 points to come in front of EPL and get that 4th CL spot for the next season.
  15. I think it could happen in 16/17 already