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  1. The Conte Thread

    This team/squad falldown has a lot of similarities to that Mourinho's, 2015. But Conte is managing it and coping much much better than Jose. Sent from my HTC Desire S using Tapatalk
  2. Chelsea - Watford

    Agree that Christy should play, don't agree that Luiz should be benched just like this. I prefer Zappa/Moses - Azpi - Luiz - Christy - Alonso. But, Conte made things up with super subs, Bats and Willian won us this game. And who in the right mind would think those two could win us a game? Yeah, nobody. Only our brilliant Antonio! EDIT: Or Azpi - Rudy - Luiz - Christy - Alonso
  3. Chelsea - Watford

    It takes balls and knowledge to take out Morata who wasn't good. Conte took a risk and it worked! Bravo Antonio! It's nice to see all supporters still signing ANTONIO ANTONIO, even in moments like those.
  4. Chelsea - Watford

    If it's not best possible, it's almost the best possible. Or you think one Christensen would make a difference? Conte makes mistakes too, of course. But nothing compared to our players.
  5. Chelsea - Watford

    I personally think we played our best XI possible. Morata was nervous and wasn't really threatening whole game. Bats is not such a good player, but he is fresh and you never know. If it's EVERYBODY; maybe EVERYBODY ACTUALLY ARE AVERAGE OR SHIT, bar 2-3 players. This last year's title damaged us real bad.
  6. Chelsea - Watford

    I miss Nemanja Matić.
  7. Chelsea - Watford

    I think we were a little better than in last games. Morata needs to toughen up but he actually linked us up really good... and Fabregas, what the hell were you doing?
  8. The Conte Thread

    Well Conte, others are playing every three days too. What you really wanted to say is this: "When you play every three days it's impossible to work on the tactical aspect and physical aspect WITH THIS BUNCH OF PLAYERS. MAYBE WITH SOME BETTER TEAM YES."
  9. 6. Danny Drinkwater

    Alonso - Drinkwater - Bakayoko - Kante - Moses Stoke City sees this midfield and thinks - YEAH CHELSEA, THAT'S MY BOY! Awful.
  10. Chelsea - Watford

    Damn you Leif. Don't die, I'll miss your posts here. And you seemed like you knew shits like this could happen, with the team quality we have. It shouldn't really be unexpected to you, hence - why all that stress?
  11. The Conte Thread

    I'm not fearing that he will get sack in mid-season. Hell, we waited to sack Mou until it was REALLY late, we were at the bottom of table. I'm afraid we will do "an Ancelotti" again, sack him at the end of season, because he didn't get expected result with TITLE WINNING TEAM. Yo dawg, you have a TITLE WINNING TEAM, how come you cannot win us some more of those trophy stuffs? Seriously, and this time it will be a lot harder to just bring another manager and win something - competition in league is tough this days. This time we might actually need to build great squad to win something.
  12. Crystal Palace 2-1 Chelsea

    I meant, REALLY OUT of top 4, for long term, and being in the danger of finishing the league out of top 4.
  13. Crystal Palace 2-1 Chelsea

    We are in need for ANY decent striker who could be our backup. Some Defoe, in-form Remy or I don't know. Just not Michy. It sounds like not thinking long term, but man, we have no choice, we could fall out of the top 4 if Morata gets injured again.
  14. The Board

    During the summer, I was predicting that things like this disaster against Palace could happen, and being average in league, but wasn't sure, cause in football everything is possible. But, most of the time - team with better players win. And there is no "passion", "team spirit", "winning mentality" that could mask that, mask so many deficiencies that we've been carrying around for all those years. We are 9 points off top, with United and Liverpool still to play against. Hate being right in this kind of situations. We've won two league titles, but this squad is not good enough to be the best, regardless of the titles. By the best I mean - team you know can win against really great opposition. And I'm not even thinking there about Real Madrid, PSG, in form Bayern or I don't know. Just any top team. Our board is bunch of guys with very very shallow football understanding. Ok, maybe they wanted some better players to be brought in, as they tried to bring A.Sandro, but no way in hell they were aware that we are in need of SO MUCH quality to be brought. Wins doesn't always represent correctly quality of one team. Most of our fans think in the same way too, unfortunately, and it's funny actually watching some of guys wondering what the hell happened and what went wrong with THAT last year great champions team. Delusions all around.
  15. Crystal Palace 2-1 Chelsea

    If Costa and Kante were injured last season in one game, there is no "passion" and "winning mentality" that could save us. I for once remember about 5 games where we played like shit last season, and Costa scored out of nothing to get us out. You think Michy could've done that back then? Also, I remember 5 games when we were shit in attack and all around, but Kante played masterclass in midfield and didn't allow opposition to score, so we could win 1-0 somehow. You think Matić could've done that back then? Let's stop overrating that last season's team and play, for Chirst sake. Things like that GETS US in this kind of situation. I am sure board is thinking like some of you too.