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  1. Super Frank Thread

    One thing I really appreciate is playing Mount and Barkley on left "winger" position. We have SO MANY good midfielders, not so many good wingers, and now with Kovanteinho in form, I can see them being first choice. So RLC, Mount and Barkley won't just compete for most-advanced-mid position, they will also compete with the likes of Willian, Pedro, Pulisic and CHO for winger position so everyone could get their minutes and we should be good. Thing that bothers me the most actually is playing Azpi and James... Our captain is in decline I think, and Reece is the next big thing. Tough decision ahead of Frank. (... don't even know who would be our captain if Dave doesn't play, I hope to God it isn't Willian )
  2. Super Frank Thread

    I think Puly is more used to playing on the right. But he showed he is really good scorer. Don't know who should play on the left from those two...
  3. 22. Christian Pulisic

    He was born to play fast counter-attacking football. Very fast and clinical, but I don't see him doing well in crowded places. His composure was really great yesterday. Maybe he is player like Pedro.
  4. Reading 3-4 Chelsea

    Problem is we have too many right-footers, no one is leftie.
  5. Reading 3-4 Chelsea

    When RLC get fit, or even before that, I think Lampard should tweak formation so two of Mount/Barkley/RLC could play together. We are stacked at that most-advanced-midfielder position, and not that good on winger positions, especially now with CHO out. Willian did not play minute of pre-season too. Maybe something like, with Mount and Barkley rotating, and Pulisic taking right wing: --------------------------------- THE STRIKER ------------------------------ -------------------------Barkley--------------------------------Pulisic--------- ---------------------------------------Mount------------------------------------- -------------------------Jorginho---------------Kante-------------------------
  6. 17. Mateo Kovacic

    Kovačić could play in any second tier * club as a starter in a bit different setup. For example, Herrera-role in Man United would be perfect for him - Matić destroyer, Pogba attacking outlet. Or Dembele-role at Spurs - Wanyama destroyer, Eriksen attacking outlet. He is not bad player at all, not top world-class player of course, his problem is Jorginho who is better player. Am I happy we are getting him? I guess I am, but not very much. Because he AND Jorginho deserve to play from the start, and I'll rather kill myself than watch those two in same lineup. He will always be a bit wasted here as long as Jorginho is our main man. ________________________ * first tier are Barca, Real, Juventus, maybe Bayern, Pool and City, you know what I mean, all top clubs except those guys
  7. Next Manager?

    Are we doing anything long-term? It would be very counter-productive to bring Mourinho after Sarri, those are two opposite philosophies, and our board want us to play attacking football. And let's be honest, most of us do too. It really baffles me that year after year we bring totally different managers, with different styles. That's why Drinkwater and Bakayoko couldn't even make a bench in Sarri system. Or even captain Cahill. Same way as Jorginho/RLC/Christensen/Mount wouldn't make it in Mourinho's setup. Kepa's great ball playing would be wasted under Mou too. So I don't know what Lampard can bring us, no one knows actually. But I sure as hell don't want another turn-around. Let's stick to attacking, possession--high-press approach, or something close to that. After all, now we have players more suited for that kind of playing.
  8. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    Totally agree. We can mention our bad spell when we "bottled it", that period when we lost 6-0 to City and whatnot. Only difference is that their crisis is happening NOW, and not then. All this talk is because of the last season when United obviously overachieved with this crop of players, aka Mourinho-effect happened, and Spurs were in great form... then, when it really looked like you need to get 76 points to be worthy CL place contender. In most of the seasons in last 10 years it was enough to get 71 points to finish in top4, like we did this season.
  9. They have no chance in (semi)final to win UCL, City have. Just being pragmatic.
  10. Messi deserves to win Ballon dOr, it's been a long time since his last time. So really happy CR got knocked out. Next I want fuckin' City knocked out, so they don't come any closer to us in European comps success. Come on Spurs!
  11. General Transfer Talk

    If we get transfer ban postponed, we should offer Barca Willian + cash for Coutinho. Really win-win for everyone, they clearly want Willy. (If Hazard leaves, of course).
  12. 17. Mateo Kovacic

    With present RLC's form, I think we should let Kova go and buy ourselves some young prospect as a Jorginho substitute (who would succeed him soon) like we tried with that guy from Zenit. Kova should play regularly at some more Modrić or Dembele DLP type role, in 2-man midfield.
  13. Liverpool 2-0 Chelsea

    This is really really not true. I remember many many big games with Conte and Mourinho where we were really not up to it. UCL k-o games against Atletico and PSG especially, not to mention 2015-16 season.
  14. Liverpool 2-0 Chelsea

    Why? Except Kante, Jorginho is doing the most of our defensive work from midfield, he is really ok defensively. Or you think Kovačić is significantly better? He tried to deploy more balanced side, and our strikers made him that choice easy. Willian instead of Higuain also gives much more cover at the back. You don't need to go all-out-attack, or all-out-defense, man wanted to put balanced side, and he did it really good. We played against side which will finish league with 95+ points, on their stadium, and if we had a bit more luck with Hazard scoring or them NOT scoring two goals in 3 minutes to somewhat kill us off, draw could have been obtained.
  15. Liverpool 2-0 Chelsea

    I have more and more faith in Sarri, and no, that's not sarcasm. CHO really doesn't look ready for top opponents, and he was even worse before, hence why he didn't play. RLC looks better, but he was injured 3 times through season which interrupted his progress. Emerson is better than Alonso, but not that much better. And it made sense to play false-9 versus Liverpool, given the form of Higuain. Can't complain about man one bit, I think we played good, but Liverpool on Anfield is really tough for everyone this season.