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Victor Von Doom

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  1. Petr Cech

  2. Oscar

    The boy will explode nxt ssn. I rly believe so
  3. Diego Costa

    Fucking stupid cunt
  4. The Ancelotti Thread

    The way this went straight over @CurlyHairLikeLuiz & @Jason's heads LOL
  5. Didier Drogba

    Thank you, Didier.
  6. Diego Costa

    You mean the same Suarez that's bitten 3 players / the Aguero that drop kicked David Luiz?!
  7. Petr Cech

    Jose would turn Smalling into a top class cb imo
  8. Juan Cuadrado

    A gd pre-ssn to gel w/ the team will do him gd. I haven't given up on him yet
  9. Oscar

    I still remember the 45yd volley v Shakhtar >
  10. Branislav Ivanovic

    I'm still annoyed over that stupid foul he committed which lead to a goal the other day. It's not the first time he's done that this ssn either
  11. Diego Costa

    No it's his great grandson
  12. Branislav Ivanovic

    Fucking idiot.
  13. Mugshots

  14. The Boxing Thread

    Floyd on pts
  15. John Terry