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  1. Oscar

    "I really like to tackle." - EMBOABA, Oscar. x
  2. Oscar

  3. Oscar

  4. Oscar

    Oh? I was wondering what the hell was this thing on his leg:
  5. Oscar

    Why Chelsea missed Oscar’s creativity during the 1-1 draw with Southampton Blue miss Oscar's invention
  6. Oscar

    LOL! People really want them to be Cersei and Jaime Lannister. I think she is a couple of years younger than him.
  7. Oscar

    Tumblr seems to be into that lately: "Eight and ten: working together, trying to get near each other all the time." - Pat Nevin
  8. Oscar

  9. Oscar

    5 Things Chelsea's Oscar Must Do to Take His Career Forward
  10. Oscar

    Was he playing as a left winger? I saw just bits of the game, but it seemed that way to me... And it seems like he is an official set-piece taker for Brazil now.
  11. Oscar

  12. Oscar

  13. Oscar

  14. Oscar

    Player Focus: Oscar Happy with Supporting Role to Chelsea's Stellar Cast
  15. Oscar

    By The Numbers – Chelsea’s Central Midfield So Far