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Everything posted by Vytis33

  1. Chelsea 3-3 Southampton

    I don't miss many games but wasn't able to watch anything past the first two Werner goals yesterday. Just watched full highlights now and holy shit that was abysmal. I knew it wasn't gonna be good but I'm actually shocked how bad that truly was. Total circus
  2. Chelsea 4-0 Crystal Palace

    Timo is so annoyed when he doesn't have a chance to score. And not in a Tammy arms flailing kind of way. Give him more opportunities please.
  3. Chelsea 4-0 Crystal Palace

    Ben, Jorgi and Silva all really good today (among others). There was a goal for Palace in first half if not for Thiago. +3 and a clean sheet
  4. European Competition thread

    Sevilla for us
  5. Spurs 1-1 Chelsea

    Great strike! Here's to many more Timo
  6. 11. Timo Werner

    I might be wrong but he's got a look about him like all he needs to do is break the seal and will bang them in over and over. His chance off the crossbar was not an easy take and could've gone in for the same price. Much more difficult take than someone else's borderline sitter.
  7. Chelsea 0-2 Liverpool

    Let's keep stubbornly trying to play out from the back and put the already shaky defense under even more pressure.
  8. Brighton 1-3 Chelsea

    How does somebody like Frank Lampard look at Ruben's performance and say 'yep that's proper Chelsea'?
  9. Brighton 1-3 Chelsea

    Get RLC off the pitch please.
  10. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    Sterling to tie it....oops...
  11. 11. Timo Werner

  12. Arsenal 2-1 Chelsea

    At this rate are we hoping to win games 5-3 next season? Back line is atrocious with zero understanding of how to work as a unit right now. With no ability to defend set pieces (or score from them but that's a different story).
  13. Arsenal 2-1 Chelsea

    I actually like Anthony Taylor normally but he's had a shocker today. Wow
  14. Arsenal 2-1 Chelsea

    I mean it's almost laughable really. A slight headfake that someone might run at them and panic sets in. PS...Arsenal are going to hit long balls into Aubameyang etc. Prepare accordingly they've been doing it all game.
  15. Super Frank Thread

    All accurate. But man do we need to address #5 can't have another season filled with dread everytime we're defending a set piece.
  16. Chelsea 2-0 Wolves

    Lot of people called for 6th place with this squad/manager but here we are in the Champions League. Well done gents! Impressive group of reinforcements coming in for next season. Now let's win a trophy this weekend!
  17. Chelsea 2-0 Wolves

    Monster goal from Olivier and what a payback goal for the fake foul on Mane this week. Almost exact same spot too. Come on boys bang in one more!!!
  18. Chelsea 2-0 Wolves

  19. 3. Marcos Alonso

    ^^^ I thought he was ok tonight too all things considered. Seen a few people calling us Pulisic FC recently then he's on the bench and comes on immediately for an assist and goal? That was the most bewildering.
  20. Liverpool 5-3 Chelsea

    Anyone have a video of Kova tackle on Mane? Shut my TV off was so disgusted and now can't go back and rewatch...
  21. Man Utd 1-3 Chelsea

    Get in!!! Could've given MOTM to several players really. Dave was outstanding and Reece looked really strong which was encouraging because his restart hasn't been pretty. A couple other random thoughts... There hasn't been a more polarizing player recently than Willian. Doesn't score a ton of goals and holds up play sure but find another player who runs like him. I can't really think of one if being honest. Does so much dirty work that doesn't show up in a box score. If there's any NBA fans here he's like Dennis Rodman. He tracks back and when he cuts infield nobody can even touch him. Think we'll all miss a player like him when he's gone. Big fan of Kovacic in general. He's a lot quicker and more creative than he gives himself credit for. Would love to see him be more aggressive. Seems to opt for a negative/pass when he could turn and run by a defender Willy looked good today. Very decisive. Distribution was spot on too. Ok now let's go win a trophy...
  22. Man Utd 1-3 Chelsea

    Wasn't any better in the States can promise you that. OGS and their bench on screen constantly. They had a solid 10 second shot of Pogba walking down the steps in the first half.
  23. Man Utd 1-3 Chelsea

    Great cross and a class finish by Olivier. Get innnnnnn
  24. Man Utd 1-3 Chelsea

    Is Mike Dean getting paid by the whistle today? Giroud is getting mugged then barely touches someone and foul on him. He's gotta be my least favorite official...