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  1. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    All the best for a speedy recovery! Hate seeing those non-contact injuries but thankfully has youth on his side.
  2. Chelsea 2-0 West Ham

    Haven't read back too far did anyone mention Kante? His skill set is evolving in this system thought he had a great game.
  3. 28. César Azpilicueta

    Not saying you're wrong on this but he sure has looked more susceptible defensively this year. A few examples of that today.
  4. Cardiff 1-2 Chelsea

    Never a doubt.
  5. Cardiff 1-2 Chelsea

    And again we look like a side who just met for the first time in the dressing room before the game. Cool.
  6. Everton 2-0 Chelsea

    What's the downside of putting LITERALLY anybody in for Alonso right now? Hell, throw Willian back there.
  7. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    VAR meant to clean up these big decisions and yet so far I seem to disagree with almost all of them. Go figure.
  8. Chelsea 1-1 Wolves

    This side is screaming for a player like Cesc with that last surgical pass. At least we didn't lose...
  9. Álvaro Morata

    Couple nice goals today unsurprisingly both headers. Open play with his feet not a strongsuit. Hope he turns things around but just wasn't cut out to play here after all.
  10. Fulham 1-2 Chelsea

    I guess I was under the impression that Jorginho was going to be a more surgical passer than he is. When the critical pass is needed he's not exactly Cesc 2.0 by any stretch. And Barkley's ideas are too slow for this team. At £15M or whatever he cost that's an instabuy anymore and I get it. But he should be more of a squad player than he is. Slows everything down. That being said happy with another three points...
  11. Chelsea 2-0 Spurs

    ^^^ well and truly one of my favorite OG's
  12. 7. N'Golo Kante

    This will get lost in all the Kepa v Sarri nonsense but Kante is an amazing footballer. I'm proud to see him in a Chelsea shirt.
  13. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    Soap Opera FC Again and again.
  14. The English Football Thread

    Hey Burnley...