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  1. 4. Cesc Fàbregas

  2. 4. Cesc Fàbregas

    The press of Spain talks of a heated discussion between Cesc and Conte after the match.
  3. 4. Cesc Fàbregas

    Are you sure? Cesc cann't return to Barça. http://www.donbalon.com/noticia/detalle/17040/que-hay-detras-del-extrano-ofrecimiento-de-cesc-fabregas-al-real-madrid http://www.donbalon.com/noticia/detalle/29380/el-sos-de-cesc-fabregas-al-real-madrid You remember, Chelsea no play Champions.
  4. 4. Cesc Fàbregas

    Cesc will leave Chelsea only to go a club where he would play Champions.
  5. 4. Cesc Fàbregas

    Cesc has won all but CL. He wants to win CL. It's his priority. Do you think he wants to stay in a team that will not play Champions League next season? It's probably this summer he will go out of this team.
  6. 4. Cesc Fàbregas

    Luis Aragones said about Cesc "He's a player with a great quality, with enough capacity for he could become in one top, but he is himself his worst enemy".
  7. 4. Cesc Fàbregas

    No, it does not count. The drop in Cesc's performance was from February
  8. Lionel Messi

    It's very difficult. Barça cannot sign others players until 2016. They cannot dispense with Messi.
  9. 4. Cesc Fàbregas

    The way to play Barca wasn't the better for Cesc. In addition, he was despised by cules and he was converted into target of the criticism by the press. Xavi and Iniesta are untouchables. The fanatics cules never forgot he signed for Arsenal when he was 16 year old.
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      Thank very much