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  1. Arsenal 2-1 Chelsea

    Even though Anthony Taylor is a cunt, I don't want his MOTM performance for Arsenal to overshadow how shit our defenders are.
  2. Arsenal 2-1 Chelsea

    Rudiger is by far our worst defender, always lets people run past him
  3. Kai Havertz

    Does anyone know whether Kai Havertz can play as a CM in a 433? Similar to KDB in Man City.
  4. European Competition thread

    We lost 3-0 anyways. CL is irrelevant this season.
  5. Crystal Palace 2-3 Chelsea

    What's with the narrative that Jorginho did much better than Gilmour? He bossed the midfield for 1 minute. Crystal Palace was bossing the game afterwards, and they almost scored. NOTHING changed when Jorginho came on.
  6. Crystal Palace 2-3 Chelsea

    Anyone talking shit on Zouma can fuck off. He is by far our best CB.
  7. Crystal Palace 2-3 Chelsea

  8. Crystal Palace 2-3 Chelsea

    Can't wait for Werner and Ziyech
  9. Crystal Palace 2-3 Chelsea

    Zouma has been a beast this game. Christensen was the one at fault. If Zouma didnt close in then it would have been a goal anyways
  10. Crystal Palace 2-3 Chelsea

    Wtf are you on about? That was all on Christensen
  11. Crystal Palace 2-3 Chelsea

    Christensen smh
  12. Crystal Palace 2-3 Chelsea

    Amazing tactical change by Lampard. Good goal by Tammy, 3 points in the bag.
  13. Crystal Palace 2-3 Chelsea

    Reece James is playing better atm
  14. Crystal Palace 2-3 Chelsea

    I'm honestly worried that we'll be using Kepa next season. We desperately need a new reliable keeper.
  15. Crystal Palace 2-3 Chelsea

    Kepa is TRASHHHHHH