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  1. The English Football Thread

    Aw shit. Do not like this one bit. Jose as his mentor for a long long time while implementing his own take own progressive modern take on football. This might actually work for Liverpool in a sense if they don't over-burden themselves with lofty expectations of top 4 in a year. Remember seeing Brendon Rodgers on Goals on Sunday not too long ago. Comes across as very likeable, articulate and knowledgeable of the game. Had the best things to say about Chelsea and what stuck with me was when he mentioned Frank Lampard Sr. drops in often at Cobhalm to engage/talk about the game with the youth players along with Lamps. Also dispelled the reports that he thought taking a manager's job at Chelsea was disruptive for his career by saying he was misquoted and had only the highest regard for the club. I'd wish him well, always. Hate that he's off to Liverpool, ugh.
  2. Fernando Torres

    Just saw him on the post match interview with Neil on ChelseaTV. Looked composed and confident , spoke about being very thankful for the fans always being on his side from the very beginning even when things weren't going to plan . Also , he walked to the Bridge for the game hah.
  3. Juan Mata

    Makes for good reading , after today's lethargic clueless display .
  4. Romelu Lukaku joins Chelsea

    Villas - Boas : http://www.skysports...7055042,00.html The priority has always been midfield . That being said , I hope he sees there's plenty of work that needs to be done among the forwards that are currently around / would do well with some replenishing .
  5. Daniel Sturridge

    While there have been instances I've been dumbfounded when Kalou has been picked ahead of Sturridge - who was on form during the Cup games and reserves etc , the acquisition of another central striker by the club would be deterrent to a young player's hopes . The smart thing to do then was of course , sending him on loan which worked wonders . Here's hoping he gets a run out this season . If its more of the same frontline - he's certain to go out on loan again ., that'll show Sturridge of our faith in him , even after performing well .
  6. Daniel Sturridge

    Really believe it was Carlo who sanctioned him out on loan while expertly instigating a record deadline day bid for Torres ? Carlo had 4 strings hooked on his arms and shoulders , the entire time .
  7. Daniel Sturridge

    "I http://www.skysports.com/story/0,19528,11661_7050520,00.html His attitude never ceases to amaze despite being constantly dumped away by the club .
  8. Josh McEachran

    Matt Law from the Daily Express on his twitter : http://twitter.com/#!/mattlawexpress If its true , This should fall in line with the policy of the 5 and a half year contracts we have been dishing lately , possibly even longer With Josh given his particular case of having been with us since basically forever . Curious that the deal was done after AVB has been around for a while as well , the offer must've certainly gone past his desk as an approval as well. Fantastic news .
  9. The Pre-Season thread

    Looks like just about every player in the squad got a run-out . Probably proves that AVB was gauging the personnel , just as much as the fitness and is showing an open mind with giving every player of the extended squad a chance . Either way , good start for the AVB tenure . The highlight from the match report :
  10. The Pre-Season thread

    Chelsea first-half XI: Hilario, Bosingwa, Van Aanholt, Terry, Kalas, Mikel, Kaby, Benayoun, Malouda, Kakuta, Drogba. Chelsea second-half XI: Turnbull, Ferreira, Cole, Ivanovic, Rajkovic, B Clifford (Mellis), McEachran, Zhirkov, Anelka, Kalou, Torres. Goals: Benayoun (4), Torres (52), Rajkovic (56) http://www.wycombewa...2391412,00.html
  11. The Pre-Season thread

    3-0 against Wycombe , doing the rounds on twitter . @NikkilBull1 , Nikki Bull - a Wycombe player put a message out
  12. Salomon Kalou

    Posted on his twitter http://twitter.com/#!/Skalhuno : I'm ready Least he didn't go all commando . AVB is shaking his head if he saw this with that caption .
  13. Romelu Lukaku joins Chelsea

    Lukaku's offical website : http://romelu-lukaku.com/fr/ His official facebook page : http://www.facebook.com/Romelulukaku Last message was about his exams from a few days back , same as his official twitter . Everything else is just faux .
  14. Romelu Lukaku joins Chelsea

    Wouldn't read much into it , just another guy pretending to be 'in the know' . The last message from Lukaku's official twitter account : School is over, I Got my degree :-) http://twitter.com/#!/romelulukaku He's probably out on the town on a beer binge right now .
  15. Lucas Piazón

    Hasn't seen much of the ball at all , Brazil aren't keeping the ball well for that matter . Denmark could've gone even and even lead if they had converted their chances .
  16. Romelu Lukaku joins Chelsea

    Here's a very recent Romelu Lukaku audio interview : http://www.beyondthepitch.net/podcasts/edition/index.cfm/beyond-the-pitch/2011/05/11/romelu-lukaku/ Comes off as a very level-headed , mature guy , who knows what he wants and is sorrounded by the right people to help him with the decision . He obviously likes England as his preferred league , quotes Chelsea and United as some of the winning clubs he wants to join and Drogba as the player he models himself on . And he's all of 17 . If we didn't already have Torres, Drogba and the returning Sturrdige as out and out strikers , there would be hope or sense in getting him .
  17. The Foo Fighters Thread

    Haha , know exactly how that feels . I've been listening to the Foos non-stop these past few weeks , went through some of the old records as well , watched the movie / documentary , youtube interviews with Dave and his garage where they recorded the new one in , the entire garage tour they have on their channel , snatching every live performance this year leading up to the April release and then some , can't get enough ! Long may the Foos carry the torch for rock and roll .
  18. The Foo Fighters Thread

    Love it when right after a ' best hits' release , the next album is one of their best work ever . Besides the singles we are hearing about in the charts , this is my favourite song of the album - so far .
  19. Daniel Sturridge

    The guy is literally playing like a mirror of Drogba . Dropping back , intelligent assists that almost led to two goals that Lee scuffed , strong hold up play , scoring against the Arsenal - all of it.
  20. Branislav Ivanovic

    Fantastic ews . One of the standout performers ever since Hiddink firmly put him on the map and easily a fan favourite . This was being talked about for a while but to finally get the news that he's staying for a further 5 years is brilliant. Seems like we're tying down the best talent by dishing out 5 and a half year deals , good stuff from the board . One of my favourite Bane moments , besides the 2 goals at Anfield, hugging Frank fiercely after the 2nd goal at the Liverpool game last season. LEMME AT HIM ! LEMMME