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  1. Mineiro

    Definitely. I can't remember him playing a game for us at all.
  2. Facebook & Twitter

    @CraigFairlie is my twitter handle. Follow me if you want.
  3. Franco Di Santo

    I liked Borini too. Still think he's a great player despite playing for the Mickey Mousers.
  4. Jody Morris

    Hahaha, no! Wish he was though!
  5. Jody Morris

    Quality player. Can tell he loves the Chels. Met him in Glasgow when he was playing for St Johnstone a few years back. Got a picture with him, genuinely nice bloke.
  6. Franco Di Santo

    A player who had fantastic potential but turned out to be, quite frankly, shit. Faded big time. Didn't even know he was at Werder Bremen untill i read this thread and looked him up.
  7. Claude Makelele

    Loved the guy at Chelsea. One of the hardest working players i've ever seen. I don't think we've ever replaced him properly.
  8. Gianfranco Zola

    I think i might have to do the same mate
  9. Damien Duff

    Great player for Chelsea. Always thought he worked hard. Then again, that whole 2004-2005 team did. Great player. Saw that he's signed for Melbourne FC today. Hope it works out for him.
  10. Joke Thread

    Paddy and Mick are in a two-man plane that is spiralling out of control. Mick says, "If the plane turns upside down, d'ya think we'll fall out?" "Of course not," Paddy replies, "we've been mates for years!"
  11. Frank Lampard

    As A Chelsea fan, i'm devastated that he's left, i'm even more devastated that he might be returning to an English club which ISN'T Chelsea. As a Frank Lampard fan, i'm delighted as it means i'll get to see him in action. He's one of my all time favourite footballers, ever. Absolutely love the bloke, hope it works out for him in America.
  12. Welcome to the forums CraigFairlie :)