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  1. Next Manager?

    But but but but season only ended a few weeks ago? Still plenty of time
  2. Next Manager?

    Relax guys, season only ended a few weeks ago. Still plenty of time to sort things out tick tock
  3. Next Manager?

    Will he even be here then?
  4. Next Manager?

    ?? Im sure we would let Conte go for free? Or do we want 8 million compensation?
  5. Next Manager?

  6. Next Manager?

    You think Blanc rumor is just to put pressure on Napoli? I dont want Sarri to be off
  7. Next Manager?

    Which shows how clueless we actually are.
  8. Next Manager?

  9. Next Manager?

    Now thats what i like to see
  10. Next Manager?

    Or maybe tactic to put pressure on Napoli? Like "We are focused on Napoli since Sarri still under contract etc". If it will be a legal case it would not* benefit Sarri if his agent is flirting around with Chelsea and putting pressure on Napoli to release him. Now Napoli has to answer why they hire a new coach when they already have one. Or am i just dreaming? Edit: *
  11. Next Manager?

    A pretty respectable user on CFCnet claimed that Blanc is a Done deal and had been for a while. Well this aint looking good
  12. Next Manager?

    Would you guys be happy with Blanc over Sarri?
  13. Next Manager?

    Italian media now reporting about us ditching Sarri aswell (because of his comments). Guess Chelsea trying to prepare us fans for the appointment of Blanc or Grant
  14. Next Manager?

    Sky sports saying we wont appoint Sarri because of his comments in the past (old news?) Alfredo Pedullah (reliable) now confirming that Spurs will go for Sarri when/if Poch leave. Not looking good my friends
  15. Next Manager?

  16. Next Manager?

    I agree with you. Guess Blanc wont wait all summer for us either. I mean Why would he want to be our backup plan for several weeks? We need to pull our fingers out and make a decision soon. Transfer window is open and WC is about to start.
  17. Next Manager?

    Gazzetta Dello Sports now claims Sarri is in pole position to land spurs job when Poch goes to Madrid. Chelsea is off. We fucked this one up guys
  18. Next Manager?

    Sarri is unemployed and Napoli pay him €120k/month. If Pochettino leaves Tottenham, Sarri would be a candidate Sarri’s 1st choice is Chelsea, but he has a strong link with former Spurs Franco Baldini [@CalcioNapoli24] We losing the grip! Imagine spurs ending up with Sarri and we with Blanc
  19. Next Manager?

    Chelsea are now waiting to see if Sarri’s legal team will pursue a case of constructive dismissal against Napoli and pressure De Laurentiis into a compromise. [Standard] We can wait all summer
  20. Next Manager?

    Ah man i thought today would be full with headlines of Sarris resignation from Napoli. No worry though, only a few weeks since the season ended.......
  21. Next Manager?

    Well i can understand him since he waited for Sarri to commit for months and Sarri reportedly just went cold on him. I mean, what is he supposed to do? Wait for Chelsea to pay the clause before announcing a new manager? Well it doesnt seem like we will pay the clause and since ADL maybe prioritize to have the manager situation sorted while the transfer window is open and shorter this year i can understand his actions.
  22. Next Manager?

    Probably club leaking in order to put pressure on Sarri or Napoli etc. Same goes when Italian media reports that ADL will still look for 8 million after May 31 although the clause have ended to put pressure on Chelsea to pay. But i cant understand why on earth we would let this continue. Its 8 millions(!!) for feck sake. 1/5 of a Drinkwater.
  23. Next Manager?

    "Its only been a few weeks since the season ended"
  24. Next Manager?

    Poor Sarri. Didnt knew what he was getting into
  25. Next Manager?

    Thanks! Hmm confusing since Italian media said that Sarris staff would stay in Napoli. Fingers crossed Edit: I did some facebook stalking and he posted a new message that he is only going to London to celebrate his birthday Edit on Edit: He deleted his first message about going to London and post a new one where he said its only for his birthday. Why need to delete the first one if its not any strange?