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  1. Jorginho

    If we go by our transfers lately I wouldnt be surprised if we end up with Ki Sung-yueng and none of the above. xD
  2. Gonzalo Higuain

    That was like 3 years ago when he was in his prime. I would be all in for him if he scored that many goals last season but instead he managed a mere 16 league goals as Juve's main striker hell even Morata managed 11 league goals last season despite being injured and shit for most of the part of it. He is not anymore the striker that would win you the league and if you're investing that much amount i.e 60m for a 31 year old forward that is already on a decline and is fat it doesnt make sense! I'm not against our club signing a 30 year old player for hefty fee but there must be some expected return. If we were linked with Lewa or Aguero then I wouldnt have opposed the transfer because (all three are almost same age) but they both still are pretty deadly goal scorers and there is no hint of decline there is a possibility of immediate return with them they both can win us the league. (BY NO MEANS im saying we are signing either of these two I'm just comparing) I would even welcome Diego Costa back than him hes twice the player Higuain is! xD
  3. Gonzalo Higuain

    Why do we even want to sign an old and fat player who is already on decline and that too for 60m ffs.
  4. Antoine Griezmann

    We should get Vietto instead. Because we all know what happen to the young strikers Atelti buys.
  5. Antoine Griezmann

    #GriezmannDaily @CarefreeDaily · 1h1 hour ago Griezmann liked a video of him coming to Chelsea on Instagram. (@CFC_DZ_2015) 44 retweets16 favorites Reply Retweet44 Favorite16 More
  6. Antoine Griezmann

    Rumours have died.
  7. Antoine Griezmann

    Willian is just a glorified workhorse, with good technical ability but nothing more. His chance creation/key passes etc.. are even worse than an off form Oscar who is considered one of the worse creative #10. And yet people say he's a world class #10. Jesus. I know he plays at RW and not at #10, but this shouldn't be the excuse, cause I doubt he'd ever play at that position since we have 3 better players than him for that i.e Fabregas, Oscar, Hazard (Hazard, considering we signed Girezmann).
  8. Antoine Griezmann

    #BoringChelsea ‏@CarefreeDaily 18m18 minutes ago Griezmann's brother says the Onda Cero story is fake. pic.twitter.com/1ulvjdOLfn
  9. Antoine Griezmann

    Our new #9? Hopefully. http://metro.co.uk/2015/05/12/chelsea-close-in-on-antoine-griezmann-transfer-as-jorge-mendes-enters-negotiations-5193616/#mv-a
  10. Antoine Griezmann

    El Atletico de Chelseaaaaaa.
  11. Antoine Griezmann

    Cuadrado!! LOL. He's a pure wide attacker and was born for that role.
  12. The Mourinho Thread

  13. Petr Cech

    Nah mate, I think it would be like 15m max.
  14. Petr Cech

    Bwahahaha. #LEGEND.
  15. Filipe Luís

    Marcelo is good but he's certainly not best in the world, he offensive abilities are quite good but he's a suspect defensively. Kolarov is better than Luis? What are you smoking bro? Conetrao is good but you can't say he's better than Luis. Rodriguez is good I agree, but he's also more attack minded. Filipe is the most balanced LB I'd say equally good at defending and attacking, his crosses are pretty good too. I'd take him as top 3 in the world in his position.