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  1. Eden Hazard

    Yep He Alone totally done that with his incredible leadership skills, not the the team and the players around Him not Mourinho, not Conte and not Costa's goals not at all !!!
  2. Eden Hazard

    Why is my opinion that he is not that good that everyone in here thinks he is a trolling !!! I am grateful for everything that he is done for the club but the fact is that when the team need's him the most he is nowhere to be seen !!! You of all people have the audacity the tell me what can and I can not post !!! When you were posting hatefull troling and unpopular at the time things at the greatest ever manager that this club has ever had !!! So no I won't be ashamed and will give more credence to the Balon D'or than that of a MrExalibur100 or a BelgianNut or any of the asswipes around here thank you very much good sir !!!
  3. Eden Hazard

    The truth hurts doesn't it !!!
  4. Eden Hazard

    That's why he is 19 - th . And will never get higher than that period !!!
  5. Alex Sandro

    Jamie Wilkinson @parkedthebus Matt Law: Alex Sandro wants to leave Juventus, Juve could be forced to sell for £50M, Chelsea still looking to improve left-hand-side. Two plus two is four, minus one that's three, quick maths.
  6. Deadline Day!

    Foo King Nou Wan !!!
  7. Deadline Day!

    So much misoginy not only in this thread but overall in the forum and its been unbelievable to read at some of the coments!!! You should be ashamed of yourself you all have mothers!!! Where are the mods I wonder !!!
  8. Deadline Day!

    No he is exactly the right Llorente !!!
  9. Gareth Bale

  10. Kasey Palmer

    He didn't !!!
  11. European Competition thread

    Welcome Back !!!
  12. The Conte Thread

  13. The Board

  14. 10. Willian

    Yet still better option than Pedro !!!
  15. Álvaro Morata

    We have no Strikers !!! I like them both, but the man who left is twice the player that bouth of theese are !!! Sad, sad times ahead !!!