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  1. Man United 2-0 Chelsea

    We were dreadful today but saying that we've got a run of easy games soon (2 hard ones) and Spurs has 4 hard ones (Man United, Arsenal, Crystal Palace and Leicester.
  2. General Transfer Talk

    I'd take Lukaku if we could as 3rd choice / 2nd choice if needed but I do like Batshuayi. Then if we loose Courtois or Begovic I'd go for Keylor Navas or De Gea.
  3. Streams

    I use 2x IPTV services myself with Kodi / mobile apps no adverts and always have a stream. sportsnationhd.tv (sports) / ultimatemania.rocks < I use this one as I can get sports and entertainment, and I also use megaiptv.co which has entertainment and sports for a cheaper price. But that way if UM has issues I can use UKMegaIPTV vis versa. I used to use the online ones but it takes a lot of time with them adverts and buffering meh had to look at other options.
  4. Branislav Ivanovic

    Yeah never was a fan of him backtracking and not tackling, doing stupid tackles and passing back to the goalie in the wrong times but he is a club legend, he's been a great servant to the club and fans and he was amazing. More positives than negatives but yeah sad to see him go but it helps us. Wish him well.
  5. Petr Cech

    Yeah true but he could be playing in the FA Cups / Europe and a good pay package and trophies he would have had time when Courtois was having a bad period too. Conte doesn't mind taking risks.
  6. Petr Cech

    Love Cech but haha left the champions to a 4th place team.
  7. Chelsea v West Brom

    One of our easiest games Chelsea 3 - 0 West Brom.
  8. Man City 1-3 Chelsea

    he doesn't do stupid things though lol he kicked a water bottle, sent to the stands, he talks about the ref he gets fined, you can't win. You have to talk to the media at the end of the match but if you do you have to be careful what you say. If I was a manager and a ref sent me off he would have a punch in the face then they can sue / fine me.
  9. Man City 1-3 Chelsea

    FA are a bunch of fucking arseholes really am getting fed up with their bias towards us and Mourinho (Both of us get fined ridiculous amounts of money for petty things).
  10. Man City 1-3 Chelsea

    true but it's a yellow card because it wasn't a goal scoring opportunity nor with studs.
  11. Man City 1-3 Chelsea

    I disagree mate it would have been a yellow card if that.
  12. Man City 1-3 Chelsea

    What a fucking win whoop whoop We scored all 4 goals, and 3 points at one of the hardest matches ever. We are top of the league! and we will win the league Champions!
  13. Man City v Chelsea

    Not sure if you're up for it, but Kodi and SportsMania.eu are good to have. I've noticed they have all the 3 o clock kick offs. But on the topic this is one we have to win. Kick City to the ground get 3 points and we stay top and we've had most of our hard games.
  14. Chelsea 2-1 Spurs

    What a game! And I love our legends:
  15. Chelsea 5-0 Everton

    They are so far up their arse"nal" Moses is the best winger with Pedro and Hazard, loved him since we got him really annoyed he didn't get to play with us much and we loaned him out so happy we get to see him in a blue shirt now hopefully forever