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  1. Chelsea Kits thread

    Wtf are those squares doing on the shirt? Withouth them or with a different shape it would have looked better. Still, it always looks different when the players wear it during the match so i'll wait and see before i judge the kit.
  2. Stamford Bridge thread

    Most probably not in the near future, maybe some 10/15 years from now. Certainly won't be anytime sooner
  3. By the way, my name on the frontpage is TrueBlue25. I've just read an comment of you on the frontpage.

  4. My nickname on that forum is Zola25 wich you might already noticed.

  5. To be honest, I haven't seen any posts of you so far. But I also see you have an accoun ton the frontpage so on the related news of Chelsea. There is also a forum on voetbalzone. http://forum.voetbalzone.nl. You should register it's really worth it. Plus I won't be longer the only Chelsea fan that is actually posting.

  6. Be honest, a different girl for every day is also nice! I'm moderator now at voetbalzone, did you already took a visit? You should register on their forums, I'm the only Chelsea fan on there! :(

  7. I see, you found your apartment that you were lookin' for! Congratulations! Have fun at Amsterdam, don't go to the hookers too much! 8-)

  8. Moving to Amsterdam next week!

  9. Hoping to find a room in Amsterdam before my studies start!

    1. Term-X


      a room?, do you mean an apartment? or just a hotel..

    2. Blueboy


      I mean an apartment, in the mean time i have found one, just outside the A. From there i can start looking for something more central :).

  10. Let's hope we still get something out of this transfer-window and not only rumours

  11. is excited about the Ajax friendly next week, wich will be the first time he sees Chelsea play in real-life

  12. Franco Di Santo

    I thinks it's more a common problem at Chelsea (young players, until now, barely coming trough), because i don't think Di Santo is a bad player. He might not have had impressive stats at Blackburn, but i would like to see him in a Chelsea shirt, with way better players around him. Blackburn isn't the most desirable place to be for a striker imo
  13. Daniel Sturridge

    I really hope he gets more games under his belt this season. God I love the guy, really want him to succed at Chelsea. Can be a great player in the future!
  14. Rafa we wanted you to stay ffs!

  15. The TC Hall Of Fame

    Drogba11CFC Posted 18 August 2009 - 09:44 PM 'You can by enough players to field 5 1st teams at once, but it takes real persistence to beat an anglophobic frenchist.' -------------- About (city) winning the CL