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  1. Chelsea 1-2 Man Utd

  2. Ajax 0-1 Chelsea

    The problem with your suggestion is that what is "obvious" can vary. Two people can look at the same real-time footage and come to a different conclusion. As a result, frame by frame analysis is needed to bring precision, which results in less variation in calls. I would also like you to consider two scenarios. In the first, a player is standing 20cm offside; we can determine this to be offside without using a frame by frame analysis. Perfect. Now let's consider a scenario where a player is sprinting to make a run behind the defense.It is reasonable for a sprinting player run 20cm offside, the same distance as the static attacker, yet you would need to look frame by frame to determine whether he is offside. In both scenarios we have players offside by the same margin yet different calls would be made. Is this a desirable outcome? I don't think so, maybe you do? In my opinion, the most compelling argument against VAR is that the margin of error can by quite high because of how quickly players move. If a player is running at full sprint they can cover ~40cm in between frames. There are various factors that can decrease or increase this margin of error, such as a having a moving attacker vs a static defender, or a moving attacker and moving defender, etc. If you change the way VAR works, it needs to be done by including margin of errors, if we can accurately determine them.
  3. Ajax 0-1 Chelsea

    What exactly is a clear and obvious offside call, though? How many centimeters can the attacker stray away from the last defender? If you don't come up with a concrete limit, then you leave offside decisions open to interpretation which would see a huge variation in what is allowed or disallowed. That would not be good for the game.
  4. The English Football Thread

    If we're being fair, Mou brought in a lot of the garbage they have. United spent €466million on players under Mou and he got almost everything he wanted, outside of a CB during his disastrous last season(they already purchased 2 CBs for Mou). In fact, Mou was so confident in his squad that he stated they could compete for the title his first year there, something he didn't believe we could do during his first season in his second spell with us.
  5. 19. Mason Mount

    Would you say that he doesn't trust Pedro had he gone with Pulisic instead? We can't come to that conclusion based on the single statement he made. His statement only implies that Pedro's massive experience in the CL gave him the edge. We cannot say Lampard didn't trust Pulisic to put in a satisfactory performance.
  6. 19. Mason Mount

    This is why I said best team possible. Factors such as form and and managing match fitness are somewhat implied. This was to keep the post brief.
  7. 19. Mason Mount

    But it's not. Lampard's job is to play the best team possible for any given match. Who plays will be influenced by a variety of factors, but it's pretty safe to assume that individual skill plays a huge role in Lampard's decision making. In the case of Mount, it appears that Lampard believes that Mount is the best player available. The result? Mount plays. Now let's consider the case of Pedro or Pulisic replacing an injured Mount. If Lampard believes that Pulsic and Pedro are equal in ability, he has to use another factor to make his decision. In this scenario, it was experience.
  8. 19. Mason Mount

    Lampard's reasoning in this scenario isn't necessarily contradictory. In the case of Mount and Abraham, he clearly believes they are better players than the alternatives. With Tomori, there isn't another fit CB to play in his position. If Lampard believes Pulisic and Pedro are both equally good, then it would make sense to go with the more experienced player.
  9. 17. Mateo Kovacic

    Football is growing quite a bit in the states. Any day that I wear a Chelsea shirt, there will be 4-5 random people who acknowledge it. If the sport continues to grow here, the Premier League is going to see even more money go into the league!
  10. Jan Oblak

    Absolute nonsense. 1. Buying a keeper based on their ability to save penalties is absolute nonsense. 2. Jan Oblak has a better penalty save percentage than David de Gea, Manuel Neuer, Thibaut Courtois,Keylor Navas, Gianluigi Buffon, ter-Stegen and Alison. Here is the data(from transfermarkt.co.uk) on how many penalties each goalkeeper has saved and how many they have faced. Jan Oblak 12/33=36% Manuel Neuer 18/52=34% Keylor Navas 14/42=33% Gianluigi Buffon 31/101=30% Alisson 4/14=28% David de Gea 11/44=25% ter-Stegen 9/37=24% Thibaut Courtois 5/31=16% So I guess none of those keepers would be good enough, eh?
  11. 23. Michy Batshuayi

    If the club evaluate him at a higher level, then either Morata or Giroud should go, as one of them is not going to get game time. This is the main reason why I find the striker position so puzzling. From a business perspective, the club is going to suffer from keeping all 3 at the club. I'm not convinced by Morata either, but in his time here, he has shown glimpses of talent. With Batshuayi, he has demonstrated an inability to contribute to the team in any meaningful way. Batshuayi has a very weak hold up game, poor movement, and is extremely selfish. He does have talent, but he is a very raw player and needs games to put it together. This part of your post is extremely confusing. From what I have seen from Higuain and Mertens, neither can be accurately described as poachers in their time with Sarri. In addition, every analysis video that I have watched indicates that Sarri's strikers are much more than poachers. If you have any videos, or something else that supports this statement, please feel free set me straight. I can agree with most of this statement. I'm hoping Morata finds confidence and adapts to the physicality of the league, because if he does, he can be a good striker for us.
  12. 23. Michy Batshuayi

    My evaluation of the player is probably different from yours, because I don't think Batshuayi has what it takes to succeed here. As a result, I'm of the opinion that he will receive next to zero playing time. It makes sense why a coach would want him here, because of the increased competition, but it does not make sense from an ownership point of view. Why? Because these aren't very young players on cheap wages, and the club has spent a significant amount of money on them. When one of the three fails, it's going to hurt the club. The value of the striker that falls to third choice is going to drop significantly. How many clubs are going to go after Batshuayi if he becomes a third choice striker? And for the clubs that do, what are they going to offer to secure his services? If Batshuayi does make it, either Giroud or Morata are going to be in the aforementioned situation. If it's Morata the club take a massive loss. If it's Giroud, it wouldn't be too significant, but let's be honest, he's not going to fall behind Batshuayi.
  13. 23. Michy Batshuayi

    Most definitely not. If he doesn't get game time he will be shipped out in January. It's a little puzzling that he is still here. Surely he is behind both Giroud and Morata, so why keep him here and see his value reduced? Surely it would be better to send him out on loan to get game time, or sell him before his value takes a hit while he sits on the bench or even outside of our 18 man squad on match days.
  14. General Transfer Talk

    This is what happens when you buy bang average players. The only clubs interested in these types of players are mid-table level clubs. The problem is that both players are on nice wages and Chelsea will want to recoup most of the money that we paid for them, so no mid-table level club will want to make a move. Spending 25m+ on Drinkwater would be absurd for clubs like Watford, Newcastle, or Crystal Palace. He's just not good enough. Zappacosta is much the same. There are plenty of full-backs at a similar level that could be purchased for a much lower fee.
  15. Daniele Rugani

    This transfer has me a bit worried. Christensen was quite good and looked very promising in the first half of the season. The second half of the season, particularly after Feburary, were rough for him, but not bad enough to lose confidence in him. If Rugani comes for the any price near the reported fees, where does that leave Christensen? Surely we aren't spending 50m on a bench player. Christensen has shown that he can play at a high level now, with room to improve in the future. Why bring in another centre-half with a similar skill set and age?