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  1. Daniele Rugani

    This transfer has me a bit worried. Christensen was quite good and looked very promising in the first half of the season. The second half of the season, particularly after Feburary, were rough for him, but not bad enough to lose confidence in him. If Rugani comes for the any price near the reported fees, where does that leave Christensen? Surely we aren't spending 50m on a bench player. Christensen has shown that he can play at a high level now, with room to improve in the future. Why bring in another centre-half with a similar skill set and age?
  2. Nabil Fekir

    From what I have seen, Sarri's wide players don't play like traditional wingers. They play a little narrow and get forward into the box. They do need skill to operate in tight spaces and pace does help, but I don't think that pace plays a large factor in a player's success in that position. I don't watch Lyon so I know little of Fekir, but from what I understand of Fekir he is very skillful and he does score goals(I assume this means he likes to get forward and makes good runs). Perhaps he could succeed under Sarri in a wide role or perhaps Sarri could make a slight tweak to his system, as he already suggested he is willing to do so.
  3. Nabil Fekir

    Fekir in the Mertens role is an interesting idea, but I don't think that is how Sarri wants to line up. I don't follow Napoli all that much, but I believe that playing Mertens as a striker was not Sarri's first choice. In the first 9 games of their 2016/2017 season, Milik and Gabbiadini were preferred. It wasn't until their 10th game of the season that Mertens was selected as a centre-forward. The reason why this is important is because it indicates that Sarri would prefer a more traditional center-forward. It appears that Sarri felt that Mertens was the best option rather than being his first choice. It ended up working out, but I imagine that Sarri will want a natural centre-forward for his first 11.
  4. 10. Eden Hazard

    Should also add that if Madrid don't have a replacement for Ronaldo by then, they will not be in as strong of a bargaining position as they are now. Their fans want a big name to come and the club may very well be desperate to sign a huge name. That means if Chelsea play hardball again next summer, Madrid could be forced to look somewhere else because I doubt that they will wait 2 years to replace Ronaldo. It's also worth considering how sought after Mbappe will be. The World Cup has only increased his star status and if he has a big year this upcoming season, Madrid may do everything they can to obtain Mbappe. I have a feeling that if Hazard doesn't leave this summer, he will stay because Madrid will go after Mbappe or even Neymar next summer.
  5. 10. Eden Hazard

    I think you make some very good points, but there are several things to consider. First, the club are not in a position where they would even consider an offer. We just came off a disappointing(to say the least) season, and with only one month left for the transfer window, finding a replacement could prove difficult. Second, while Eden has openly stated his admiration for Madrid, he has also openly stated his willingness to continue with Chelsea. As of now, it doesn't seem as if Eden will make the moves necessary to force a transfer. Third, I don't think Hazard has the profile Madrid are looking for as a replacement for Ronaldo. Eden is nothing like Ronaldo, both on and off the pitch. Lastly, Eden has two years left on his contract. Madrid need a major signing now and they can't play the "we'll sign him on a free in a few months if you don't sell now" game, so unless a move had been in the works prior to Ronaldo's move to Juventus, I don't see Madrid making a major push for Hazard. In all likely-hood, Madrid have already secured Ronaldo's replacement as it would have not made much sense to sell him without a replacement lined up. We will find out very soon who that target is, but I think if it was Eden, we would have heard many stories about the transfer within the past two weeks or so, just as we did when Neymar left for PSG. At this point It's all guesswork, though.
  6. The Conte Thread

    The implication of your post is that Conte has had a major influence in our transfer dealings. The people you criticize do not believe that is the case. The entire point of the link was to show that Chelsea were interested in the player. The point was not to show that we made a bid. That is not necessary. Conte is cautious with injured players. The problem with applying that to Emerson is that he had made his return from injury in December at Roma, and if I recall correctly, he had been available for selection for quite some time at Roma, he just fell out of favor. The last bit could be inncorrect, but if you look at a player like Bakayoko who had surgery in the summer, there is a stark difference. Yes, Conte rushed him back for the Tottenham game, but Bakayoko continued to play game after the game, even when we had Fabregas fit. Your last point about Emerson is probably the most important. Emerson is a squad player, but Conte wasn't looking for a squad player at that position. He was looking for a top player, like Sandro. Conte may have given the ok, but he clearly didn't value him as a player. The reason to dismiss those targets is because we are a top team. Top teams need top players and don't discriminate based on the league that player is from. Sandro is arguably the second best left back in the world. Do you think that the Conte is responsible for our pursuit of him?Look at United, they are in pursuit of a top left back. Who are they after? Sandro. Top players aren't equally distributed across European leagues. Just look at the left back position. To get players of a similar quality you have to deal with the likes of Barca, Real Madrid, or Bayern. Juventus is a much easier club to deal with, they will sell their top players. You re correct that the links between Koulibaly and Nainggolan are much stronger. It's confirmed that the club made bids for them.Still, that doesn't change much. Especially given that they are players that fit the Chelsea mold. Koulibaly is one of the most physical defenders in the world. He's very strong and quick. He also happens to be quite comfortable on the ball. These are players that Chelsea would have pursued with a different manager. It's not 2v6. Rudiger, Koulibaly, and Nainggolan are not players that you can attribute Conte to. Yes they are from Serie A. But these are not players that you can say the club would not have pursued in absence of Conte. You have to be careful with the inference you're trying to make. Take a look at the state of Serie A. The overall quality of the league has been widely criticized over the years. But recently, the state of the league has improved. Juventus, Roma, and Napoli have all improved. Juventus have two appearances in the Champion's league final in the past 4 years, Roma have just made a semifinals appearance in the Champion's League, and Napoli are being talked about throughout Europe because of the high quality of football that they play. Is it any surprise that the club are after top players from these teams? It's not. Emerson, Alonso and Zappacosta are slightly different. But, as i have pointed out, the club made 2 Serie A signings in the 2 years prior to Conte. The 3 signings we have made since Conte's arrival don't stand out at that much. When you analyze our transfer dealings, it makes it quite difficult to make the inference you tried to make. In addition, you have failed to provide any compelling evidence that would suggest that Conte is responsible for the pursuit or signing of the players you listed. Add this, with a little bit of Context , i.e. the club have made 13 signings since Conte's arrival, and your argument falls apart. It's just not reasonable to make the inferences you're making. Diego Costa wanted to leave. What did the club do? We held on to him for two years. This club has, and can keep a player that wants to leave. Especially if that player is in their plans. Sure, the squad was built by the board and Conte. Just like how i get credit for cooking dinner when I turn on the oven. You see the problem? It's dishonest to include Conte when the role he plays is so trivial and when club make so many decisions without his approval. We are in agreement on your final point. Conte's behavior has been unacceptable this season. We need someone motivated, and more importantly, someone who is willing to work with what the club provide and not bitch about it.
  7. The Conte Thread

    You're being incredibly disingenuous in your presentation. Let's take a look at the 4 players we have purchased from Serie A. Rudiger, the first signing that you listed, was linked to usin 2015. Therefore, we can eliminate him as a pure Conte signing.https://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/teams/chelsea/11685454/Chelsea-transfer-news-and-rumours-Stuttgart-defender-Antonio-Rudiger-wants-Stamford-Bridge-move.html Emerson, the guy who has played 559 minutes all year. Do you really think it is fair to characterize him as a Conte signing? Marcos Alonso- He may very well have been a signing Conte approved of, but the club were desperate to replace him with Alex Sandro. Yes, Sandro is a Serie A player, but he also happens to be one of the best players in his position and a top player that we would be looking at regardless. Zappacosta- Bench player, but he's probably a signing that Conte approved of. As for the links to Koulibaly and Nainggolan, these are top players and they both fit the player profile that we sign,Koulibaly especially. In addition, these are mere links. we have been linked with Serie A players on numerous occasions throughout the years. Here are two examples: Higuain while at Napoli https://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/transfers/gonzalo-higuain-to-chelsea-napoli-striker-linked-with-30m-move-to-stamford-bridge-10293584.html Berrardi https://www.express.co.uk/sport/football/615255/Sussuolo-Domenico-Berardi-Transfer-News-Gossip In addition to that, we signed both Juan Cuadrado and Marco Amelia less than 2 years prior to Conte's arrival. So in your arbitrary 2 year period prior to Conte, we have signed 2 players from Italian Leagues compared to the 3 signings since Conte has arrived. Nothing noteworthy about that. The last thing to consider is how many signings we have made in the last 2 years. In total we have made 13 signings. That means that 3 out of 13 signings come from Serie A, but only 2 of those seem to be players that Conte likes. This paints an entirely different picture than what you have. Saying that Conte has no say in transfers is a hyperbolic statement, but that doesn't mean that Conte has much influence.The reality is that the club have made more signings that Conte disapproves of than he has approved of. Barkley, Emerson, Drinkwater, and Batshuayi have all had a terrible time getting games under Conte. In addition, we know that the club disregarded Conte's plans when they decided to sell Matic. This is indicative of a manager with little influence. Overall, the point that is trying to be made is that this; the current team is not a team built by Conte. Our current team was built by those at the top of the club hierarchy. This means that if the club is to move forward, we need to improve our decision making in the transfer market.
  8. Fabinho

    I don't agree with that at all. Just take a look at Dortmund. they make excellent signings year in year out. They're able to turn young talent into top players. But what do they do? They sell those players when top clubs come calling. Ambition and competence are related, but one does not guarantee the other. Remember Q.P.R.? They spent massive amounts of money, only to get relegated. Our net spend may be low, but we have paid large fees for many of our players. Does our squad look like it costs £565m to assemble? Look at Tottenham. Much better squad for half the price. Do you think Tottenham are more ambitious because they made better deals? Because if they were, I would have expected them to shell out the cash after their title challenges. In the end, Chelsea still want to win titles. We may not be as ambitious as before, but we haven't turned into Tottenham or Arsenal, yet. It's why we are probably going to sack Conte despite barely missing out on the top 4. Liverpool have stuck with Klopp for 3 years without a trophy, even when he failed to qualify for champion's league. United stuck with Mourinho despite finishing 6th, and Tottenham appear to be content just staying in the top 4. They aren't more ambitious, they are just smarter in their dealings, or in United's case a bigger wallet.
  9. Fabinho

    To a certain extent, but look at Liverpool's transfers over the least few years. In the last 3 years they have a net spend of just £18m(pre-Fabinho buy). They sold both Suarez and Coutinho when Barca came calling. Even if they go on a spending spree this summer, Chelsea will still have outspent them come the end of the summer. Their intelligent transfer dealings have allowed them to spend big on needed positions(Van Dijk for £75m and Keita for £58m) without requiring the club to spend money out of their own pockets. The reason Chelsea can't do the same is because we went out and spent £65m on 3 players who only played in cup games and emergencies.( Barkley, Emerson, Drinkwater) I don't think Liverpool have greater ambitions than we do, they just know what they're doing in the market.
  10. Fabinho

    Right there with you. Since I've joined this forum every summer this place has a meltdown and I've always thought people were overreacting, but I have a really bad feeling about this summer. Not a good start at all. Hopefully the board have some good deals in the works.
  11. Fabinho

    I don't think it's even about ambition. It's about competence. they paid 44 for Fabinho we paid 40 for Baka. Let that sink in.
  12. Next Manager?

    Of the 13 first team players that have arrived since Conte has took over, only 4 of them are from Serie A. Of those 4, only 3 had no previous links to Chelsea. Zappacosta, Alonso and Emerson. Of those 3, only Alonso is a first team regular. Emerson has only played in 6 matches despite Alonso's struggles and despite the fact that Conte wanted to replace Alonso with Sandro. If that is the case, and it seems pretty reasonable to say that Conte wanted to replace Alonso, only two of those signings seem to have been met with approval.But approval should not be confused with power. As the Matic deal very clearly demonstrates, the club make decisions without Conte's approval. If they didn't, Matic would still be here as a backup player as Conte publicly stated that it was his wish to keep Matic here so he could ease Bakayoko into the first team. With regards to the pursuit of targetmen,the club may have pursued a targetman to help Conte out, but the club needed a back-up striker. Batshuayi just didn't cut it and Chelsea are no stranger to targetmen. Giroud is a quality backup striker, and Conte probably offered no resistance to the purchase, but that doesn't mean he was a Conte buy. You're right it's not a coincidence that we were linked to Serie A players. But that's because the press use transfer stories generate interest. It's no coincidence that media members who have no clue about what is going on would link Chelsea to Serie A players. It's why we have been linked to Jorginho. We all know that he is going to be a City player, but because it looks like Sarri is going to be our next manager, the press have linked us with Jorginho.
  13. Next Manager?

    Conte may have approved of the Zappacosta deal, problem is almost every other deal seems to have Conte's disapproval. was Batshuayi a Conte buy? Because if he was it seems very strange that Conte would rather play Hazard as a false nine. Was Drinkwater a Conte buy? Seems strange because Conte preferred Fabregas to Drinkwater despite Fabregas hardly playing in Conte's first year. Was Emerson a Conte buy? Would be strange to say so when he only started 3 matches. Another huge problem is that we don't know what the alternatives were to Zappacosta. He may have been the best of the worst possible options. He may have been the only option.
  14. Next Manager?

    Why do you think we were going after Serie A players? Because some newspapers reported it? For the past 5 summers Hazard has been linked to Real Madrid or PSG. He is still here. How many times have we been linked to Messi or other top players over the years? Most transfer stories are garbage and to rely on them seems silly. While it is really hard to determine how the club operates, it doesn't seem reasonable to say Drinkwater, Barkley, Zappacosta, Batshuayi, and Emerson are Conte buys when none of them play. It seems much more likely that because Conte is familiar with Serie A, newspapers ran with stories those stories because they aren't too ludicrous.There's also the Matic situation to take into consideration. Conte PUBLICLY stated that he wanted to keep Matic so that Bakayoko had time to adapt. Combine all of this with the fact that Conte has been very vocal with his criticism of the board failing to back him. and I would say there is no reason to believe Conte had much of a say in any of our transfer dealings.
  15. Next Manager?

    While Conte has been disappointing this season, to say the least, I'm just not convinced that bringing in another manager will change much. It is quite evident that Conte did not have control over our transfer dealings, and our transfer dealings have played a huge role in our lack of success this season. The club brought in almost nothing but mediocre/limited players in the last 3 years. Players like Alonso, Moses, Bakayoko, Barkley, and Pedro are all highly limited players. In addition to that, the club has kept many other limited players from the the pre-Conte era.(Willian, Fabregas,and Cahill) With the exception of Bakayoko, I wouldn't say any of these players are terrible. The problem is that most of them are first team regulars. Top teams can have players like Willian and Moses in their squad, but they cannot have a squad full of these types of players. If the club doesn't want to get left behind by City and Utd, it has to stop making so many bad transfer deals, especially given the costs of players these days. There is no point in shelling out 75 million pounds on Zappacosta, Drinkwater, and Emerson if they're only going to play in cup games and emergencies. It would have been far better to splash the cash on Sandro and let our youth players cover the remaining two squad spots.Now the club is in a position where we are probably bringing in a new manager with a completely different play style that will require new players. The likes of Courtious,Rudiger, Christenson, Azpi, Kante, and Hazard are a solid core but the club still needs more quality. This summer transfer window will play a bigger role in determining our success next season than a new manager will.