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  1. stroey liked a post in a topic by Essien19 in The Mourinho Thread   
    A player who's been flying around the world and not keeping in shape, a player that is on high wages despite doing absolutely nothing, a player that had been told he's not needed anymore, but doesn't want to leave, wages and traveling the world with his bird are his end game. At the end, he had it coming. Mourinho is not beating around the bush, not all of his players are 'super, super', some of them aren't within his plans. Fair play letting them know and not wasting anyone's time. That's Ferguson esque and how did Chelsea handle Malouda again? Happens everythere, case closed for me.
  2. stroey liked a post in a topic by Hesuedia in The Mourinho Thread   
    I am a Chelsea supporter from China, and I would like to clarify that:
    1. The shirt that Jose refused to sign on is a Chelsea's "Mata 10." An intentional pick.
    2. The person holding Mata's shirt is NOT a Chelsea supporter. He is a journalist and a Barcelona supporter (That's why he was wearing that La Liga shirt). He did this on purpose to create some controversy. All the Chinese discussion forums are blaming him for this.
    BTW, it is sad but all the people in that picture are journalists instead of fans.
  3. stroey liked a post in a topic by Blue_Fox_ in The Mourinho Thread   
    Weird how no one ever mentioned how he has Chelsea's pictures in his office.
    But then "1 generation of success." OMG! A dig at Chelsea.
    Pretty damn pathetic.
    I mean the guy has had a hand, direct and indirect, in every trophy Chelsea won in the last decade and yet this is the treatment he gets for 6 bad months with a team of (mostly) spoiled brats.
  4. stroey liked a post in a topic by Essien19 in The Mourinho Thread   
    Club should have sold all of the rebels, Ferguson was allowed to cut off anyone and guess what?! He turned out to be the greatest manager of all time. That golden boy wasn't even fit to lace Keane's boots, but at one point Keane was out.

    It's over, but there's a chance that the club will taste its own medecine, maybe then they would restructure, at the moment just a toy of a rich man and living by its mercy, but we're not a child anymore, it's time to take over! About time to become our own boss.
  5. stroey liked a post in a topic by Essien19 in The Mourinho Thread   
    Didn't get the memo that we're not living in a free country anymore. I'm still in here, not elsewhere. That should tell you something. But keep it up!

    Sometimes things have to get worse before they can getter, so far it looks like Chelsea have learned nothing from this debacle, just sticking by the book as usual, new manager, a few new faces coming in, seen this all before, haven't we!? Long term rinse and repeat.

    I can't get my head around how these people treated one of Chelsea's greatest servants, maybe it's a different culture. Fuck me, we've still got that golden boy. Champagne showers everywhere, but not for me!
    Nice try with the pictures, but Jose could have hang up any pictures, he deliberately chose these ones, but of course he's just a fraud, whatever helps you sleep at night, mate.
  6. stroey liked a post in a topic by pHaRaOn in The Conte Thread   
    People who overhyping Conte up now, will be the very same people who will demand his head on the plate if things goes wrong. But his tactical work against Belgium and Spain were top-class. Curious about how he will cope against a smaller teams, but we'll see. Positive about him.
  7. stroey liked a post in a topic by Essien19 in The Conte Thread   

    Italy never ever loses to Germany when it matters, that's part of the legacy, who ever breaks it leaves behind a very bad smell, but today it's a possibility, not a fact, so let's find out.

    Jose won the goddamn thing in his first season. A loss can be compared to one in the group stages, not in the knockout competition, imo.
  8. stroey liked a post in a topic by Essien19 in The Conte Thread   
    Let's see how this passion goes down with the likes of Hazard or Fabregas. I've seen a brilliant world cup from Van Gaal.
    And becoming the first Italian coach who loses to Germany would be bad for his CV.
    Seems like a good coach, though. Better than some of the likes we had before but not as good as the individual for me. 0
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  9. stroey liked a post in a topic by BlueLyon in Radja Nainggolan   
    Jose? Well Hiddink had like 8 absolutely meaningless games where he could play RLC or someone every single game to test them but nah, kept playing Mikel and co. Fucking bollocks.
    And dont start that we were chasing beter position to get more money, because in end we still finished 10th and not 9th. 
  10. stroey liked a post in a topic by Essien19 in The Mourinho Thread   
    Not in here, they were out in full force, game after game, 'get the the cancer out of the club', proper sack watch. Likes were dropping like flies. Fun times.
    Dortmund showed trust when it mattered most and got compensated with a cup final. The Chelsea board just talks a big games, when shit hits the fan, they bow to pressure.

    Dortmund hold meetings, they talked, that's what grown ups do, they kept it together and were a different team after the break, went straight back to the winning days.
    Look at what happened at Chelsea and spot the difference. First Mourinho got the vote of confidence, but the board didn't renew it,
    you remember his break downs in the pressers, he didn't know anything, club hang him out to dry, reign of pressure and fear, that's not how you run a stable so-called top-club. That's not proper man-management, at least that's my personal opinion.
    Chelsea have no divine right for winning. Of course because of the money we pay our representatives we hope they will break sweat on the pitch,
    but at the end of the day we live by their mercy. That's the nature of today's game.
    The club didn't make reinforcements, Mourinho got it wrong with the pre-season and the players thought they could walk the league, just like last time. 

    What happened damaged the club's reputatation, but at least we don't do boring.
    Within my circle of friends some of them took Chelsea wins for granted, especially against small teams like Bournemouth, but this season every fuckin' game counted,
    week in and week out there was so much tension and unbelievable things happened. All of us watched everything, even the pressers, seeked information after information.
    That brings people together, some people say being a fan of top club is boring, winning, winning and winning, never ever experience fear and live match by match.
    I'm not here to put lipstick on the pig, i believe we've learned a lot, Jose too, would have been great to have him around, imo, but things are the way they are,
    now we better get back to the winning ways. Don't want to see teams above Chelsea in the table, especially not London clubs.
    But everyone wants their team to win, a lot of teams have top educated guys calling the shots, is our bunch good enough, there're clouds, imo.

    I prefer the Premiership over the Bundesliga. There you have my outing.
    Premier League or Bundesliga comes down to a question of style, some people might say PL is like Call of Duty, almost always the same tactics, Bundesliga is more wait and see.
    In the past United dominated the Prem, over the last 24 years United won the Prem 13 times, Bayern the Bundesliga 14 times.
    At the moment Premier League is ahead, but some fans think football runs in cycles, so you'll never know.
    But we live in the present, so most people outside Germany watch the Prem, i guess you're right.
    That was just my personal opinion right from the very beginning, mate. Klopp is calculating, i remember seeing him at the Borussia with a cup which had the writing 'Pöhler' (street footballer) on it, fans loved him even more and now in Pool, what did he do? Was it after the European game against United,
    he went to the presser wearing a Beatles shirt. Sometimes he talks about Bayern, said once because he laughed after a Bayern loss they would never hire him and so on.
    Keeps himself within the range, the man knows his cards, definitely knows how to play the game.
    What's a nice guy, as a manager it's a bit like a musician who's looking for a job at an orchestra, but there aren't many open gigs, so what does he?!
    He does what he has to do, a man has to work. Of course everyone takes the best opportunity for himself, Vieira's working for City these days, that's how it is.

    But i don't want to spoil your world, maybe he renounce the opportunity to work for the Bavarians, we'll see.
    More than once a new coach brings short term success, a few games, of course good vibes all around, but that doesn't last forever.
    How many times i've read 'what a coach' only to see him sacked the following next season. We've experienced it with one of our own, Di Matteo...
    Some say 'grow a pair', others complain about it, point is it's so much easier to jump ship instead of sitting it out.
    I don't think we could have gone down with Jose, but neither of us have hard facts to make the other change his opinion, so agree to disagree.

    Fair play to you for not jumping on the 'cancer'-bandwagon.
    Have you seen the way Klopp celebrated his progressing against his former club?
    Some of fans made 'the papy', meaning 'chop the head off'.

    Sure, most of their fanbase still love the man to bits, just like in here, but according to some of them, we should 'fuck right off'.
    But you always meet twice in life, i wonder how many will stick around when the Hazard boy decides to cut ties with this club. Not you, but others... 
  11. stroey liked a post in a topic by Essien19 in The Mourinho Thread   
    Ahh the Jose topic heatin' up again, transfer window not even closed, good vibes.
    I responded to this sentence:
    So far Conte has done nothing in the Prem, questionable in Juve's European cup competitions, everthing is possible, to say 'we've got something far more special coming' is quite ambitious.
    He succeeds a serial winner, a man that has won the league wherever he went, multiple European cups, that's what i call a fact!
    Everything else is speculation or personal opinion. I like your mindset, sure, but i'm not that convinced.
    The last next big thing 'Villas-Boas' didn't even last a whole season,  but we'll see.
    Nothing wrong with that, mate. The rest isn't worth the hassle, your opinion, we could discuss it, of course, but i don't see how any of us will make up their mind.
    In the end that leads us nowhere. Better not start.
    As aformentioned, the competitiveness under Jose's watch is there to see. Before some smart ass come calling (not a dig at you), the exception proves the rule, imo.
    Wherever he went, his teams were difficult to beat and are up there with the very best.
    But yeah, maybe in the in the foreseeable future Di Matteo will haunt us, but not because it didn't work at Chelsea, no not that, at Schalke he fucked up badly, so i do have problems how he can beat the odds. But i wish him the best. Top guy!
    He was already called the terminal disease, the cancer, long before he even left this club.
    So, yeah, maybe some are licking their jizz now because they've got food for justification, at least in their minds.

    And concerning Klopp, it will depend on how he does at Pool, but if things turn out well, (already two cups finals) i can see him taking over the reigns at Bayern Munich,
    the Bavarians take only the best (Germans). He suits them, one of the biggest brands out there, he's so eloquent. I like him!
    He should have gotten the whole season, even more if you ask me, a few months ago he won us the league, made himself available for many years to come,
    what more is there to ask for?
    Dortmund gave Klopp the whole season to recover, they even overwintered in the relegation zone, they kept patient and reaped the benefits:
    went on to a cup final and qualified for the Europa.
    At Chelsea it wasn't even half of the season, easier games were coming up, transfer window for some recruitment and so on.

    If you don't know the point in talking to me, why do you even respond?!
    Maybe it would be better to write how Jose Mourinho has suddenly become a failure, do a psychological study on the man and execute the task in telling people that the man himself
    is the cancer. Already reading how Martial will be left back, Rashford gone, how it's going to burn, and stuff like this. There you go, could fit in nicely, seriously.
  12. stroey liked a post in a topic by Essien19 in The Mourinho Thread   
    Mhh i'm confused, when does a season in the premiership end?
    Didn't know that it was after 16 games, need this ashburner dude with the illuminati to give me hand, help,help heeeeeeelp.
    And weren't we the current champion at that time?
    That's the fickleness of London's best boys, even the bvb boys didn't turn on their legend Klopp.
    There is cancer everywhere these days. ?
  13. stroey liked a post in a topic by Blue_Fox_ in The Mourinho Thread   
    Say we go out on the FA Cup's quarter finals against City, Everton, Nottingham, whoever, I wouldn't mind United winning it as long as José is managing them.
    On the league table as long as we are above United and José is above Guardiola, everything is good with the world.
  14. stroey liked a post in a topic by Rhino's Skin in The Mourinho Thread   
    Lol...name and shame those that want him to be suucessful instead of Chelsea then.
    I think posters want Chelsea to be successful but will not be surprised if he turns Utd into winners and the more laid back and respectful of folk on here also wish him or indeed any ex Chelsea legend no ill will and good luck with rest of his life and career.
    That doesnt mean to say they dont want us whipping his teams butts and beating them to trophies
  15. stroey liked a post in a topic by Blue_Fox_ in Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub   
    Zouma and Varane are waving. 
    Wonder why we won the league a season before with the same defence. Bar the addition of Papy that is.
  16. stroey liked a post in a topic by Essien19 in Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub   
    Great signing this Ibrahimovic lad would be.
    Rashford can learn a lot from him, United is short of strikers, deal makes a lot of sense, very bad for Chelsea.
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  17. stroey liked a post in a topic by MichaelDance in The Conte Thread   
    I have to disagree with you mate, people said that at the start, he was sacked, and the players could only win a few times with Hiddink and then draw the rest, how can you blame the guy when the rest of the season we kept drawing and loosing with a odd win here and there? You said it was a title winning team, do you mean he's fault for not buying and selling in the transfer windows? If he is to blame for that why did we get weird names and Pedro (who he got)?
  18. stroey liked a post in a topic by CurlyHairLikeLuiz in The Mourinho Thread   
    Will he? He knows the fans were with him until the end. The fans knew he was prepared to lead until the end. There was a mutual understanding.
    Abramovich doesn't order decisions by himself - the board can and did decide to force him out by themselves.
    I guarantee Jose will show us the utmost respect. He isn't the little boy we employed way back in 2004.
  19. stroey liked a post in a topic by CurlyHairLikeLuiz in The Mourinho Thread   
    Jose's name will be sung at the Bridge because he is one of the most successful managers we've ever had, and many of those at the Bridge and away (including me) appreciate that. One poor season does not tarnish that.
    You can think he's a cunt, whatever you feel personally for him is irrelevant because you can't take away what he's achieved here. And you certainly can't be annoyed for a section of fans recognising that. Jose loved this club, but if you can forgive Petr Cech and accept his reasons for joining a direct rival then you can understand Mourinho's very similar ones.
  20. stroey liked a post in a topic by Blue_Fox_ in The Mourinho Thread   
    Wonder how many would cheer Hazard if he would go to a rival and score against us  Even though he is quite far from legend status.
  21. stroey liked a post in a topic by OhForAGreavsie in The Mourinho Thread   
    No there isn't.
    Meanwhile, if we were into floating boats, I and people who see things my way would need a fleet of cruise liners to take to the waters.
  22. stroey liked a post in a topic by Essien19 in The Mourinho Thread   
    Intelligent, as always.
  23. stroey liked a post in a topic by OhForAGreavsie in The Mourinho Thread   
    Absolutely 100% yes, I am going to chant his name.
    Did we chant SFL's name before kick off vs City season before last? Did we* continue to do so throughout the time he watched from the bench? Did we do so again, but louder, when he came on and did we even cheer him after he scored an equaliser which, for all we knew at the time, might have cost us the title? Absolutely 100% we did, yes. And quite rightly so. Frank is a legend, Jose is a legend. Along with many others, they deserve an ovation whenever they return and they will get one.
    I simply do not understand this black & white, 2D view that you recommend. You get a much clearer, more informative and more interesting look at things when viewed in 3D with colour. Stamford Bridge is going to do that, Jose's name will be sung and you are going to have to deal with that.
    *I say 'we' in a collective sense but I don't go to away games so I was not there personally on that day.
  24. stroey liked a post in a topic by Blue_Fox_ in The Mourinho Thread   
    Anything will do to suit Fernando's agenda, every second post of his has José in it, even if the discussion at hand has nothing to do with him.
  25. stroey liked a post in a topic by OhForAGreavsie in The Mourinho Thread   
    Let's keep perspective, relatively few Chelsea fans have a problem with Jose's move.
    The vast majority of us love the man and respect his right to do what he thinks best for himself. Like me, I suspect most wish he hadn't joined United, but only because it strengthens them and because we will now be in the very strange position of wanting a Mourinho team to do badly week after week. That will be a new, and a hard, experience.
    Personally I'll be chanting his name at the top of my voice when he turns up at The Bridge next season. No matter what impression some posters here might give, so too will be almost everyone else in the stadium on that day. When the expression Chelsea fans  is used that includes me and hundreds of thousand, perhaps millions, of people like me. I am not in the least bit angry with TSO and I expect time will prove that almost all Blues' fans are with me.