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  1. Next Manager?

    Na, he's always wanted to bring Guardiola to Chelsea. At this point, Sarri is the only one that can play us that way (or close to that way). I'm sure Roman is interested.
  2. Next Manager?

    With all the negativity and cribbing that went on this season, I'd prefer not to. I'd prefer a Happy Conte for sure, but he isn't happy here and totally went into self destruct mode this season. Don't want any of that.
  3. Next Manager?

    This Laurent Blanc move is just another fake leak from the club so that Sarri and Napoli, both get back up on their toes. Don't think Chelsea easily leak anything to English media about what's actually happening, because it's mostly been the papers and radios in Italy (especially in Naples), that have been breaking the news of Sarri to Chelsea. I have no doubt we'll get him. It's just gonna be a deadline day signing as usual imo (that is 31st May).
  4. Next Manager?

    ADL's doing the best business for his club. Why should he let Sarri go when he knows 8 million is the minimum he can get.
  5. Next Manager?

    A lot of people here think Sarri's contract expires on 31st. It doesn't. Only the Release Clause 'term' expires on 31st. He'll still be under contract at Napoli on 1st June. Which means ADL could ask for more than 8 million for him.
  6. Next Manager?

    In my opinion, yes. We've bought a lot of deadwood. These positions would be my priority. Winger (at least one more provided none of the present 3 leave) Center Mid (At least one of the Jorginho mold, This is the major cause of concern for us imo. Sarri plays 3 and I don't think anyone apart from Kante could be trusted. Maybe RLC?) Left Back (The jury's out for this one and whether Sarri sees Emerson as someone who'd fit into the squad) Striker (If Morata leaves) Contrary to a few fans, I don't think we need Koulibaly at all. Rudiger has been an amazing signing and Christensen/Cahill/Luiz is fine for the other CB spot. Also, the deadwood that we've bought in Drinkwater, Zappacosta Barkley (?) Emerson (If Sarri doesn't fancy him) I think the club would be willing to move Bats on for a good fees (50 million is what I've seen)
  7. Next Manager?

    I agree with you. Also the legalities of sacking Conte seems to be a problem right now. I do expect the announcement by Thursday. I hope we are already working on the players that we will be signing under Sarri. But it's a mess at the club right now. We need a squad overhaul (yet again) and still don't have the targets, let alone negotiate for them and low balling for them for a month at least, cause that's how it's done here at Chelsea. It's not good when other clubs have become so much stronger. Liverpool have bought Fabinho already and probably will announce Fekir in a week or 10 days max. As for United, Fred looks done and dusted. City already have the kind of squad that makes you shit bricks and I'm sure they'll be adding soon. And more importantly, we don't have 31st August to save us this time around.
  8. Next Manager?

    The haven't really sacked him though. His contract is still up and running until the club terminates it. They know Chelsea are desperate so they're gonna hold out. They have 2 suitors in Zenit and Chelsea. If Chelsea don't pay it, he'll probably be off to Zenit who are ready to pay the clause. That's a pretty strong position for Napoli.
  9. Next Manager?

    For all you Football tactics and analysis nerds. Nothing gets better than this.. https://spielverlagerung.com/2016/04/08/team-analysis-napoli/
  10. Next Manager?

    This is an opinionated post. Of course it's gonna be biased towards what might not work under him for Chelsea. There are also other posts where it says Sarri is the perfect fit, they won't talk about what could go wrong. At this moment, it's all just a guesswork and most of the things that we're expecting under Sarri (mainly personnel) are going to be way different when we play our first game under him. However, if he can install the system here, teams would be scared! If he isn't able to, he'll be sacked. It's all a wait and watch right now, but it certainly is exciting.
  11. Next Manager?

    Check the date
  12. Next Manager?

    We're all feeling excited, yet nervous. Confident, yet unsettled about this appointment. Mostly cause we've never seen our club play attacking football the way Sarri's teams do. It's just how humans are wired, we resist change, especially the drastic ones. However, now that the manager is here, we will back him. Let's hope he brings the kind of football he made Napoli play, here as well. We know he doesn't care about Europa so our focus is going to be on the league again. If we're messing that up, we always have Europa to fall back to, for UCL qualification like United.
  13. Next Manager?

    Although I see where you're coming from, I'm not sure I agree with most of the things you say. You can't sit back against a Pep team. They'll just make combinations in front of you and somehow find a way against parked buses to score. Even in our title winning season, we were very lucky to come out with a win at the Etihad. Had KdB not missed that sitter from 2 yards, it would have been 2-0 and the game would have been much different. Only Burnley somehow managed to do well by parking against City. When Jose tried it, he got beaten all hands up. It was until the second half when Pogba started making runs and they started attacking City, and that's how they beat them. Only Liverpool struggle against parked buses mostly cause they don't have a target man at all in the squad and no plan B. Their midfield isn't as good as City's to pick out pin point passes in packed boxes and they rely on their front 3 going behind the defences too much. Also, as good as Sarri made Napoli, it's still way off the quality in that City team, yet they gave them a pretty good challenge in both legs. And I don't believe Pep's defence is "garbage" or "shit" at all. It's well in place now and Ederson has been massive for them. This season just tells you how much Stones and Bravo individually cost City last season. I honestly don't care about attack or defence or keeping it balanced. But I do think that since the quality of the PL has improved massively, especially in the top 6, you can't defend your way out of every big game (like Mourinho's United) and expect yourselves to win the league.
  14. Next Manager?

    And why would a manager join Chelsea then? We anyway have a bad reputation of sacking managers, a clause like this will only mess things up even more.
  15. Next Manager?

    He got the sack but didn't get his contract terminated. Idk how that's possible but that's what I've read..
  16. Next Manager?

    That'd be awesome! Maybe when you're here we can meet over a drink or two. I won't mind meeting a Blue from these parts! Think the way this saga is clearing up, we can expect Sarri to come in soon. If he does, then we could be in for some really exciting times ahead.
  17. Next Manager?

    Well, he's been sacked now and you must already be knowing that by now. I live in the capital. New Delhi.
  18. Next Manager?

    Didn't understand.
  19. Next Manager?

    https://twitter.com/DiMarzio/status/999057187308752897 Napoli to appoint Ancelotti tomorrow. Will have to sack Sarri, naturally. In that case, Chelsea will not need to pay the 7 million pounds release clause, if they appoint Sarri. This would be brilliant management and presence of mind from the people working, especially Marina. IF it all goes through the way it is supposed to.
  20. Next Manager?

    Can you link the video here please? Thanks.
  21. Jorginho

    Hamsik does help more in defence yeah, and Jorginho doesn't play with another DMF. Allan is the other guy. Jorginho drops deep in defence to start the build up for Sarri ball. Think of the role Busquets plays at Barca or Fernandinho at City.
  22. Next Manager?

    Sorry but this either shows you have a lack of knowledge about Sarri or overrated Rafa. Napoli were 5th when Rafa left them. Sarri has made them title contenders and actually gave Man City a run for their money In UCL. He's made average players turn into amazing players. Rafa has done nothing at big clubs. And his clubs have no identity. Still don't understand why anyone would prefer Rafa over Sarri. He has won nothing in a league where titles are decided already on the first day of the season. It's Juve there and Bayern in Germany. The fact that he gave Juve so much challenge repeatedly every single year there, and playing the best Build Up game in Europe is nothing less than spectacular. Also, you say that except for Juve, no one else is powerful there.. So what's the point then? Cause his team have been beaten by ONLY Juve in the standings.
  23. Next Manager?

    No thanks.
  24. Next Manager?

    As for the newer, younger names. The higher risk high reward ones, they just won't work well at our club. The manager has much less power than the Board and the players. Players can just stop playing for him and the new manager with not so much history would be sacked in an instant when there's pressure on him. Players can just wheel him out of the club like they did with AvB and more importantly, even Mourinho. If this happens, the young manager won't be given half the time Mourinho got, to save the ship.
  25. Next Manager?

    Don't understand the constant hate for a few names, especially Blanc. He's done well in his career, PSG are mental and I don't think there are too many managers that will get out of the club in a reputable manner from there. Yet Blanc did really well with them, especially in UCL. People are also forgetting that Enrique took over a dismantled Pep side. xavi was retiring, Alves left later and they were not winning trophies anymore. He's made mistakes in a few games for sure (and that's an area of concern), but there are games where he put out a team like a genius. Especially 6-1 against PSG and 4-0 away from home at Real Madrid without Messi. Sarri of course is the most attractive option of them all, but writing off names without understanding in what circumstances they took over their previous clubs and what they did with them isnt the way to go imo