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  1. Next Manager?

    Yeah, it was a collective failure from everyone. From the players to the manager to the Board. Everyone failed and there was no real shining light. Conte lost me personally and I can't bear seeing him here, although I think he's one of the best managers out there still. The 1-0 loss to Manchester City where we had 11 men behind the ball at 1-0 was very poor and I've never seen anything like that. We jsut accepted defeat cause Conte thought he needed to save Goal Difference, rather than go for a point at the very least.
  2. Alisson Becker

    Well, DiMarzio said we had already rejected a bid for Tbo in the region of 40 million pounds. Other reports say we are looking to get 50 million for him. If we do get this much, it'd be a good deal considering he has less than 12 months left.
  3. Thibaut Courtois

    Thing with Real Madrid is, if they thought there was another keeper that really was worth getting over Courtois for paying over the top, they'd have gone for them. They are a super rich club that spends 40 million pounds on 17 year olds.. Thibaut's not the best in the world, but for Real, Tbo and Alisson are prety much similar and Courtois would cost less. SO they're going for him, if they thought Alisson is far superior than him that it deserves 20 million extra, they'd have gone for him.
  4. Next Manager?

    Don't you think Conte would have been sacked already if he wasn't our fall back option for Sarri? I don't know if they'll get Blanc now. Although I'm totally expecting Sarri to still be in charge soon enough. But this is getting frustrating, even for the most patient fans out there
  5. Next Manager?

    Getting tired of your fake rumours. THere's nothing like this that DIMarzio has posted, I don't know where you see this. Also, we're finished? These posts are getting very irritating, stop supporting then or keep shut about it. Don't spread bullshit on here.
  6. Next Manager?

    I hear you, but not for once do I believe that our club needs to spend 200 million over the top to avoid results like these. Newcastle 3-0 Chelsea Chelsea 0-3 Bournemouth Watford 4-1 Chelsea I'm not even counting the upsets against Crystal Palace, West Ham etc. Conte never took the responsibility and always looked for excuses. It wasn't the Conte we all fell in love with, that's for sure.
  7. Alisson Becker

    Reportedly, Chelsea want 60 million euros for Courtois. Alisson would be around 75 million I think. Even if we get 55 mil euros, I can see us putting 15-20 million euros more for Alisson easily. Wouldn't surprise me.
  8. Next Manager?

    I get that and I'm not saying you are the one. It's not a very ideal situation at this very moment but some posts around are terrible. We are finally being linked to players (and good players, not Drinkwaters and Zappacostas). Non World Cup senior players report back on 9th of July, hopefully by then we'll have Sarri at the club
  9. Mateo Kovacic

    Don't know where the other poster here read 100 million. No price was quoted by DiMarzio in his article. Just the fact that CHelsea have enquired about Kovacic, is all.
  10. Next Manager?

    Wow, this place is negative af. So many jumping the gun, calling next season a failure already etc.
  11. Aleksandr Golovin

    Go to 5:43 mark and just look at him track back! He did that after minute 110 against a player who came on as a substitute.
  12. Aleksandr Golovin

    This. I remember in extra time there was a ball played by Spanish defence on the left wing towards Aspas who just came on, Golovin tracked back like a boss, won the ball and passed it back to the keeper and he was playing since the first minute. Absolute work horse this lad.
  13. Aleksandr Golovin

    I'd take him in a heartbeat fwiw. Lovely player. As for Golovin, he really does look good. He's got the stamina and is pretty good with his dribbling. Decision making could get better still. Also, I like how you've posted videos of Golovin vs Arsenal and United. These are the best kind of videos to judge a player on. THey show every touch he's made in that game, good or bad. No bias involved in these that make a Darren Bent look like Lewandowski.
  14. Aleksandr Golovin

    Not sure, Seri could easily play in a DLP role that Jorginho played for Napoli. Golovin looks like an LCM. We can play Golovin, Seri and Kante together. Although I don't think Golovin is a sure starter. More like a rotation player, who if plays well, should keep seeing the minutes.
  15. Aleksandr Golovin

    Not sure, Seri could easily play in a DLP role that Jorginho played for Napoli. Golovin looks like an LCM. We can play Golovin, Seri and Kante together. Although I don't think Golovin is a sure starter. More like a rotation player, who if plays well, should keep seeing the minutes.
  16. Aleksandr Golovin

    https://twitter.com/FabrizioRomano/status/1012445680659517441 https://gianlucadimarzio.com/it/calciomercato-juventus-si-allontana-golovin-chelsea-ora-avanti
  17. Daniele Rugani

    Headed over to Juve forums and the fans are really angry about Juve asking just 35 million euros for him. They're also not happy that the club apparently is open to selling Rugani cause their CBs are really old, 3 of them above the age of 30. They wanted to see Caldara + Rugani partnership at Juve and Italy both. This reminds me of Rudiger's signing last season. No one was really excited because it's not a big name and we were bailing out on Ake for him. But see how that's turned out. I'd listen to the Juve fans on this, they are unhappy that Allegri isn't developing him exactly although he's looked good with Chiellini and their results have been the best with this partnership than any other all season. Just finding out numbers and how he isn't preferred over Barzagli isn't enough imo. It could go either way, but there's not much to lose, but a lot to gain from this signing.
  18. Next Manager?

    Manolas is top quality though and a steal in this market for 38 million Euros.
  19. Daniele Rugani

    Daniele Rugani at Chelsea . We proceed, and how we proceed. Waiting for Sarri to officially become Chelsea, the speeches with Juve for the defender go on quickly. The base for the card is over 30 million and is approaching 35. You are working on the bonuses to be guaranteed by Juventus and related to the various objectives of Chelsea in Premier. For Rugani, a five-year period of 3.5 million per season is ready. And Manolas remains another goal, with a 38 million clause to be paid. But for the moment, precedence to Rugani. https://www.alfredopedulla.com/esclusiva-rugani-al-chelsea-manolas/
  20. Next Manager?

    Yup, Conte could sue Chelsea for constructive dismissal. I think this is just a play from ADL. Keeping his cards close to the chest. It's been picked up by everyone now and I expect it to happen. Apparently, ADL doesn't need to handle these things and has to be in contact with his Director of Operations, who is Guintoli. Him and Ramadani (Agent of Marcos Alonso and working with Sarri and his own agent) are negotiating the move. Conte will get sacked first imo and then Sarri will be employed. So wait for Conte news for an indirect confirmation from the club. You can take this with a pinch of salt, but it does make sense.
  21. Next Manager?

    With reports that Albiol might be coming with Sarri and Chelsea's interest in Rugani, I think it all but tells us that Koulibaly isn't going to join us. Not anytime soon anyway.
  22. Next Manager?

    Agree with most of it, although I do think we're short on the wings. 3 wingers in Hazard, Willian and Pedro isn't really ideal. Would like to see a youngster with potential coming in.
  23. Next Manager?

    Not really. Blanc and especially Jokanovic both attacking
  24. Next Manager?

    Regarded as a highly reliable journalist in Italy.
  25. Allison Becker

    DiMarzio is reporting that contract extension talks with Courtois have broken down and we may be looking to move him on. Allison is our primary target if we replace him.