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  1. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    I love how the coach gets blamed for an injury to a player that wasn't a fitness issue. Oh btw, it's the same coach that was being blamed for not playing the same player earlier in the season himself. The coach just can't get a break, can he? I don't want Sarri to go, mostly because I know and have seen his Napoli side and know what he's capable of doing. Also, the present Napoli side under Ancelotti is nowhere close to Sarri's Napoli side of 3 years back with mostly the same players bar Jorginho. I also struggle to understand, what more do you want from manager with this squad? I get it you can blame Sarri for Higuain signing cause he wanted him, but the current crop of players, they're just not good enough to pose a title challenge. The best we could hope for was a Top 4 finish anyway, if we get it, it's a good season re Objectives. Also, just stop this chopping and changing of managers. Look at the Top 3 in the league. All of them have a long twerm project in place, stop the quick fixes and have a project in place. It was always going to be difficult turning a side that was suited to a 3 at the back formation to a 4 at the back posession based style. The full backs we have, every one of them, is not suited to the current system. Our CM looks decent, our attack is dire as hell. CHO produced in Europa but not doing it in league. It's all about Hazard and it's msotly down to the quality of the players, rather than the tactics of the manager. As Pep said at his time in Barcelona, "My Job is to get the players with the ball in the Final Third, the rest is upto them to create."
  2. 17. Mateo Kovacic

    Every player playing in La Liga has a Release clause..
  3. 17. Mateo Kovacic

    If he has a good season here, they'll just raise the asking price in the summer. Else he has a release clause of 300 million euros. We've got a great player, but let's not ignore the fact that there is no permanent option in this deal. And yes, it does matter a lot.
  4. Christian Pulisic

    Everyone's just casually forgetting about Victor Moses
  5. Aleksandr Golovin

    I stand corrected.
  6. Aleksandr Golovin

    Fair enough.
  7. Aleksandr Golovin

    Clutching at straws? Why would anyone like a post if it is about their future and it's from a player close to that him as well? Would only add more fuel to fire unnecessarily if it was untrue.
  8. Aleksandr Golovin

    Difficult to buy that. Even if he didn't realize it then, he'd have unliked it by now.
  9. Alisson Becker

    I don't think I can simplify it more than that. Have a sound sleep and we'll get back to this tomorrow
  10. Alisson Becker

    1/4th is a bit too optimistic. More like half. Also, it'll be important as to what we do with the money saved. Buying an absolutely average 35 million player would be a no go.
  11. Alisson Becker

    It's in Euros. So say about 71 million pounds The value being quoted is too much for a GK, I agree.
  12. Alisson Becker

    They haven't. It seems they want 65 + 15 million in bonuses while Liverpool have offered 70. If Chelsea want him really, they have to act and now.
  13. Alisson Becker

    We don't have any leverage with Roma. Napoli had Sarri and we paid more than what City were offering. Liverpool are bidding for what Roma have asked. Not happening.
  14. Alisson Becker

    Good point actually. Emerson too. But I think we'd have acted by now? At this moment, I think he has an 85% chance of joining Liverpool
  15. Alisson Becker

    Don't think it'll happen now sadly. In most cases, the first one with the official bid wins. Liverpool and Roma also have a good business relationship.
  16. Alisson Becker

    Don't think there's much we can do about this. Courtois recently said he has many options (to sing a contract or to honor his contract and not sign but play another year OR Join Madrid) He's just being a douche. Board hasn't had a talk with him and Eden yet on their decisions. Not much they can do really.
  17. Alisson Becker

    Personally for me, if Courtois goes for around 50 million pounds and we sign Alisson for 60 million pounds, I see it is paying 10 million extra for an equally good goalkeeper, if not better and more importantly, tying that position down under a contract of 5 years from now, rather than 12 months. I'm not too bothered if it's Courtois we have or Alisson tbh.
  18. Gonzalo Higuain

    Bailey for 40? I'd buy you a pint if he moved for 40 million.. Value doesn't equate to quality for sure and I agree to it. But we can't be playing value game and buy Shaqiri and a 40 million winger (PS. Not gonna be Bailey) to replace Willian. We will not have an upgrade at all, rather, just 2 more players, one of whom is Shaqiri and he doesn't deserve to start for a top 6 club here. The other 40 million winger will have to be really good, but I can't see any realistic 40 million quality wingers at this point of time. Anyway, a lot of this is hypothetical.
  19. Gonzalo Higuain

    And who would that 40 million player be? And are we forgetting about Pedro? I'd rather have a Martial or a Bailey over a winger around 40 million (someone like Felipe Anderson cause he's worth 40 in today's market) and Shaqiri. Quality over Quantity always.
  20. Gonzalo Higuain

    Why go for value when we're looking to strengthen the first team? They needed a backup for Salah and for them, it's fair. But when our RIght Winger isn't a very good goalscorer, I wouldn't be punting on another Right Winger who isn't a great goalscorer himself. May as well sell Willian for 55 and invest a little more to get a much better goalscorer.
  21. Aleksandr Golovin

    Got it wrong. Sarri likes a 4-3-3 where the front 3 are narrow, Jorginho is the Deep Lying Playmaker, Allan is the Box to Box midfielder on the right (can see Kante in that role) and Hamsik being the most attacking midfielder of the 3 on the left. For me, with our present squad and potential signings, I can see it being... Courtois Azpi - Rugani/AC - Rudiger - Emerson/Alonso Kante - Jorginho - Cesc/Golovin/RLC/Barkley WIllian - Morata - Hazard That 3rd midfielder is the last piece of the puzzle imo. We need someone who can score goals there and Barkley fits into those shoes better than anyone else. Maybe Golovin if he signs
  22. Gonzalo Higuain

    Shaqiri is very overrated. Would rather keep Willian over him.
  23. Daniele Rugani

    Not sure I agree with the last lines. Rugani has played under Sarri at Empoli. Conte liked Morata's profile but never got to play him. Also, you can't just turn a player that has little technique on the ball into a great passer. All in all, I don't think it's worth keeping Zouma now if he doesn't fit into the team. He didn't have a particulary great season at Stoke btw. He was a part of a defence that conceded the most goals in the Premier League.
  24. Next Manager?

    It's bullshit imo. Even Arsenal have a Russion co-owner yet they have been able to make signings.
  25. Next Manager?

    Its not just smoke. If Chelsea weren't approaching Sarri, Zola's interview wouldn't have happened. He's pretty much confirmed that there are talks for sure. It's just that what's the hold up and what are the details, that we don't know, and everyone's just guessing at the moment.