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  1. Edin Dzeko

    I don't think we'd be using Dzeko either way against Bournemouth (even if we signed him in the next hour) The best chance of an appearance for any new signing would be on the weekend.
  2. Emerson Palmieri

    Sthe meetings in London between the agents of Edin Dzeko and Emerson Palmieri and the intermediaries to find all the agreements involving Romeand Chelsea continued todayin a grueling negotiation. We proceed in an attempt to close the operation, but today's day was still nothing decisive, while tomorrow may be the day from inside or outside. In fact, the Chelsea will not wait indefinitely that the Blues have also moved to Layvin Kurzawa of the PSG for the role of left-back, in addition to having then borrowed Olivier Giroud all'Arsenal, who would have said no to this transfer formula. Chelsea, Rome, agents and intermediaries, however, still work to clear the distances on the demands of Edin Dzeko and on demand-offer between the two clubs. For a non-stop negotiation, which will see tomorrow the possible decisive day. From DiMarzio's website
  3. Emerson Palmieri

    https://twitter.com/SiPhillipsSport/status/956617459016044544 Have an impression of this guy being reliable. DiMarzio should be tweeting soon if it is indeed the case. Football Italia are quoting Sky Italia, that's DiMarzio territory.
  4. Emerson Palmieri

    Can't imagine us loaning Kenedy and selling Baba unless we're absolutely sure we're getting a LWB. Keep calm and wait.
  5. Emerson Palmieri

    Yes, he wasn't registered by Roma in the UCL in group stages. https://www.uefa.com/uefachampionsleague/season=2018/clubs/club=50137/squad/index.html#/
  6. Edin Dzeko

    I like this signing a lot. I think this has an effect on Morata in 2 ways : 1) He isn't able to play too many games on a trot. A few injuries here and there. Dzeko is an able to striker to lead our line with Morata in the squad even, so we won't totally be dependant on Morata like we were in that Manchester City game earlier in the season, where Morata went off injured and our whole attack became non-existent. 2) Dzeko is coming in to challenge Morata, which should keep him on his toes. On the other hand, this signing doesn't throw Morata totally under the bus since he is still the future for Chelsea. Even if Dzeko wins a place over Morata here, it wouldn't matter as much because of Dzeko's age. I can't think of him being our preferred striker for more than a season even in this scenario.
  7. Edin Dzeko

    It's 60 mil euros though. Only 52 Million pounds. The only reason we are getting these 2 for this much money are Dzeko's age and Emerson's ACL injury. Emerson was immense last season and Dzeko has always been a goalscorer. We wanted Llorente to partner Morata but are getting a much better striker in Dzeko who is also in good shape. Can see him palying for 3 more years. I think this is a small gamble by us, but it has all the potential to work well.
  8. Emerson Palmieri

    Data Analysts rate him quite highly. https://chanceanalytics.com/2017/03/17/the-best-full-back-in-the-world-emerson-palmieri/ Its an opinionated post so ignore that, but the numbers are interesting considering he was playing quite a lot and sample size isn't really small
  9. Ross Barkley

    Pretty much. We have lacked an attacking intent from the midfield. Can see him challenging Baka for his role. May be used to rest Cesc as well.
  10. Ross Barkley

    Might be some truth in it. Evertonians are slating him on twitter. They're saying that the Chelsea medical team indeed took his medical and got to know he wasn't going to be ready until january anyway. Management came in and sort of had an agreement with him that he'd recover at Everton for these 5 months and then come in January at a much lower price, giving him and his agent a pay cut in between.
  11. Ross Barkley

    Honestly can't see Spurs coming in for him tbh. Poch is already finding it difficult to accomodate all Dembele, Winks, Wanyama and Sissoko and give them playing time. Also, Alderweireld's injury means they palyed 4 at the back, which also shifted Dier into CM. Winks is probably going to be the reason that Spurs might not go for him.
  12. Ross Barkley

    Best source out there for Liverpool and Everton. Definitely happening then, unless Barkley rejects.
  13. Leicester 1-2 Chelsea

    Doubt we'll play Fabregas over Bakayoko away from home to a Counter attacking team.
  14. 9. Álvaro Morata

    Started the attack, ran like mad to get at the back of the post. I know people will just say it's a tap in, but that run and link up play. We wished Costa could do that in all honesty. I just hope he is as lethal as Diego in the box too.
  15. Leicester 1-2 Chelsea

    As for the starting 11. I expect it to be.. Tbo Azpi - Luiz - Rudiger Moses - Bakayoko - Kante - Alonso WIllian - Morata - Pedro Subs : Caballero Christensen Cahill Drinkwater Fabregas Hazard Michy Zappacosta One of the above from the subs will need to sit out in the reserves, don't know who it will be. Think one of Christensen/Drinkwater. Don't see Cahill sitting in the reserves tbh and we don't need 2 CBs on the bench. Or maybe Drinkwater sits out, might not need 2 CMs on the bench too. Have a feeling Conte will let Hazard start to build match fitness against Qarbag on Tuesday. Willian has been the most consistent performer for me. Don't see him being dropped atm.