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  1. Romelu Lukaku

    Admins, I saw you said that if we disagree with someone we need to debate it out but this post is absolutely preposterous... Can you really debate a person that writes shit like this? He literally downgrades and looks down on everyone who doesn't agree with him. I am really interested to know how old this kid is. One think is sure - posts like this don't belong on a quality forum.
  2. 21. Nemanja Matic

    Oh my god, are you for real? I am starting to think you are not trolling... "when he marshalled our Midfield better than any Chelsea Player before him in History"... How deluded can you get... I mean, I like Matic but to say he is a football genius is an insult for the sport. And Nainggolan is less versatile than him LOL
  3. Arsenal 2-1 Chelsea

    Just came back from London and still very disappointed from this game. The worst Chelsea game I have ever went to was the one I have spent most money on, but what can you do? Shit happens. We were poor, we were dominated almost throughout but I was sure we were going to score at some point, if not for that awful dive I think we would win it. We started really poorly, our players weren't up for it and they probably thought it is going to be a stroll in the park. In the second half it was a different story, we came out with more fight and motivation, but again, shame for that red card... Anyway, amazing experience for me as a fan. It was absolutely amazing to be at Wembley for a game of this magnitude. The atmosphere was amazing and I think our fans were much louder than theirs. Also, it looked like most of their fans left the stadium after the 90 minutes and didn't watch their team celebrate a title. Absolutely baffelling and unbelievable. I read the comments in this thread and I think you are a little bit overreacting. We had a bad day, partly as a result of the fact we celebrated a league title a few days earlier. Matic, Moses and co. should still be here next season as squad players at least and we will be back stronger, not a single doubt in my mind. A few spot on signings and I think we can dominate next season as well. As for Arsenal, I just hope the romours are true and that this triumph will lead Wenger to sign a new deal. The best thing that can happen to all of their rivals. KTBFFH!
  4. Arsenal 2-1 Chelsea

    Yeah well, keep your bullshit to yourself if you don't have any idea what you are talking about. The difference between Israel and Europe right now is the fact that they are just starting to feel the terror and extremism of the radical islam (because they stole their lands as well, right?). Europe better keep Israel at hand because if there was no Israel, you were next. But Europe is already fucked anyway, so it doesn't really matter, you can keep with your antisemitic bullshit. Anyway, it's a shame you brought in politics into a football forum, because what I mentioned before was only a fact.
  5. Arsenal 2-1 Chelsea

    Gutted for this decision as I'm flying in for the match and hoped to be at the parade... I agree that this is just what they want, and I'm saying that as a citizen of a country that deals with and suffers from terror on a daily basis... The best thing to do is to continue our life and try our best preventing the next attack. Unfortunately, this is not somethong we can prevent altogether, and canceling this parade because of security reasons just doesn't send the right message.
  6. Is this the best Chelsea team ever?

    It's far from the best Chelsea we've seen, but it's undoubtedly the team which fulfilled it's maximum potential. You can't compare players like Moses, Alonso, Matic, Cahill and Luiz to the likes of Carvalho, Cole, Essien, Ballack, etc... These teams (2005-2009) had 7-9 world class players whilst this term we posses maybe 3 (Tibo, Hazard and Kante). That said, these teams lost 3 championships to United so I can't say we got the most from them, but in my opinion, there is no chance in hell this year's team comes close to competing with Ronaldo's United. I also think that the 2010 team was better, while the 2015 was worse. Anyway, next year I think that with the right recruitments, we can challenge those great teams, we have the right foundations.
  7. Chelsea 3-0 Middlesbrough

    We are a small number of purchases away from becoming a real threat in Europe. Costa is set to leave and I think should and will, replace him with a class striker, add some depth in midfield and defense and we can be unstoppable next year. This will definitely be a crucial summer. Anyway, this league was just too easy for us, who would of thought... This manager is a pure pure genius... Not long now, bring it home boys!
  8. Everton 0-3 Chelsea

    How the fuck people are saying we didn't play well today? Massive performance, HUGE win and fucking GETTT INNNN THERREEEE!!!!!
  9. The English Football Thread

    I really hope that if the gap will be down to just one point (which can happen), we will react the same way we did in our last defeats. I am pretty sure Conte will play firstly not to lose against Everton because we just can't afford it, psychologically wise. The other games we can win. Surely no Fabregas this time and maybe even Willian for Pedro to help the defence. This is a huge game, probably the biggest we have left. Win this and we are champions I think.
  10. Chelsea 4-2 Southampton

    Good game, again so very clinical in front of goal. We put it to bed pretty quickly this time, could of been much more problematic for us, this one. Cesc was great and is having a very good season overall. I love it how he fights for his place, this is the difference between a player that has won everything and someone like De Bruyne, attitude is everything. We are really lucky to have him and Willian coming from the bench and providing the goods. No team in the league has this kind of privilege and of course Conte deserves credit for that too. Thought Luiz was good as well. We definitely need to improve our defending from crosses but that said, the ones we conceded from Spurs were world class crosses and finishes. We need to stop the crosses before they come in, I don't know why but when we defend we are too narrow, unlike when we attack. We need Moses and Alonso to be closer to the attackers. It is definitely our weakest point. And that goal from Diego - absoulte class! Can watch it over and over!
  11. Chelsea 4-2 Southampton

    How do you even agree to keep this kind of posts here? So tired of reading your comments, you are a disgrace for Chelsea fans, the kind of plastic other fans are mocking us for.
  12. Chelsea 4-2 Spurs

    We need our leaders to step up. Antonio is great but not enough, I expect players such as Hazard, Luiz, Cahill, Cesc and of course JT to step up and be the leaders of this team, if not by example so by motivation. We have to be fired up for this one, this is too huge for us to cave in like we did at OT. I really hope that come Saturday we will see a group of warriors out there and not the bunch of cowards we saw at United. I emphasise the fact that we can lose, but not like yesterday. Spurs are in top notch form and smell blood, but we are Chelsea and they have another thing coming if they think they can do us like the last time we met.
  13. The Conte Thread

    We can and should criticize Conte for yesterday but we also need to look at things in perspective. He is the best thing that happened to this club since we signed Hazard, we need to be thankful and remember that at the start of the season you wouldn't dream of this position we are in. This season is a big success on our behalf and even if we flunk the title (which will be very painful of course) it will not be the end of the world, I think next season we will be much better anyway. That said, I don't really think we will collapse from yesterday's loss. This Conte team is reacting well to defeats and we have seen it several times this season, also, we basically win the games we should so you kind of know what to expect. No need to panic, not yet at least.
  14. 4. Cesc Fàbregas

    Actually, after another so so attempt by Cesc to deliver a free kick yesterday, I remembered Frank Lampard. With all the traptechniek discussion above, I can't reminisce over this player, one of the best midfielders of his generation. Had it all.
  15. 19. Diego Costa

    Can't understand what's all the fuss about, and I really don't see a point comparing goal records with the likes of Lukaku and Kane (a discussion that went on here a few pages ago). You need to understand that it's very different playing for Everton or Spurs compared to being the leading striker of a team like Chelsea. So maybe Costa isn't playing like Sanchez or Kane, but if he scores 20 goals or so in a season and it helps us to a title (which we already know is sufficient) then I don't care if he is not in the top five of the leading goalscorers in the league. Don't know how about you, but I've been craving for such a consistent striker after the downfall of Drogba which was not long after the Double. I think we need to be very happy that we have him and we shouldn't look at the neighbour's lawn and wonder if it is indeed greener. He is playing like a non league striker for the last 3 months and we still have a 10 points lead and we are in the semi final of the FA cup. I really can't see how people compare him with Torres or Shevchenko. I would love to have someone like Aguero/Sanchez/Lewa up front instead of him but I really can't see it happening any time soon. For now, I am actually pretty OK with having him as our leading striker, but I do agree he is not good enough for us to become world beaters. Anyhow, I will love having a season like this one every term, even if we are not THE best.