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  1. Alvaro Morata

    How easy it is for fans to twist someone's words in order to fit their own agenda and gaslight themselves...
  2. The Conte Thread

    We'll just pretend that Conte never wanted Lukaku, not even at his previous club, and ignore all the reports mentioning that Conte had been in contact with him. It doesn't matter anyway, I think Conte would have been fine with either of them.
  3. Alvaro Morata

    Not really a great comparison, Sanchez was actually an important part of Barcelona's squad for a couple of seasons, and became superfluous only after the signing of Suarez. Morata on the other hand has never been a first team player in his life. Sorry for ruining the mood and being "a prick", but I find it difficult to get excited to see the club break its transfer record for a benchwarmer.
  4. Alvaro Morata

    Judging by the comments, one might think that the club had signed the Brazilian Ronaldo in his prime, instead of Real Madrid's waste.
  5. Premier League thread

    Is this a 2016-17 article? It certainly bears a striking resemblance to last year's nonsense the experts were spouting.
  6. Alvaro Morata

    It's the same with United fans. Lukaku went from being a donkey to being world class. Shifts in cognition are common among football fans.
  7. The English Football Thread

    I'm not, I don't post here that often, but I do lurk quite a lot. I'm not saying that titles are insignificant, but they are not the only thing that matters.
  8. The English Football Thread

    The only reason they took it seriously is because it guarantees CL football, so their celebration of the trophy is pretty much the same as Arsenal celebrating finishing 4th. The EL is a competition they should not even be participating in to begin with. Obviously, I do not agree with your statement that only titles matter, they can be quite misleading actually.
  9. The English Football Thread

    Winning the EL is essentially no different from being 4th in the PL.
  10. 19. Diego Costa

    That's like saying that Chelsea would have conceded after each shot on target if it weren't for Courtois. I rest my case.
  11. The English Football Thread

    And Pellegrini lasted for two more seasons after winning the title, his contract expired. As for Mancini, you could say that he lost the dressing room in his final season, and in addition to that, they finished last in their group in the Champions League and lost the cup final to Wigan, both of which are mortifying.
  12. The Mourinho Thread

    A voyeur, in other words. He only talks about Chelsea. How the tables have turned.
  13. The Conte Thread

    Four midfielders? So he's implying that he doesn't count on Mikel and Oscar.
  14. 15. Victor Moses

    He's basically confirmed what we've all been suspecting for some time.
  15. Middlesbrough 0-1 Chelsea

    Indeed. According to them, we would have retained the title last season...