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  1. Chelsea Kits 2016/17

    I wore the home shirt in public for the first time today. The only comments I've gotten on shirts in the past are from fans. I've received two "ooo stylish" compliments so far. These shirts really look nice casually. It's a really great shade of blue and the simplicity doesn't make it look too cheesy. I went with the stadium shirt. I have a USA vapor shirt and, for my body type (not tall and not slim) I prefer the stadium shirt.
  2. Alvaro Morata

    Most of the people I saw comment on it said it's horrible. You're one of the first I've seen say they like it.
  3. Alvaro Morata

    Her and Morata in the same post. Stop it! I have to control myself at work.
  4. The Conte Thread

    You say that as if the pictures are proof he's not happy. Pictures will a lot of the time give the wrong impression, especially if it's something like Training.
  5. Arsenal v Chelsea

    It'd be ideal, but I'm not worried about it. As long as we have a striker before the start of the season.
  6. Arsenal v Chelsea

    Bats will be fine for this match. It's only pre-season.
  7. Alex Sandro

    It's not always in the hands of the interested club to make a deal. It takes two clubs and a player to make a deal.
  8. Alex Sandro

    Seeing how Stones and Pogba are turning out, I'm glad.
  9. Tiemoué Bakayoko

    Not necessarily at @Tautvix but I find it hilarious people are making such a big deal over media posts this summer. Are other clubs' supporters this pathetic? Stop looking for hints in social media posts.
  10. The Pre-Season Thread

    ANOTHER WEEK!? I can't wait until there's matches again so people stop over analyzing every rumor piece and social media post.
  11. Nathaniel Chalobah

    There are MASSIVE expectations at the club. No manager will risk a bad run of form by playing youth players when we're able to field more experienced, better choices. I'll take winning trophies regularly over playing youth players Youth players have broken into the other top clubs through injuries typically and we don't usually have that problem.
  12. Nathaniel Chalobah

    We're not good anymore. Now that Chalobah has been sold, we're 1 short of the minimum of 8. Fabregas, Moses, Cahill, Baker, Beeney, Blackmon and Hector.
  13. Romelu Lukaku

    Haven't there been enough last minute changes for people to not forget this? Chelsea alone have stolen a few players at the last minute. The only time to believe its over is when he's officially announced and he's holding the shirt.
  14. Romelu Lukaku

    He even advised against a buy-back when we sold him to Everton.
  15. General Transfer Talk

    What are you talking about? You mean Joe Somebody with 9 followers isn't reliable? But he said he heard someone saw an instagram post with some player with a club logo on a poster in the background. HE'S DEFINITELY TRANSFERING!
  16. The Walking Dead

    Last season was a struggle to watch. I started to root for Negan since he was one of the only entertaining parts of the season.
  17. The Board

    That's because Tottenham's stadium was approved 6 years ago. Ours was approved just 6 months ago.
  18. General Transfer Talk

    That season wasn't just down to preseason and not having signings there. It had just as much to do with our players not taking the season seriously, being tired of Mourinho's tactics and Mourinho not adjusting to what was going on. preseason is important but good players will get up to speed quickly.
  19. General Transfer Talk

    I don't get the point of worrying halfway through the transfer window. worry when the window is closed and they have nothing to show for it.
  20. Antonio Rüdiger

    It's all different from club to club. Some managers tell the club what players they want and they try to get them. Some are there to just provide input on the transfers. Unless someone at the club wants to enlighten us, we probably won't know exactly how much transfer control a Chelsea manager has.
  21. The Pre-Season Thread

    Not ideal, but they're professionals that train every day. Even if new signings aren't ready for preseason, I don't think it'll take them long to get into the system.
  22. Chelsea Kits 2016/17

    For Adidas, it's one size smaller so I get XL instead of L. I've seen people say the same online about Nike's. If you've got a gut, it may still be a little tighter in that area.
  23. Chelsea Kits 2016/17

  24. Chelsea Kits 2016/17

    They're not even the same color shirt.
  25. Chelsea Kits 2016/17

    Adult sizes are $89 and youth sizes are $74