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  1. Romelu Lukaku

    I don't get to listen to talksport often being in the US, but from what I've heard, it's a Liverpool, Arsenal and United wankfest at a level that Sky and BBC could only dream of.
  2. Politics & Stuff

    That's interested me since I heard about it. There are two parades in Chicago. There's the big one in Boystown that's pretty much just about LGBTQ. Then there's the smaller one that is smaller and more social and political. It's the one for the SJWs and it's the one that banned the Star of David. It's another example of the hypocrisy of people that are always outraged.
  3. Alex Sandro

    And then didn't get the font right on the footyheadlines watermark. Not to mention, I don't think footyheadlines does anything but apparel and gear. I give the overall effort a 4/10.
  4. Romelu Lukaku

    Why did he post the video? He's playing around with people in the offseason. That's why. It's everyone else's fault they look into things way too much during this part of the year. Just like playing with a team on Footballs Manager or following a club or player on social media. Not everything these people do have to be inspected under microscope as some hint of their intentions.
  5. Chelsea Kits 2016/17

    Same thing happened when we switched to Yokohama. I think they even started the pre-season in the previous kits if I remember correctly. I think Nike is releasing a few kits July 1st. I know a few leaks have said July 1st for a number of teams.
  6. Chelsea Kits 2016/17

    I hate the shield around their bird, but I guess it's an homage to the last time they won the league. Like it'll bring them luck
  7. Chelsea Kits 2016/17

    I like them both. Looks like I'll be buying a lot of football shirts next month. I haven't bought an away shirt since 2006.
  8. Chelsea Kits 2016/17

    you think Nike is bad with their single template?
  9. The FIFA Confederations Cup 2017 Thread

    The only entertaining part of that Russia-NZ match was learning Yuri Zhirkov is still playing for the national team. And seeing Uncle Guus on the US broadcast.
  10. The Conte Thread

  11. The Conte Thread

    I don't believe it, but if it ends up being true, I can't think of a time I'd be more mad at the club.
  12. The FIFA Confederations Cup 2017 Thread

    Anyone but Mexico!
  13. Romelu Lukaku

    Well there goes that complaint