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    I can play in the pivot!!!!
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  1. 10. Eden Hazard

    Oh Eddie is back on his feet, such a joyful sight
  2. Kenedy

    Well I'm glad no permanent damage has been caused to the general fan base at least. Kenedy is definitely not the sharpest tool in the box, such an inexcusable act by him.
  3. Kenedy

    How is the general Chelsea fan base in China taking it?
  4. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

    Can he actually defend?
  5. Neymar

    Areola Alves-Marquinhos-Thiago Silva-Kurzawa Verratti-Motta-Di Maria Alexis-Cavani-Neymar Di Maria played the best football of his career on the left of midfield three at Real Madrid so don't think he'll be told to make way for Alexis or Neymar, Draxler on ther other hand...
  6. 4. Cesc Fàbregas

    Is it me or does Cesc look really toned?
  7. 21. Nemanja Matic

    Calm down, nothing is official yet.
  8. Kurt Zouma

    I love Zouma, Really hope he has a good year at Stoke and makes it at Chelsea. Best of luck big Kurt!
  9. Benjamin Mendy

    I can't find that tweet of RMC anywhere on Twitter...
  10. Benjamin Mendy

    No way....
  11. Alvaro Morata

    Absolutely buzzing about this one! I really think he's gonna be a massive player for us and will fit in our style of play seamlessly. Finally a signing to get excited about
  12. Danilo Luiz Da Silva

    If Conte could fix Aurier's attitude, he could be a bargain for the reportedly 20m PSG are asking for him. Would absolutely own that right flank on his own in the PL.
  13. Danilo Luiz Da Silva

    That is if we even have a backup plan at all.
  14. Danilo Luiz Da Silva

    'The last few hours have been decisive for Danilo to have changed his idea of signing for the Chelsea of Antonio Conte. With the passivity 'blue' in the negotiations after the passage of days, the City entered with force in the puja , and Guardiola ended up convincing the player.' Sounds familiar, doesn't it?
  15. Alvaro Morata

    It's Morata or bust now, I really hope we get this guy. I feel he would fit in perfectly with Hazard and Fabregas.