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  1. 24. Gary Cahill

    Because its not just about the team isnt capable of scoring or about concede a goal. But we already seen so many games of him, to understand cahill makes our build up play constantly poorer, make high pressing ineffective, bad when get pressure and slow. So the other player around him must ready to cover his limitation. An that hold back the team massively
  2. Kylian Hazard

    What is development squad anyway ?
  3. Kenedy

    Just pity, i remembered watched him in his first season here. When he signed, almost nobody excited. But when he actually played, he surprised many of us. Look composed, determined, talented, quick, good on the ball, he looked like a real talent to me. But after that loan, his development just stalled and just getting worse way since that
  4. Riyad Mahrez

    At this rate, our board still have major work to be done. Many important signing still needed But I think, if we manage to sign aurier, mahrez and drinkwater we will be fine. And they are not impossible target with reasonable fee aswell. But i dont know if that is too good to be true
  5. Charly Musonda Jr.

    I thought that too. But since conte keep repeating, when pedro and hazard injured, he dont have any option Its actually makes me worried. Probably conte actually didnt planned musonda or boga as part of our 1st team member. If musonda or boga send out loan again, it will be really pity. Because it seems we actually have immense talent to develop
  6. Renato Sanches

    Yes, i cant understand it aswell I mean, its only good for us as backup midfielder. But why he even consider move to us ? Bayern also need to loan him to team which he'd get more game time to nurture and develop him. And i dont know, what his strength. Is he even able to handle high pressing opponent, what about his passing range ? Or mostly he just passing sideways, not really good in interception, average technically or make it short just younger version of matic ?
  7. Nemanja Matic

    I dont know i like it or not. But actually if you think about transfer market. What will be happen then, if freaking nemanja matic even cost for 50 milion. Ffs. Even though the best scenario happen, actually i cannot imagine if one dm which just getting older and not special in any aspect cost that much, it just make transfer market nowadays getting even crazier
  8. Chelsea 5-1 Sunderland

    Really class act when JT make farewell speech and aslo cahill tell some nice word about JT
  9. 10. Eden Hazard

    Wonderful peformance. This is kind of performance i expect from hazard. Not too much relax or laid back in mayority of the match. Today he tried a lot more than just one two and his movement and desire also really good. Today he is really joyful to watch
  10. 10. Eden Hazard

    Exactly. And to make it worse, behind matic and alonso is cahill !. Which relatively slow and he isnt very good to build up from the back. Cahill need so much protection from matic or alonso to position more close to him. Another reason why our left area is poor and that is really obvious in certain match It sad to watch week in week out hazard surround by limited player. So we have to accept, we barely see excellent and dangerous combination from our left area. Even though need to mention, for some games hazard also frustating player. He looks lacking consistency on desire, or determination. It likes he only playing well if he only wants it but on another game sometimes he looks didnt give a fuck at all.
  11. Liverpool 1-1 Chelsea

    What actually worrying is, is conte actually have solution against team which able to pressing constantly ? There is nothing new and match after match conte keeps playing player like cahill, matic who can only shit himself when get excellent pressing by opponent Even disapointing defeat against spurs and till today against liverpool nothing changes Our midfield keep losing, our sucessfull chances create is worrying, too much hoofing the ball, no solution when get press and our rcb and wb still constantly being targeted Nothing changes
  12. Liverpool 1-1 Chelsea

    It feels like mourinho in disguise Just why conte make this game like how mourinho will approach Allowed the opponent to having the ball is one thing. But struggle alot to create meaningful chances, shit passing quality for almost 75 minutes is really similiar to mourinho display when we play away matches. Depressing to watch for my liking
  13. The Conte Thread

    Matic does that almost every game -he is awful at ball, clumsy, his first touch is terrible- but he still get so many appearance under conte And ffs he is midfielder, which is cost or holding back the team a lot more compare than defender who poor in first touch and ball control. I think, as long as zouma not getting constant high pressing from opponent, he still fine or atleast still usefull player Sometimes i really wondering why matic still playing ahead player like chalobah who still can be useful when play as midfielder, meanwhile chalobah is have a lot better pace, technique, and growing some maturity on this game. But conte still using matic who isnt only have poor technique, clumsy, and sometimes look super awkward on the ball. But he also slow and not really able to intercept the ball or even win aerial duel on the midfield.
  14. 3. Marcos Alonso

    At least kenedy has more pace, speed, athletism, more energetic to our left side and posses good technique aswell. At least give it try. Maybe kenedy defending is very doubtful (alonso not so good when comes defend too), bu kenedy probably much better when supporting attack. i mean seeing pedro play at the left side like yesterday, pedro have pace and willingness to take on defender is really much more helpfull to free hazard. I like alonso as player, but actually seeing alonso week in week out, doesnt have any pace to recover when he out of position is sad because that is really hold back our team.
  15. 3. Marcos Alonso

    I think even you actually understand, it isnt about how many we conceded goal. But how many opponent player succesfully send dangerous cross into our box from alonso's side or How many opponent player able to beat him at the left side Probably nobody talking trash to alonso, slagging him or etc. But Alonso being CONSTANT TARGET by opponent team, that is what concern some of us who critics him Also in my opinion, alonso is one of the reason why we still struggling when oppenent press us highly. Alonso is another player who looks awkward when get presses and his lack of dynamism and mobility hold back our team even more. I dont think he is bad player, i like him as a player He almost try his best in every matches, have decent technique, good when supporting attack. But if we want to become GREAT team, sadly to say we absolutely need better leftback