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  1. General Transfer Talk

  2. Politics & Stuff

    Youtube videos are easy... Look at this video and see what type of people are the ones involved in it...
  3. Politics & Stuff

    Actually, they knew he was selling illegal cigs because the cops know who he is.... They were random cops from the city trying to arrest a random suspect. When you have an extensive arrest history and labeled as dangerous on your file, you do what you have to protect yourself. WHen your a 6 foot giant that weighs 400 lbs that is resisting, they did what they thought to bring the guy down so they can arrest him. He retaliating.
  4. Politics & Stuff

    Pull the race card and you will never advance in life.
  5. Politics & Stuff

    Black female Police sergeant Kizzy Adoni supervised the fatal arrest and on-scene medical treatment of Eric Garner. She testified “His condition did not seem serious and he did not appear to get worse.” as he lay on the sidewalk afterward. The guy wasn’t choked to death. It appears more likely he had a classic stressed-out fat man’s heart attack. Oh, and by the way, she was given immunity for her testimony, as was everybody else on the scene except Pantaleo, which means that if Pantaleo had really done something wrong, they could’ve ratted him out without being charged for doing something wrong themselves. Maybe the media hide it from you guys, but the superior officer at the scene was black.... not white.
  6. Cesc Fàbregas

    CESC Is a few levels lower than Modric and Thiago. Remember what i said in the beginning of the season and how much insults I received, yet the past few games everyone sees it. Cesc is like Mata and modric and thiago is like david silva..... Cesc, like mata will blind fans with their one assist, but silva is the one that is influential to the whole team and game. That being said, cesc is sufficient for the epl, but in europe is going to be a whole another test. (CESC is still the poty so far for chelsea) and yes pogba would start over cesc.
  7. Politics & Stuff

  8. Politics & Stuff

    Really Mexican. Like dillon taylor. I hope in the future, if you open a small business, you will say the same thing. ITS ONLY CIGARETTES, but I dont have to feed my wife and kids though... Mexicans dont cross the border thats why Obama did the immigration policy this year Or how ny times made articles about the constant increase of people crossing the border. You live in a fantasy world manipulated by media.
  9. Politics & Stuff

    Are you dumb? They had no probably cause? The store owner called the cops on eric garner for selling cigs illegally in front of their store. When you have an arrest history that eric garner has, Im sure he knows whats going to happen if he doesn't cooperate. Yet, he didn't because he was retaliating. You dont really know much about the situation since you are just a product of media manipulation. You follow shit like twitter and facebook as your news source. Go to mexico and live there and tell me how great it is. Which is why all them mexicans are crossing the border to USA.. Go live in a country where the politicians send a hit out on students and killed them cold blooded via el cartel. Tell me than, how great it is. Dont be cop, you wouldnt last a day in the force with your liberal nonsense.
  10. Gary Cahill

    exactly... Cb is going to be a huge problem later on and for a team like CHelsea that is built on cbs..... CB>CF>CA>AM>GK, order of priority for chelsea imo. Zouma needs first team action to really assess his ability. In france, he wasnt really that great reading the game, but people were also enamored by his athletic ability and age. Kind of like lukaku was... the one thing is that their isnt that many cbs in the market that can replace jt, which is the problem.
  11. John Terry

    If i said the last line, I would of gotten 20 notifications of insults.. haha
  12. Gary Cahill

    true. wrong words. i mean athletic. Lukaku plays like a pussy for a beast. Zouma positioning and reading of the game is no where near his french predecessors, but his athletic ability is probably the best since thiago silva and mangala. However, I highly doubt he will ever overtake mangala, kos, or varane in the near future.
  13. John Terry

    Seriously though, Chelsea needs to give him a multi year contract, because cahill nor zouma is ready to take over and unless chelsea gets varane or someone else, than it should be a no brainer. Lampard was an easy decision, but JT is not imo.