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  1. Liverpool v Chelsea

  2. Liverpool v Chelsea

    Are you nuts? We have the best defense in the league. Suarez alone wouldn't do anything against it. Now if it's Suarez and Sturridge it will be dangerous. As for Gerrard I still think he's reckless in the tackle and frank has the measure of him. If you don't think we can win are you sure you're in the right forum?
  3. Liverpool v Chelsea

    That team is easily good enough to score 3 past Liverpool and crush the dippers.No way does Suarez alone get past Cahill and Luiz. Gerrard will be overwhelmed by Oscar and schurrle. Torres is still better than dipper failures like Agger and glen Johnson The only danger at all is if Sturridge is near 100% and I don't think he's even close.
  4. Liverpool v Chelsea

    The dippers are only 5 points ahead ffs. If we win we are 2 points back and they have a harder schedule.
  5. Liverpool v Chelsea

    I'm predicting it now that he will get a goal and possibly the winner. I'd love to see the inbred faces of the dipper fans as Salah crushes their dreams.
  6. Liverpool v Chelsea

    I am supremely confident this will be a 2-1 win for Chelsea. You heard it here first quote me on this when it happens. Sterling will score for the dippers Oscar and Salah for the blues. Salah to score the winner to rub it in their dipper failure faces that the player we stole from them cost them the title.
  7. General Transfer Talk

    Selling oscar would be a huge mistake, he's young, athletic, supple and has an eye for goal. Where else could we get a guy like that for less than 30 million these days
  8. Welcome to the forums Koppler :)