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  • Birthday 06/17/1990

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  • Bio Egyptian Muslim // Veterinarian
  • Gender Male
  • Location El Mansoura City
  • Favourite Chelsea Player Mohamed Salah
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  • Interests 2nd league of 2012 CL semi-final against Barca


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  1. 30. David Luiz

    happy birth day
  2. Petr Cech

    Get Well SOON ,
  3. Mohamed Salah

    work on improving finishing and use your skills and u will become a legend In Chaa ALLAH
  4. 22. Willian

    I see Willian is a selfish with salah .. didnt pass to Salah despite good positioning Salah was in I dont say tha because i'm Egyptian, but I think many many people have noticed that and that costed us a match and may be a title
  5. Welcome to the forums adrs :)

    1. adrs


      Thnx a lot Jim .. it's a pleasure for me to be here ;)