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Everything posted by bigfan

  1. Mohamed Salah

    Who are "they"....Roma or Chelsea ?
  2. Mohamed Salah

    Good luck Salah
  3. Mohamed Salah

    Nice goal
  4. Mohamed Salah

    stunning goal
  5. Mohamed Salah

    Salah assist to Dzeko (AS Roma vs Sevilla tonight) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NGvgdpTOZDY
  6. Mohamed Salah

    some updates on Salah from Italy http://forzaitalianfootball.com/2015/06/juventus-join-roma-in-chase-for-on-loan-chelsea-star/
  7. Mohamed Salah

    nice goal by Salah tonight https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Na6FQrEsiw
  8. Mohamed Salah

    I think this is just rumors ( "could get" into the red and white agenda )
  9. Mohamed Salah

  10. Mohamed Salah

    He scored due to Poor defending again ??
  11. Mohamed Salah

    yes he proved he can do better... I think if he improve his long range shooting (i.e. from outside the box) it will add lot of value to the package
  12. Mohamed Salah

    ...and at halfpenny the price of Cuadrado
  13. Mohamed Salah

    I read Mourinho has invited him to attend the pl cup celebration
  14. Mohamed Salah

    nice compilation...I feel he has improved...became more aggressive on the ball...which is good..but he still needs to improve other aspects like shooting accuracy imo
  15. Mohamed Salah

    Some might even say he bribed the 2 defenders, the keeper, and the net!
  16. Mohamed Salah

    Actually the net flew toward the ball and embraced it
  17. Mohamed Salah

    good goal..good effort
  18. Mohamed Salah

    Salah today (Fiorentina vs. Cesena) http://www.filgoal.com/arabic/VideoView.aspx?AudioVideoID=14938
  19. Mohamed Salah

    I am not the expert but I feel dribbling skills are quite difficult to improve at this age ...However he can at least work on strengthening his body and his shots I guess...
  20. Mohamed Salah

    he is getting better but he still needs to improve his shooting skills to be more powerful
  21. Mohamed Salah

    That would be nice, he likes eating chocolate
  22. Mohamed Salah

  23. Mohamed Salah

    Money surplus and desire to win trophies make "big" clubs worry less about developing players, they need a complete end product with exactly the specific skill set they want to play a specific role they want and nothing less
  24. Mohamed Salah

    if that's true that Italian league is slow with lot of space, then Mourinho is making a mistake when he buys players from Serie A...
  25. Mohamed Salah

    That's if Mourinho wants him back...and if Salah wants to go back to the bench