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Eden Hazardous

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  1. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    LOL. What made Liverpool elimination more cheerful is that it was a Turkish team. My father sports Beşiktaş and we needed them to eliminate Liverpool to maintain our place in country ranking. Way to go, guys.
  2. Mohamed Salah

    He won't be back in summer if he keeps it going this way... Either Fiorentina or some other team will be on hunt to buy him. I don't think he will accept to stay in Chelsea to be substitute again.
  3. The Mourinho Thread

    I care more about the result than how we got it. But I would also like to see the team want to score 2nd, 3rd, 4th goals especially away from home. It's like we score one and don't play anymore. I wanna see some passion, desire.
  4. Ramires

    He may not be an ideal for the line-up , but he is a wonderful substitute which every team has to have. So is James Milner at City. And I like the way he plays, although sometimes he really does unreasonable things.
  5. 15. Kurt Zouma

    He could have easily done better than Cahill last night..
  6. Paulo Dybala

    Almost impossible just because he's at Palermo, we'd need to pay more than his usual price.
  7. Mohamed Salah

    So Fiorentina has a buying option for him?
  8. Premier League thread

    It would still be 7 points
  9. Premier League thread

    What the heck is he talking about? If it weren't for Frankie, they weren't even getting a single point from us in their own stadium. If Chelsea is "not special at all" then who is? A team who gets beat by Stoke at home or who earns draw with a last-minute goal against Hull?
  10. Eden Hazard

    I mostly agree with your words, any team will need to be lucky against Real Madrid, and even that won't be enough itself. But about attackers; Willian (Cuadrado) Cesc Oscar Hazard Costa would beat Arda Koke Tiago Griezmann Mandzukic (Torres) I think. These are actually different type of group of players, and it's up to your football mind and the tactic you'd rather play with.
  11. Eden Hazard

    Atleti isn't "that good" either. I don't think they are better than us , but I'm not saying they are worse than us of course. Yes, they are the only team who can do this diabolic thing we witnessed yesterday to Real. But they have cracked their code, and also Barça have cracked Atleti's code. Real lacked very important players yesterday, but that defeat was completely Ancelotti's fault IMO. If Real Madrid can't beat a team 6 games in a row, and one of them is an insane score as 4-0, I blame the manager. We are capable of playing Atletico's tactic I think. It requires a very strong physical capability, a very tight defensive block and pressing. And on a bright side, we have more qualified and talented attacker than Atletico. I'm not saying that we can make Real miserable like Atletico did yesterday, that was something to happen once in 10 years, but if we come across to Real later in CL and if Jose studies on them well, watches ATM-RM matches well, we can beat them. It's not a long shot.
  12. Tactics/Formations thread

    I've been thinking about this one too. I think it will fit in our team nicely, we can try it against weaker opponents at Bridge especially. And I feel like I must say this, it's Fifa-proved. Works perfectly in the game.
  13. Welcome to the forums Eden Hazardous :)