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  1. Leicester - May 15th

    Draw 1-1 Traore
  2. Liverpool - May 11th

    Draw 2-2 Traore
  3. Sunderland - May 7th

    Draw 1-1 Fabregas
  4. Tottenham - May 2nd

    Chelsea win 2-1 Willian
  5. Bournemouth - Apr 23

    Chelsea win 2-1 Costa
  6. Man City - Apr 16th

    Draw 2-2 Pedro
  7. Swansea - Apr 9th

    Chelsea win 2-1 Pato
  8. Aston Villa - Apr 2nd

    Chelsea win 2-0 Ruben
  9. Discussion Topic

    Tottenham game's locked so posting here Chelsea win 3-1 Oscar
  10. Discussion Topic

    Thought it might have been me - I'm always confused for like a week after the clocks change! After all that it would have been nice to actually get any points for it... Thanks RVP :/
  11. Discussion Topic

    Hey guys, not sure if the forum's confused with the clocks changing or what but the Man Utd thread's already been locked and kick off isn't for half an hour. No worries if this doesn't count, just thought I'd post this somewhere just in case Chelsea win 2-1 Hazard
  12. Discussion Topic

    Exactly, I missed the first game but you know you're going to have to watch out for me this season
  13. Discussion Topic

    Congrats Kez, very well deserved title Quality season for Alex as well, you've done an excellent job running the competition And a solid 3rd place for me haha this year seem's to be 3rd place season
  14. Discussion Topic

    No joke, if the 2 of you can't be separated then you just give it to the next best person
  15. Discussion Topic

    Give it to me?