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  1. Sexiest Men In The World

    OK haven't found anyone else that likes him yet but I don't care Mark Ronson And I love One Tree Hill, so there needs to be some Chad Michael Murray and James Lafferty in here (also Jackson Brundage, who isn't sexy but has to be the cutest kid ever seen)
  2. Sexiest Men In The World

    JT, Petr, Enrique, David Tennant, Daniel Craig... well that was a nice few pages to look through it's been too long since I've checked this place lol will have to add some loveliness myself
  3. Last Film You Watched

    The English Patient- I wasn't really paying attention at the start so it didn't all make sense but I really got into it, very good film Ralph Fiennes was also very good
  4. Mugshots

    Don't normally like uploading myself but here we goes. Don't know if anyone on here watched Any Dream Will Do when they chose the person who would play Joseph in Lloyd Webber's new show but I went to see it tonight when Lewis who came 3rd was taking Lee Mead's (who won) part. Told him it was my birthday and he was lovely and that pic's a bit fuzzy if you don't look at it full size lol
  5. Sexiest Men In The World

    Not so sure about Hildebrand, but the first German lovely One that some of you may not be so keen on.. and I won't post pics because I'm lazy and all the ones I've found he's either doing a photoshoot so has make up or short hair which isn't as nice on him... Brendon Urie- main singer of Panic At The Disco who I went to see last night and was gorgeous :wub nice little pre-birthday treat. Watch their new video for the song Nine In The Afternoon, I love him in the scenes with his pj's
  6. Sexiest Men In The World

    I think considering recent events we need to have a certain sexy man in here:
  7. Sexiest Men In The World

    Certainly, nice one CJ
  8. Sexiest Men In The World

    Oh very much so
  9. Sexiest Men In The World

    Haha you don't need to apologise, all the more for me
  10. Poster Above You

    Has the best sig ever made
  11. Poster Above You

    Has a quality sig (have fun trying to say something about me )
  12. Sexiest Men In The World

    Wheeey nice one Elliott OK I'm too lazy to upload... so how about some links instead http://img.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2007/07_0...507_468x689.jpg http://forbiddenplanet.co.uk/blog/wp-conte...he%20Master.jpg http://image.guardian.co.uk/sys-images/Art...5/doctor460.jpg (ignore Tate ) and considering whose autobiography I got for christmas I think we need some... http://farm1.static.flickr.com/57/161551696_5945fc2970.jpg http://breitlingsource.com/images/celebrit...ard_hammond.jpg http://img.metro.co.uk/i/pix/2007/10/Hammond_450x300.jpg http://www.f4group.co.uk/images/richard_hammond.jpg http://i152.photobucket.com/albums/s170/ei...dgreensweat.jpg http://www.320by480.com/images/wallpapers/zvty6utmn.jpg
  13. Sexiest Men In The World

    Hmm Buble, thanks CJ