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  1. The International Football Thread

    we have some possesion but that´s all Some highlights should be here http://www.streams2watch.me/
  2. ITV online if you are looking for stream nutjob ..could be epic season for Atletico
  3. Cardiff v Chelsea

    so bad end of season...shame
  4. Chelsea v Norwich

    http://firstrowusa.eu/soccer/first-chelsea-vs-norwich-city-row491202 crush this birds or just check this firstrowsports
  5. Chelsea v Atletico Madrid

    Hi there some very good links are here: http://vipbox.co/soccer/watch-183e30-chelsea-vs-atletico-madrid-english http://firstrowusa.eu/soccer/first-chelsea-atletico-madrid-deutsch-row489624
  6. Liverpool v Chelsea

    I´m watching it here hope they will not ban that http://firstrows.biz/soccer/liverpool-vs-chelsea-frse0fca
  7. Liverpool v Chelsea

    yes its true and he was angry when Mourinho said we have no other defenders when J.T. injured
  8. Swansea v Chelsea

    seems to be a bit laggy for me, this one is fine so far http://firstrows.biz/soccer/swansea-vs-chelsea-frsdd4ge#
  9. Crystal Palace v Chelsea

    I hope we will score more goals then CP and Cech will got another clean sheet
  10. Welcome to the forums kal@s :)