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Everything posted by milan.cech

  1. Peter Crouch

    We have given up on trying to teach our strikers to finish with their feet. Long balls! Long balls to everyone!
  2. Andy Carroll

    How about that beast from Wimbledon? Akinfenwa. He would certainly stand strong, unlike Morata.
  3. Chelsea - Norwich

    I thought this confusion is not supposed to be checked with VAR. Damn, it is such a mess. http://www.skysports.com/football/news/11095/11199444/video-referees-questions-answered-ahead-of-first-trial-in-fa-cup-clash When can video assistant referees (VAR) be used? Only in four scenarios: Awarding a goal Deciding whether an offence is worthy of a direct red card Awarding a penalty Mistaken identity It cannot be used for run-of-the-mill tackles anywhere outside the penalty area, for bookings or for free-kicks. Just huge, game-altering decisions.
  4. Brighton v Chelsea

    I believe we should put Azpi up front. He is so reliable anywhere he is asked to play. With Morata suspended and Michy being Michy, Azpi is the man,
  5. Chelsea - Norwich

    5 draws in a row. Brighton away without 2 players and being tired. Damn
  6. Chelsea - Norwich

    Could not we progress at the first attempt?
  7. Chelsea - Norwich

    Conte does not care anymore. Fine, stadium ban or not, he knows he is leaving.
  8. Chelsea - Norwich

    That 0-0 draw at Norwich is costing us big BIG time.
  9. Chelsea - Norwich

    The Brighton game is far, far more important and we lost 2 players. Plus us being tired. WONDERFUL
  10. Chelsea - Norwich

    Fucking hell. What the fuck is this?? I am done.
  11. Chelsea - Norwich

    This is getting worse and worse. Brighton is more important and we are losing players.
  12. Chelsea - Norwich

    Willy is supposed to be good at pens so let's see
  13. Chelsea - Norwich

    This is basically our 5th draw in a row.
  14. Chelsea - Norwich

    We have been playing such a wonderful football in recent weeks that the players decided to give us fans another 30 mins.
  15. Chelsea - Norwich

    Fucking crisis.
  16. Chelsea - Norwich

    Just like against Bournemouth. Except now we HAVE TO play the et.
  17. Chelsea - Norwich

  18. Chelsea - Norwich

    3 matches and a half without scoring a goal. Poor fans.
  19. Chelsea - Norwich

    Don't worry. Andy is solving our finishing problems.
  20. Andy Carroll

    I hate this club.
  21. Chelsea - Norwich

    Amateurs. Really.
  22. The English Football Thread

    So Liverpool won and City are not destroyed as they could have been which can make them rather stronger than weaker. Terrible result.
  23. The English Football Thread

    4-3 lol City lost it in 5 minutes.
  24. The English Football Thread

    Just imagine the headlines how they beat the super machine, how they destroyed Pep's City bla bla
  25. The English Football Thread

    The worst thing is that Man City do not have to care at all. They are winning the League anyway. But they will be having a big say in other races. Liverpool will be pumped up after today.