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Everything posted by Milan

  1. Super Frank Thread

    Ah, the good old argument 'I have been attending Chelsea games since the World War I' while you……..
  2. Chelsea - Bayern Munich

    How to approach the 2nd leg? Play crazy football to actually score some goal, play safe football to avoid a humiliation? A repeat of the Wolves away game will just do nicely.
  3. Bournemouth v Chelsea

    Also - Bring back Tomori finally!
  4. Bournemouth v Chelsea

    Way, way more important than Bayern, that is for sure. It was nice to experience another CL knock out game at the Bridge. Now we have to make sure it was not the last CL game at the Bridge for a while. Oh right, and I will be there. And whenever I travel to watch Chels, we always win.
  5. Chelsea - Bayern Munich

    A day out in Germany, quality beer. Not Czech quality but still good!
  6. Chelsea - Bayern Munich

    Stay on your feet Tammy christ sake. Bambi
  7. Chelsea - Bayern Munich

    red card now
  8. Chelsea - Bayern Munich

    We desperately need to buy a proper striker in the summer. One of the priorities.
  9. Chelsea - Bayern Munich

    Just think of Liverpool comebacks!
  10. Chelsea - Bayern Munich

    About time Lewi scored.
  11. Chelsea - Bayern Munich

  12. Chelsea - Bayern Munich

    The task is simple now - make sure this is not the last Champions League game at the Bridge for some time.
  13. Chelsea - Bayern Munich

    Score at least one!
  14. Chelsea - Bayern Munich

    booooooo just don't make it ugly
  15. Chelsea - Bayern Munich

    Jorginho's yellow is not a bad thing. He is slow for Bayern players.
  16. Chelsea - Bayern Munich

  17. Chelsea - Bayern Munich

    3 things - We need to keep the ball more at our feet. We are losing it quite easily. I would love to see Reece get more involved. He is playing it quite safely today. Come on boy, Oli is waiting for your cross. Barkley just no no. Needs to be replaced.
  18. Chelsea - Bayern Munich

    Now we are getting close!
  19. Chelsea - Bayern Munich

    A Champions League knock out game at the Bridge! Bring it on!
  20. The English Football Thread

    stupid goalkeeper
  21. The English Football Thread

    1-1 which would be a good result
  22. Chelsea - Bayern Munich

    Christensen was really good on loan in Germany. So it might suit him on Tuesday. Heck, he was scoring some goals there, maybe he will even open his goal account at Chels.
  23. The English Football Thread

    lol that was super quick, 0-1
  24. The English Football Thread

    The title is already decided so the higher powers at least want some fight for the top 4. You just watch the VAR decisions going Man United way.