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Everything posted by Milan

  1. Krasnodar - Chelsea

    Another thing - BRING BACK THE FANS! The game is just something else with them inside the stadium.
  2. Krasnodar - Chelsea

    With Werner and Havertz under the radar and in the spotlight, Pulisic will guide us and flourish even more.
  3. Krasnodar - Chelsea

    You're welcome.
  4. Krasnodar - Chelsea

    Hakim now!!!
  5. Krasnodar - Chelsea

    lol good try Puli
  6. Krasnodar - Chelsea

    Werner has to be the penalty taker number 1, not one doubt. Power over hopping
  7. Krasnodar - Chelsea

  8. Krasnodar - Chelsea

    Timo time now!
  9. Krasnodar - Chelsea

    another pen! whos gonna take it??
  10. Krasnodar - Chelsea

    oh wow this should have been an easy goal for Hakim
  11. Krasnodar - Chelsea

    Could not be more spot on.
  12. Krasnodar - Chelsea

    not answering my question...
  13. Krasnodar - Chelsea

    Werner looks quite frustrated, and looked the same in the last two games. Is this his usual face, even during his time in Germany?
  14. Krasnodar - Chelsea

    I cannot wait to welcome back Gilmour. Give him a big role and slowly replace Jorginho. My eyes hurt.
  15. Krasnodar - Chelsea

    Yes, CHO is younger. So a new record again
  16. Krasnodar - Chelsea

    Kai with an assist again.
  17. Krasnodar - Chelsea

    CHO!! With a little bit of luck lol
  18. Krasnodar - Chelsea

    Don't forget, Roman is watching from the stands! Extra pressure on the coach
  19. Krasnodar - Chelsea

    Harry Kane has got the best style for me. Power and precision. No fucking around.
  20. Krasnodar - Chelsea

    Yeah neither can I. But there are many things that I do not understand when it comes to government rulings and restrictions.
  21. Krasnodar - Chelsea

    Time for Jorginho to step away from the duties.
  22. Krasnodar - Chelsea

    Ziyech getting better and better, starting to run the show.
  23. Krasnodar - Chelsea

    I am loving the fans inside the stadium, I have missed them dearly!